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Chapter 18

The tent wasn't empty when Zig Zag and Drew returned to camp from the lake bed. A hunched figure was stooped, emptying the crates under Kris' bed. A bandage was bunched at the back of his head, a bruise marred the back of his neck.

"Hey, Missile," Zig Zag greeted gruffly. Kris started, then relaxed slightly and turned to face them. His face was badly bruised as well, his nose purple and swollen from being broken. He had a black eye on the right side of his face. His dark eyes took in Drew's physical state, knee brace, wrist brace, stitches, bandages, cuts, bruises and all. She saw satisfaction flicker in his eyes before he rested them on Zig Zag. He didn't verbally acknowledge Drew at all.

"Hey, Zig Zag," he replied, equally as gruff.

"How long have you been out of the office?" inquired Zig Zag politely. Kris had still be passed out cold in the medical office when they'd left for digging that morning.

"I woke up at around lunch time," Kris began to answer, "I've apparently got a concussion so the doc wanted to keep an eye on me for a while. She let me out an hour ago, I guess. She said the Warden wanted to see me, so I went to see her, and she told me I have to dig two holes for the rest of the week and to pack up my shit 'cause I'm moving to F Tent." he said the last part with a smile twisting his fat lip. He usually hung out with F Tent and he wasn't very popular in D Tent, anyway.

Zig Zag nodded silently. Drew left his side and went to search under her cot in her crates for her shower essentials. She set her leg out awkwardly. It already throbbed from the day's work, she didn't want to make it worse. She swore softly as she leaned forward and accidentally twisted her knee. Immediately a pair of strong arms were around her waits, hefting her to her feet. She winced soundlessly.

"C'mon, get up," Zig Zag grunted as Drew resisted.

"I'm fine, Zig Zag! Put me down!" Drew demanded uselessly,

"No, you're not," he stated firmly as he finally set her on her feet and dropped to his knees in front of her bed. He pulled her shower bag out and stood up. Handing the bag to her, he turned, collected his showering things, and placed a hand on her back.

"Alright, let's go."

The showers were deserted. All the campers were already back at camp, showered, and relaxing in the rec room or their tents.

"You gonna be alright in the shower alone?" Zig Zag asked concernedly. "You can't get your knee or wrist brace wet."

"You implying you want to shower with me, Zig Zag?" Drew teased. She laughed as Zig Zag grinned and shook his shaggy head, causing his hair to fly everywhere.

"As long as you're sure you'll be alright..." he said uncertainly.

Drew rolled her eyes, exasperated. "I'll be fine Zig Zag!" His concern was well-intentioned, but it was quickly becoming redundant.

"Alright, alright! Well I'm just next door if you need me." The taller boy entered the shower stall next to hers and knocked on the wall separating them for emphasis.

Drew smiled and shook her head as she began to undress. The last things to go were her braces She limped over to the shower head, inserted her tokens, and gasped as the metallic fixture emitted a cascade of frigid water. Even after six months at Camp Green Lake, she was still not accustomed to the bathing conditions. She washed and shaved as quickly and efficiently as possible, with her limited amount of time, a twisted knee, and a sprained wrist.

She finished a couple seconds before the water shut off. She dried off slowly, taking inventory of her various bruises. Some were small and barely noticeable, like those on her shins. Others were large and very noticeable. Her stomach was encompassed by a large, purple bruise the size of a fist, another bruise bloomed on her wrist where she'd sprained it. The worst bruise, though, was on the inside of her knee. It was almost black it was so dark of a purple.

"Hey, Baby Girl, you still alive in there?" Zig Zag's voice startled her.

"Yeah, sorry, I'll be out in a second," Drew replied, drying the rest of her body quickly and re-equipping herself with the knee and wrist braces, throwing the orange jumpsuit and a t-shirt on over it all. Gathering all her belongings, she unlocked the door and joined Zig Zag on the other side. They walked silently back to the tent.

