And then I saw him. The son of time and matter. And he shall rid the great demon's power, and destroy his empire.

This is the last chapter. Again I only own Vella.

here's the story normal POV.

Will stared at Vella as the three outsiders left this world to return to their own. "Thanks Vella that really help them but might I add US," Will screamed. He was still safe though. Vella could easily subside such a storm.

"William, Aang, you are to come with me," Vella replied weakening her shield.

"But what about-," Aang started before Vella interrupted.

"All shall be as is," she answered. Aang looked confused about what she said.

"That means no questions," Will clarified. "Well I'm ready any day now." Like that Vella's eyes began to glow and he disappeared.

"Will I ever see my friends again," Aang asked looking at Katara, Zuko, and Sokka.

"In time, your life has only just begun," Vella responded disappearing along with Aang. The shield broke as the storm moved across the globe, killing almost every shred of life.

Will's POV.

"Next time , I teleport," I yelled looking at my surroundings. It looked like a huge and moist cave.

"Will, I have a mission for you," Vella stated. I looked around for her and when I saw her I also saw Clockwork.

"What are you doing here," I asked. I rarely, if ever saw Clockwork. He was always to busy observing time, which I guess is pretty important.

"William you need to keep watch over Yumi and her friends," Clockwork replied. Not really an answer but it was something.

"Oh that'll be easy, I'm only what ten thousand years apart from them," I yelled raising my arms. Clockwork stared at me. "Oh ya you're the master of time. . . that changes things."

"Indeed it does," Clockwork stated. "You will keep watch at her by going to her school." I was now really confused. I knew about schools though, I also knew that a five year old, and a fourteen year old, are never in the same class.

"Uh there could be a little age problem," I claimed.

"That will be no problem," Vella peacefully responded. "Yumi was sent to 2005, I will send you to 1995." Then I understood. I would age ten years before I ever met Yumi. "One more thing, you don't mind living with foster parents do you," Vella asked. I looked confused.

"Is that necessary," I asked. All my life I had lived either with Vella or more commonly on my own.

"Yes, otherwise questions will be asked," Vella answered.

"Fine, wait when should I reveal who I am," I asked.

"When I appear to you," Clockwork answered opening a portal. "It is time William. You know what must be done," he stated.

"Yup, I swear I'm gonna regret this," I retorted.

"I could put you back in the storm," Vella offered. I rushed to the portal.

"I'm going, I'm going," I yelled disappearing into the tunnel. And there I would be going, another journey in my life. The technology gap couldn't be too bad could it, it's only ten thousand years. Boy would I ever be wrong.

Aang's POV

I couldn't what had happened, everything seemed. . . dark. "Welcome Aang," a voice called. I turned around to see a childish ghost holding a staff. Then he did something really weird, he transformed into a man before my eyes.

"Who are you," I asked using airbending to rise.

"I am Clockwork, master of time," he replied. "And you Aang have a very important mission.

"What is it," I asked. He transformed into an elderly man, "do you have any more forms," I asked completely irrelevant to what was going on. Clockwork just looked at me before returning to a childlike form.

"No, that isn't important. Aang where we are now, twenty thousand years later will lie Kinsed. A grand city with the prophesies from all time in it," Clockwork stated. "I will send you to that time period. To you it will seem like the blink of an eye, but to everyone else it will seem like an eternity." I didn't want to go to the future, all my friends would be dead. Even Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi. They were only ten thousand years into the future.

"What about my friends," I asked worried what I might hear.

"Do not worry, by the time that you are brought back the worlds of the living and the dead will be closely linked. And multiple people will be brought back," he answered. This reassured me a little. "Aang it must be done. You are one of the prophesied, you must do this."

"Alright," I replied. I guess I really didn't have a choice, I had to keep fighting. That's what an Avatar did. He kept balance in the world.

"Very well," Clockwork said creating a black portal. My mind raced as I hurtled towards the future. The blink of an eye. . . it was a long blink.

Sorry but you'll see Aang again in book three. Anyways I decided to show Jeremy for the last time.

Jeremy put in the last piece in Lyoko, the virtual world that he had once tried to understand he was now creating. Only it was no longer Jeremy. Jeremy was trapped within the walls of his own mind.

Release me!

No, you have chosen you path, you have allowed yourself to become consumed by darkness, you embraced it, used it. It came with a price.

You demon. How did you get into me, you are not me.

Your right, Jeremy Belpois and X.A.N.A. are two different beings. However you are the vessel that I or X.A.N.A. has chosen. And you will now lose your free will.

You will soon lose your life! Your older self inflicted a fatal blow.

That's why I have Lyoko. All I have to do is insert my mind into and then voila I'm alive.

What about the factory hmm. If there's no factory then time will be messed up right.

Franz Hopper has his uses.

You will be stopped, and then killed. We both die. You lose.

Wrong, I win. All I have to do is preserve my essence in that buffoon and I live.


That's right. I win you lose.

X.A.N.A. now in Jeremy's body stepped into the scanner. Then he became data, no sequence was needed for him. I win, X.A.N.A. silently thought to himself.

That's all for this story. The sequel will hopefully come up today, if not then tomorrow. Here's another piece of the prophesy. And there she was, she who had been tortured by the darkness. And she swore to destroy it. And she would shatter the demon Cankerworm's soul. also try to review the ending okay

Don't do it, never do it.

someone's gonna die soon. Like that stupid voice, come here.


Well that's all for this story.