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Needing Sirius

Chapter 5

Remus Lupin and Albus Dumbledor just aparated out of the Dursleys household after having a nice little chat with the Dursleys.

The Dursleys where inhuman bastards in their opinion. The way they described their nephew was just too much for Dumbledor. Being very bad tempered on that day he transformed them all into rats for the day just so he could proof what it felt like to be looked at with discussed .

Sirius meanwhile was looking after his godson who wasn't dealing so well . Remus who was first to come in the door rushed over to the bed .

"Siri hows he doing!" questioned Remus .

"I don't know I only wiped the blood of his face haven't checked on his injuries jet, maybe you could do that . You know better than me at any rate. " responded Sirius with grief in his voice.

Sirius watched him battle with his own emotions as he saw Harry's face was nearly completely bruised.

"Well"? Sirius asked

"I'm not an expert, Sirius. Some broken ribs, strains, malnourishment… those are the obvious. You can see he was clearly strangled at some point. I won't know the true extent of his injuries until Madame Pomfrey gets here," He looked intently at his last remaining friend and then glanced at Dumbledor to see he had just come through the door .

" Madame Pomfrey will be here in about half an hour". He replied.

Just then they heared the fire flaring to life and they knew she had arrived . And where awaiting all the good and bad news she had to bring.

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