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Hecate's Diamon

Chapter 1

Drew's head smacked off the window for what she felt was the billionth time. She'd been too weary to care up until then and had ignored the consistent throbbing on the side of her head. The dirty yellow school bus hit another rut in the road and she jerked her head away from the window with an angry growl. She scowled out the window as her eyes went out of focus. Her scowling reflection stared back at her out of the dirty window separating her from the endless desert outside of the bus. Drew had straight, layered, dark brown hair framing her lightly tanned face. Her ocean blue eyes appeared to have an icy glint to them, shielding her emotions. She could see her black t-shirt in the window's ghostly reflection and the thin silver chain suspending the silver Chinese dragon pendant with sapphires for eyes. She sighed and forced her eyes to refocused in time to see the beginning of hundreds of holes dug in the ground.

"What's with all the holes?" Drew asked the guard sitting at the front of the bus. The big black man turned slowly towards her and stared as if he was considering her.

He took a deep breath and said, "Its what the boys do every day." Drew was confused.

"Then what do the girls do?" she asked curiously. The simple question raised a chuckle from the guard.

"Girls? What girls? Its an all boys camp. The Wardens the only woman there. She's tough, though." The guard turned back around to stare out the front windshield once more.

"Wait..." Drew started, attempting to comprehend the situation. "All boys camp? No girls?"

"That's right."

"Why the hell am I going to an all boys camp in the middle of the fucking desert?" Drew yelled, jumping to her feet. The bus went over another bump in the road and sent Drew flying over the seat in front of her. She righted herself and glared demandingly at the guard.

He seemed to be amused. The corners of his lips twitched upwards in what Drew was sure should have been a smile.

"Well, you managed to get yourself kicked out of ever girl's correctional facility our country has to offer," he explained slowly as if she were a particularly slow person. "And none of the jails would take you; considering your history and all."

Drew thought about her history with the judicial system. Her past was not something most people would be proud of but she somehow took pride in knowing that no girls incarceration facility in the country could contain her for very long. The longest she'd ever been in a jail or a correctional facility was three months. At her young age of fifteen she'd been in and out of jail and correctional facilities for three and a half years and raised enough hell in the four or five years before that.

"I see your point," she mumbled to the guard who only chuckled as a response. "How much longer until we get there?"

"We're here," he replied simply as the bus came to a halt. she looked out her window but saw only more holes. She glanced out the other side and saw a whole camp.
"What the hell?" She muttered under her breath while slowly raising from the seat.
"C'mon, girl, follow me," The guard ordered. Drew awkwardly gathered her duffel bag into her small hands which was quite an accomplishment considering her hands were handcuffed together in front of her. She trudged down the isle and off the bus, letting the hot,dry air rush over her. Her feet raised small clouds of dust as soon as they hit the hard, dry ground. The guard paused to tie up his shoe and Drew took the opportunity to take in her surroundings. There were six large, green tents scattered around the camp labeled A-F, five wooden buildings, a nice cabin surrounded by two or three trees, and a smaller, newer looking cabin beside it. A water spigot stood in the middle of the camp and about twelve teenaged boys lounged around on the porches of the tents and buildings.

"Girl?" The guard had risen without her realizing it and began walking in the direction of one of the buildings. She trotted to catch up to him and followed him into an small, cluttered, air conditioned office. Filing cabinets, a desk, a mini fridge, a few cupboards, and two chairs occupied the room along with an tough looking, pot bellied man behind the desk, feet propped up. When Drew and the guard entered, his head immediately snapped to the door and his squinting eyes followed them. A few second passed before the man stood, turned around and opened the mini fridge.

"This is the little hell raiser we've been hearing so much about?" he asked the guard, his back still turned.

"Yep, fresh out of The Stocks-the girls detention camp over in South Dakota. Last one in the country and none of the jails will take her. So here she is in all of her demonic glory." The guard made Drew sound like the worst girl America had to offer!

"Thank you, really, I appreciate it," she said sarcastically to the guard standing behind her. He chuckled but the pot bellied man reached over the desk and smacked her upside the head.

"Damn, what the hell was that for?" she demanded angrily, rubbing her head tenderly.