This time, it was deserted. Kris' bed was bare and the crates under it empty, Kris was absent. He was no doubt settling himself in F Tent and then would be on his way to the rec room soon enough. Drew felt Zig Zag behind her but didn't turn around. Instead, she leaned back onto his chest. His arms wrapped around her shoulders and arms.

"Glad he's gone?" he murmured above Drew, as he rested his head atop hers.

"Unbelievably," she agreed, nodding.

"You seriously hate him, don't you?" the taller boy asked.

Drew nodded, rocking Zig Zag's head on top of hers. "You would too." She pulled away from him and gave him a half smile, turning to go to her cot to leave her things there.

The rec room was busy, as usual. A small fight going on near the weights, a game of pool being played by four boys, a group of people watching the TV.

"Baby Girl!" a voice called happily from behind her. She turned to face Carp, who was grinning ear to ear. "Finally finished digging, huh?"

"Barely," Drew said dryly and let Carp hug her lightly.

"Should have let me help you," he argued. Drew only shrugged and smiled. He kissed her lightly on the forehead before releasing her and trudging over to the weights where one of the boys was trapped beneath two hundred pounds on an iron stick. Drew smiled and made her way over to the couches. She dropped down beside a random person and let her eyes be drawn to the television. On the new TV Zig Zag was not the only person who could see Martha Stewart or Homer Simpson, though, since the camp didn't have cable, their channel choices were limited and had a tenancy to change. Right now it was a crappy shot of Life With Derek, a new TV show Drew supposed must have premiered while she'd been in "detention".

"How are you feeling?"

The voice beside her startled her. She was sure she'd left all her friends at the pool table. She glanced at the person next to her and found Spider gazing at her from beneath the curtain of black-as-night hair, through his dark, sunken eyes.

"Y-Yes," Drew stuttered, then cursed herself. Why was she stuttering? He didn't scare her nearly as much as he had when he'd arrived. "I mean – I'm fine." She swore she saw a flicker of something close to amusement in the blank eyes searing a hole in her, but then it was gone. The boy nodded slowly, falling back into silence, and walked away.

Drew sat down on the couch beside Squid, who draped an arm over her shoulders. "Finally! You're back! We were wondering if we'd have to send out a search party!" Drew smiled and shook her head, relaxing back against the boy while he talked to one of their fellow inmates and she zoned out, staring at a burn mark on the floor in front of her.

"Some birthday, huh?" a voice asked, taking a seat beside her.

"Huh?" Drew asked, startled, tearing her eyes away from the bun mark, blinking, and focusing on the person next to her. She was surprised to find it was Twitch.

"I said 'Some birthday, huh?'," he repeated patiently. Drew smiled and shrugged.

"I'm sure I've has worse," she said to him.

"I don't know, Baby Girl, you got beaten up pretty badly," he said. Again she shrugged.

"I'll survive," she assured him, shoving him playfully.

"If you say so," the boy said skeptically.

"I say so," she said, "So don't worry about me, I'm fine." Twitch shrugged and walked away, but he'd gotten her thinking. In her mind she reviewed her birthdays. None really stuck out. All of them had been the normal birthdays with her family and friends giving her presents on the big day, well wishers stopping by or calling to say happy birthday, a birthday party, balloons, cake. Then she hit her thirteenth birthday. She'd been with Kris then. She remembered he'd come over to her house for the day and they'd been happy. She still found it hard to see how their brake-up had been so ugly. She couldn't understand how he'd been so sweet with her for so long, but been terrible to everyone else she knew. His true colours had shone through when they'd broken up, however. She was jarred from her thoughts when Squid shifted beside her. She looked up at him questioningly.

"It's dinner time, didn't you hear the bell?" he asked, brow creasing as Drew shook her head. "Are you sure you're all right?" he asked suspiciously.

She nodded saying, "Yeah, I'm just tired is all." It was obvious that Squid didn't believe her, but he nodded anyways and led her to the dining hall.

It turns out she hadn't been lying completely when she'd said she was tired. After dinner was over she was exhausted and could barely change into her pajamas once she got back to the tent. Though they usually stayed up until their power was cut off, she climbed into her cot and was asleep within seconds.

