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/…../ Kyo's thought

/italics/ The pessimistic side of Kyo's thoughts

Run Away, Run Away

Kyo sat on the roof of Shigure's house. Where else would he sit? Where else could he have his peace and contemplate? Certainly not inside the house, something was always going on in there. He tried to keep his thoughts from straying to Yuki Sohma, his cousin and rival, the rat. Yes, Yuki was the one person he didn't want to think of.

It was ok though, because he would be leaving. Soon, very soon. Whenever his problems became too much, he ran. That's what he was doing, running away instead of staying to figure things out. But, Yuki…

/Damn Yuki…why? Why him, of all the people./ Kyo thought, watching as the sky turned from blue to pink to purple to velvet blue, then black. Running his hands through his hair, he tried to keep it together, to keep from breaking down there on the roof, sitting in only his beige pants.


/No! Don't think about it! If you don't think, then it will go away/ Something inside of him screamed, begging him not to remember, not to accept. No, he wouldn't accept it. He would leave, tomorrow, or today, it was so early in the morning.

"Yeah, you're in to deep Kyo…" he said, mainly to himself. He didn't realize the shadow sitting at the ladder, just watching him sit there. It had been there since late last night, and his quivering violet eyes had never wavered from the half naked figure in front of him.

"Arrg!" Screamed Kyo standing up and kicking at air, desperately yelling out to no one, wishing to inflict pain upon himself to forget his stupidity.

/Feelings for the rat, I have--/

/No! Don't say it! Just don't/ He begged to himself, but it was to late.

/I love Yuki. That arrogant rat, I love him and I need him, and it's not right…/

Out of breath, Kyo fell back onto the roof, his energy suddenly gone. His confession, it had been done, said. Not out loud, but inside where it hurt the most. After years of denial, after so long, with all the fights, all the cruel words past back and forth. All the years of hate and despise were all crumbling before him and he could see what he didn't before.

He admired Yuki, he always had. He had always wished, always wanted the rat to pay attention to him, to smile at him, to notice the little orange haired boy in the corner who was never a real part of anything, except maybe fear. He didn't want Yuki to fear him, or hate him, or deny his existence.

/But Yuki will never change, he'll never accept you, and even if he does find it in his heart to accept it, he will never return the feelings. There's so many other people who he can have, why would he want the cat/

/But, maybe there's the chance…a small one…/

"No." Kyo said, out loud. "There's no chance, and even if there is it wouldn't work, Akito would make sure of that. That's why I'm leaving…that's the reason, the real one…"

In the shadows, the violet eyes widened in surprise, then fell downcast.

/Yuki, why did all this have to happen? I'm such an idiot. It's just like you've always said. Stupid cat, Baka neko, I'm worth nothing./ Kyo leaned back to gaze at the tiny stars that seemed to twinkle down, smiling at him. Or was it frowning? Maybe they were crying for him. They knew that he couldn't live like this. He never did like pity; maybe that's why he hated the rain, when the heavens poured down their tears…

/And in the morning when everyone rises, nothing will have changed, no one will know, will realize, and they will go on with their existence not knowing what I am going through./ Kyo felt like crying, because he knew nothing would ever be resolved. Even if he stayed it would just tear him apart, he'd get more distant with everyone and they would all completely hate him. He knew. At least if he left then he wouldn't cause the others as much suffering, to see him deteriorate in front of them.

/Is it wrong? To leave them without explaining? Maybe if I told them, but no. I am right; I swear I'm right. I need to leave; it's for the best. I hate it here. I hate it…/ Kyo was reminded of what his master had told him last time he saw Kyo…he had said that Kyo didn't hate it here…but he did, didn't he? Or was he just afraid of getting to close, and then losing it all? Dawn came, and Kyo rose to his feet, preparing for what seemed to be the hardest choice he had ever made. He leapt off the roof, taking a small bundle with him, and began to walk away from the house. On the roof, a small rat scurried to the edge, desperately trying to call out to the cat but not being able to, he didn't have a big enough voice. As soon as Kyo was out of sight, the rat transformed with a poof, and a very naked Yuki sat, huddled up on the roof and sobbing. And he cried out, in a desperate attempt to bring the cat back, even though he was too late.


Huddled in the fetal position was the way the others found him, almost three hours later.