"It was because you're being disrespectful! You're gonna learn a couple lessons while you're here for sure! I'll make sure of it!" The man yelled. "I'm Mr.Sir, when you speak to me you'll address me by that name. Is that clear!" He handed the guard a bottle of Cola and accepted the clipboard the guard handed him.

"Clear as crystal, dude," Drew replied. He gave her a warning glare before sitting back in his chair and looking at the paper work the guard had handed him.

"Hell, girl, you've caused more trouble in fifteen years than most people hope to accomplish in two lifetimes!" Mr.Sir proclaimed loudly. "Says here you made a couple counselors cry at a couple of your former detention camps! Get up, follow me." He heaved himself out of his chair with a minimal amount of difficulty and led Drew out the door, into the sun, and then into a second building. Orange jumpsuits, empty jugs, goggles, gloves, towels, and sheets cluttered the poorly crafted shelves and cupboards pushed up against the walls. A teenaged boy in an orange jumpsuit sat behind a clear table, feet propped up. As soon as Mr.Sir and Drew entered he swung his legs down and shot up.

"Good afternoon, Mr.Sir," he said cautiously. Mr.Sir ignored him and began collecting things from around the room. Drew took a glance at the boy who was openly staring at her. She smiled weakly at him before Mr.Sir began talking again.

"You get two sets of clothes, one for work, one for relaxation. After three days your relaxation clothes become your work clothes and your work clothes are washed. Change now." He tossed two orange jumpsuits at her feet.

Drew picked up one of the orange jumpsuits and asked, "Here?"

"Yes, here," Mr.Sir confirmed. He saw Drew's eyes drift slowly over to the boy behind the table and eye him warily. "Turn around, Carp," he barked at the boy and he himself turned around. Drew quickly changed into the orange jumpsuit but left her black t-shirt on under it.

"Okay," she said and the boy - Carp, and Mr.Sir turned back around. Mr.Sir continued with his speech throwing other items at Drew's feet, or at Drew in general. A heavy boot hit her on the side of her head, sending her slightly off balance followed by an empty jug, a towel, a set of sheets, and a pair of gloves and googles.

"You are to dig one hole each day, five feet in height, five feet in diameter. Your shovel," the boy handed him a tall shovel, "is your measuring stick. Longer it takes you to dig, the longer you'll be out in the hot sun. Watch out for the yellow spotted lizards and rattlesnakes. Now the Warden has said we can't check your bag because of 'womanly reasons' so you better not be hiding anything in there. Here comes Pendanski to take you to your tent."

Sure enough a couple seconds later the screen door banged open and Drew swung around to face a ridiculously clad, sun burnt man. He was wearing a broad-brimmed hat, a short sleeve button up shirt, khaki shorts and dirty, formerly white, socks pulled up to his knees. His face was badly bruised on the left side and his nose was coated with white sunscreen. He had a foolish smile on his face revealing a gap between his two front, yellowed teeth. "Drew Cathers?" he asked happily.

"Yes..." Drew replied cautiously.

"I'm Dr.Pendanski. I'll be your counselor here at Camp Green Lake. I'd just like you to know that even though you've done some bad things that does not make you a bad person. I respect you, Drew." He smiled again and Drew laughed as she accepted the tokens Mr.Sir thrust into her hand.

"Shower tokens," he said as way of an explanation. Drew nodded at him and returned her attention to Pendanski.

"Whatever makes you so happy, you'd do best to reduce the dosage!" she said. She heard Mr.Sir snicker behind her and the chuckle of the boy. Pendanski chose to ignore the comment and strutted out of the building. Drew dropped the tokens into her pocket and followed him.

"You'll be in D Tent. 'D' stands for Diligence." He waltzed right up to one of the large green tents. "Boys, are you decent?"

"Does it matter?" a voice came from within.

"It does this time," Pendanski answered cheerily.

"Okay fine, Mom, Yeah, we're good," the same voice answered. Pandanski swept through the tent flaps and into the tent. Drew followed closely behind him. Seven orange-clad boys sat on cots spread throughout the room.

"Oh, good, you're all here!" Pandanski said excitedly. "Boys, this is Drew."

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