Was he everybody's heartbeat?

Was he everybody's soul?

The world is dark without him

As hard and black as coal

The light was snuffed out with him

With the sparkle in his eyes

People say it was his fate

A dark and wicked guise

They say it was a tragedy

Continue with their lives

But every time I try to live

The pain's like white hot knifes

His eyes could see into my soul

And right into my heart

He used it as a weapon

A cruel and callous art

But I saw beyond his icy mask

To the gentle man inside

And once he saw into my mind

It was a wild ride

This darkness that I live in

He was my shining light

I am lost without him

Day faded into night

He didn't take me with him

As he always said he would

Beyond the endless sea of dreams

As he always said he could

He swore to take me too

Into this land of light

But though the cage was open

He alone took flight

And I miss him more with every breath

And every fiber of my brain

I hear his laughter on the breeze

In all the silver rain

He told me not to cry for him

Cos he is still alive

He is the cool wind in the trees

He is the swallows dive

He is the rainbow full of dreams

The Oak tree strong and proud

He is the snowy mountain tops

He is the darkest shroud

He is the starlight in the sky

He is the evening tide

He is the newborn bear cub

Born to play and hide

He is an angel in the air

Plucking on a harp

He is the rushing water

The very playful carp

And I know I'll always miss him

But I also know I'll heal

For although I'll always love him

I know I'll always feel

He's still alive inside my soul

And so he'll always be

And we never will be parted

He is a part of me