Of all the places to be, the Torettos' garage was Letty's favorite. Greasy, smelly, and pretty much down and dirty, one could always find Letty underneath the hood of a car helping Mr. Toretto and Dominic with the latest project. She'd been that way ever since she was old enough to teethe on a monkey wrench. Letty was born to work on cars, she had an innate feeling of how the entire contraption worked. At fourteen the biggest thrills in her life came from helping Mr. Toretto work on the charger, which was few and far between. She knew the charge was Dom's and Mr. Toretto's project. She tried to steer clear of that, so they let her help on other things.

"Morning Mr. Toretto." Letty greeted scaling the fence and walking up to the garage. In army green cargo pants and a black hooded sweatshirt with a canvas bag slung over her shoulder, she could have passed as a burglar.

"Juliet. Good morning. How are you?" he smiled, wiping his hands on a spare rag.

Grimacing at the sound of her real name, she replied, "As good as a freshman on the first day of school can be I guess."

Mr. Toretto chuckled, "It won't be that bad."

"I hope you're right."

"Dom and Mia are running late, why don't you come to the kitchen with me and grab something to eat."

"Thanks." She replied, following him into the house.

"DOM! MIA! GET IT IN GEAR!" He set Letty at the table with a plate of toast, eggs, and sausage, and a glass of orange juice.

Dom was the first to make it down the stairs and into the kitchen. He was still dripping for his morning shower, his gray t-shirt spotted in places from the water. Not bothering to sit down, he shoveled eggs and sausage in his mouth and started chugging orange juice.

"Easy killer." Letty smiled.

"Morning Let." he said as he swung a leg over the chair across from her to sit and eat the rest of his plate.

"is mia almost ready?" Mr Torreto asked from his place at the head of the table.

Dom shrugged and shoveled more food into his mouth.

"MIA! DOWNSTAIRS NOW OR YOU'RE GOING TO GET LEFT! Up and out the door guys, or you're going to be late."

Grabbing Letty's canvas messenger bag and his own black backpack, Dom stood and followed her to the front of the house as Mia rushed down the stairs fumbling with her backpack.

After dropping Mia off at the junior high school first, Dom and Letty walked through the high school parking lot as the bell for class rang.

As Letty made for her home room class, that Dominic had made sure to find for her, he stopped her.

"Listen Let, if anybody gives you a hard time let me know and I'll take care of it."

"I'll be fine Dom." She rolled her eyes at him, exhibiting more confidence that she felt. God, he was like the overprotective brother she never had.

"Letty, I'm serious." He reprimanded her, handing over her bag. "Be at the car after class."

First period, wasn't that bad. But by the time she got to her fourth period class, advanced algebra, she was livid. If the girls weren't swooning over Dominic, the guys were grunting at her and yelling lewd comments. One jerk had even gone as far as to grope her ass, he had been punched with a right hook which landed her in the principal's office for the better part of her third period class, World History. Emerging from algebra, Letty found Vince waiting on her.

"Dom send you?"

"Heard about your trip to the principals office."

"News travels fast." She muttered walking in the direction of her locker, Vince trailing behind.

After lunch with Dom, Vince, Leon and Jess, things didn't get much better. Instead of girls swooning over Dom and the males offering the x-rated things that existed in her head, she got an entirely different greeting.

"Don't look at her man, she belongs to Dominic Toretto. Do you want to get us beat up?"

"That bitch, she so does not deserve Dom."

"Dominic Toretto is one lucky man."

In short, Letty was pissed off."

"Dom you fuck! You have everyone in the school thinking that I'm your possession."

"At least everyone leaves you alone now." He responded, unlocking the doors on his car.

"No.. now all the skanks in your school call me a bitch for no reason, and the guys won't even look at me for fear you'll rearrange their face."

"Couldn't hurt right?"

Letty let loose a string of Spanish that could only be filled with profanity and degrading comments that there was nothing left for Dom to do but laugh.