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Gone in 2mins.11 Sec's


A Man's voice from no where announces:

2. Mins 11 sec's is the time it takes to steal a push bike. Not 2mins.10, not 2.mins12, 2. Mins 11 sec's, in that time you could have been talking to the thief without knowing, and then punched in the face, and the thief would be at the end of the street. 2. Mins 11 sec's; about the same time it takes to make a cup of tea…

Sorry about him he keeps announcing things and we don't know who it is that's doing it, anyway…

The scene opens with a mean looking man lifting weights, this man looks like the kind of man you get on crime watch, you know the one's that are 'wanted,' anyway.

All of a sudden the door crashes open and a man that we call a Kip. Kip is wearing a leather jacket that clearly does not fit, and instead of clothes that you would think you'd wear with a jacket that cool. He's wearing Black cycling shorts and an orange t-shirt made of the same material.

"5 Fingers!" Kip yelled.

The Scary looking man lifting waits stands up, slamming the weights into the weight stands. He then walked through a door saying toilet.

"5 Fingers" Kip whined; loosing all cred he had gained with the readers when kicking the door through.


A Mans Voice from no where announces:

The one thing the scary looking man did do, (before he went some where that, by the way is not important enough to be mentioned in the story) is hide 5 fingers behind him.

I'm telling the story sorry about him any way.

The big scary man got up and went to the toilet but enough about him; it's the person behind him that we want to hear about.

5 fingers' was on one of those bike machines, the timer said that he'd been on it for 25mins, but that's been broken for ages.

He was wearing a tracksuit that no one should wear, and then a sweat band on his head

"Are we ready for tonight?" Kip asked slightly anxious.

5 fingers turned to him, "Yeah, done my time on the bike. I'm ready for a real bike."

"Cool only 15 more bikes to go. We're all going to follow on the boards, then when you get the bike hi-tail it back to the warehouse." Kip responded seriously.

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