Author's Note: My thanks to Cressida for the prompt, and to Astara for the bit of inspiration that came from talking about her latest story!

A Window

'And this,' Faramir announced, 'is to be our bedchamber.'

The room, empty, looked even bigger than its true size. Sunlight streamed in through the tall windows, painting golden patches on the wooden floor.

Éowyn gasped admiringly and went to one of the windows. Faramir followed her.

'What amuses you, my lady?' he asked, noticing her smile.

''Tis not amusement, but happiness that you, my beloved husband, are a man who never goes back on his word,' she replied with a most serious air; but his puzzled look soon made her laugh merrily.

'The window,' she explained. 'It does look eastward.'