And the nightmares played in her mind.

When she woke up she was being lifted onto a stretcher, her arm bandaged tightly to stem the blood-flow. She felt the cool metal of handcuffs around one of her wrists, the other cuff was attached to the side bar of the stretcher. An IV was in that same hand, crimson liquid dripping into it from a baggy full of blood hanging above her head.

"This one's awake!" someone yelled over her. She groaned and stirred, raising her free hand to her face to wipe the water off of it, only to be replaced with more as the rain continued to pound down upon them.

"What's going on?" she grunted, but no one answered her. A chill wracked her body as everything came back to her and she sat up quickly, ignoring the feelings of pins and needles piercing her skin everywhere. "Where's Jay?" she demanded, loudly.

"Lie down!" someone yelled at her over the rumbling thunder above them. A flash of lightning momentarily illuminated the alleyway. It was a scene from a horror film. Cops swarmed the place, paramedics rushing past her and between people, stretchers supporting her friends and enemies were being loaded and wheeled towards her, cameras flashing, shouting, crying, screams of pain. She looked to her left and to her right. She was in a line-up of stretchers, ambulances were parked on the streets at the ends of the alley, their lights flashing. The fluorescent yellow of police tape blocked off the openings and people were crowded around, watching in horror as more and more stretchers emerged from the scene in front of them and were loaded into ambulances. Sirens sounded everywhere.

"No! Where's Jay?" she shouted again.

"He's dead, Drew," a voice whispered from beside her. She took a double-take at the stretcher on her right. It was Bryan. He was covered in blood, a wound in his abdomen bloomed crimson on his blue t-shirt, so red it was black. He took a gasping, gurgling breath that Drew didn't like the sound of and continued. "You saw it, I saw it. Simone slit his throat."

"I killed her," she said numbly. Bryan nodded and forced a smile onto his ghostly-white face.

"I know," he said and took another rattling breath. "Listen to me, you have to tell them that I killed Malcom, alright? Mel didn't. You hear me?" Mel was his girlfriend. Drew had never seen love like the love between Mel and Bryan

"Why can't you tell them?" Drew said, tears prickling her eyes. The first one rolled down her cheek, mixing with the rain. She knew why.

Bryan was going to die.

"Please, Drew?" Bryan pleaded, reaching out to her with his free hand. Drew nodded, grabbing his hand hard and squeezing it.

"Please don't die, Bryan, please, we need you," she pleaded, her own tears choking her as she gasped for air.

"I'll be okay, Drew, just do this for me?" he begged. The light was already fading from his eyes.

"Help!" Drew screamed at the paramedics around her. One took notice and rushed over.

"Please, Drew?" Bryan repeated.

"Yes," she assured him before her hand was wrenched away from Bryan as the paramedic took over, yelling orders and tending to the leader of their group. Drew watched as Bryan's life ebbed away. His eyes closed, he stopped breathing. Finally the paramedics fell back.

With a defeated sigh one of them declared, "Time of death: four oh one AM, April 1st, 2004." Drew's head fell onto her chest and any strength she had left failed her. She fell back onto the cot, tears leaking into the mattress and melding with the rain still coming down hard.

Her eyes opened into the darkness of D Tent. She felt her eyes. They were wet. So was her pillow. She'd been crying in her sleep, but she'd stopped when she'd woken up. She sat up in bed, throwing the covers off of her and simply sat there, her legs dangling over the edge, her elbows on her knees, her face in her hands. She sat still for a while before she felt someone climb onto her bed behind her. He settled his legs on either side of her and his arms wrapped around her stomach. He kissed her temple and rocked her back and forth slightly, soothingly, not saying a word. She turned her head towards him and buried her face in his neck, breathing in his scent and leaning back against him. They sat like that for a long time before Drew took a deep breath, readying herself.

"He was my brother," she said, choking back tears, but they came unbidden anyways silently coursing down her cheeks and dripping off her chin. "He died two years ago, today."

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