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This takes place after Aelita's materialization

X.A.N.A.'s POV

"Why can't I win," I thought

"How is it that they deactivate every tower," I thought

"Is it because of their friendship," I thought

"Let's see how they fare in the past," I thought. With that one of the towers turned into a menacing red.

Normal POV at Kadic 7:30

"Odd, Odd, wake up," Ulrich said shaking his friends unconscious body.

"Just ten more minutes," Odd said turning over.

"Fine but you're the one missing breakfast this time," Ulrich said before leaving the room.

"I'm up, I'm up," he said getting on his cloths and rushing down to the cafeteria. When Ulrich and Odd got to the table their three friends were already sitting down discussing X.A.N.A.'s latest attack.

"Well nothing weird has happened yet but I say we go to Lyoko and deactivate it before something happens," Yumi said not noticing Odd or Ulrich sit down.

"I'm with Yumi," Aelita said also not noticing the two new arrivals.

"Me to," Odd said the others looked at their two other friends.

"Sorry Odd we didn't notice you there," Jeremy said getting up from the table. "Lets go we need to get to Lyoko," Jeremy stated quickly silently praying Odd wouldn't complain. His prayer went unanswered.

"Oh come on we only just got here and besides there's no affect on the our world yet," Odd complained. Jeremy agreed not feeling like getting into an argument. Eventually they got to Lyoko after Odd finished his meal along with seconds and thirds. The cafeteria lady didn't let him have fourths.

"Where do you put all that food Odd," Ulrich asked half not wanting to get an answer.

"Maybe I leak some of it out whenever I get hit by a laser," Odd said defensively.

"In that case why aren't you starved," Ulrich laughed. Odd got ready to fight him and missed a punch.

"Odd save your anger for X.A.N.A. will you," Jeremy said stopping their fight. Maybe X.A.N.A.'s attack was to break apart their friendship. He didn't know the half of it.

"Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Odd, Scanner Yumi. Vitalization," Jeremy said as the three appeared in Lyoko, the virtual world that only they knew about. A few moments later Aelita appeared next to them.

"Alright so where's the tower," Odd stated looking around only to find nothing. The others looked to but saw nothing until a bright light flashed in their eyes. "Oh so he cloaked it," Odd said recalling the other times X.A.N.A. had done this.

"Watch out there's no monsters at all and X.A.N.A. purposely uncloaked that tower so I'm guessing that it's a trap," Jeremy said warning his friends.

"Relax Einstein we promise to be extra careful," Odd mocked jumping around. They all advanced on the tower and soon they were there. Aelita entered the tower.

"I'm with Jeremy this was way to easy," Ulrich declared still not fully understanding what was going on. He took out his sword as soon as he saw a man coming in a pitch black cloak. All of them pulled out their weapons.

"X.A.N.A. in the flesh," Odd said amazed, after all X.A.N.A. had never shown himself in person.

"Partly yes," he said not preparing to attack or anything.

"Aren't you a bit late," Ulrich claimed. If this truly was X.A.N.A. then why didn't he attack.

"Oh I'm not here for a fight, I just decided to join the game," X.A.N.A. scoffed not leaving any other information.

"What you mean game," Odd said preparing his laser arrows just in case he needed them. X.A.N.A. sneered at them before a white light engulfed them all.

"Tower deactivated," Aelita said vanishing with her friends. Jeremy looked at the screen, it said that all life had disappeared from Lyoko. It even said that X.A.N.A. was gone. That was X.A.N.A.'s attack, to make everyone evaporate Jeremy thought to himself. They were all gone and they wouldn't be coming back. Slowly and sadly he made his way to the core control center and shut Lyoko off. There was no reason to keep it on now that Aelita was gone.

Jeremy's POV

I sat down at the principles office deciding whether or not to tell him about Lyoko.

X.A.N.A. is gone and so is Aelita, there is no reason not to tell them.

What if they come back?

They aren't there gone and nothing will change that.

You don't know that, we don't know that.

But we do.

"Well Jeremy you were the last one who was seen with them and you have disappeared with them at times so you're the only one that we can turn to," Mr. Delmas said listing off the reasons.

"I'll tell you everything," I said sadly getting up. I told him of Aelita's origin, about Lyoko, about X.A.N.A. and about the disappearance of my friends. He said Lyoko must be shut of at once and I told him it was. It didn't matter X.A.N.A. was gone to. Wait X.A.N.A. was gone to and he wouldn't kill himself so all of his friends were still alive...somewhere or even sometime.

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