When Lonely Hearts Meet

By: Slightly Sinester Sinestra

Disclaimer: If I owned, things would be very different, but sadly, I don't!

Summary: What happens when you put cute, tough , female ace pilot, Joffie Wheeler on the all-male Creuset Team? A lot of roaming eyes! OC and ?

Rating: K+

Yzak Jule strode angrily down the corriders of the battleship, the Versalius. Stupid, perfect Zala! With his oh-so-beutiful fiance! It's not like I couldn't get a girl, it's just I don't want one!

Still fuming, he stormed into his and Dearka Elsman's room, and flopping down on his bed, he continued his grumbling until an alert went for a meeting. GREAT! I have to be in the same room as that... that...BASTARD! He stood and stormed to the meeting room, almost running over the source of all his troubles, Athrun Zala.

Rau le Creuset waited paitently for his team to assemble. The four teens eventually arranged themselves with Athrun at one end of the line and Yzak at the other. He snorted mentaly at this subtle display of childish behaviour.

'At ease!' he ordered and waited until all four boys had lowered their hands. 'Now I know losing Rusty was hard, ' he said, staring very hard at Athrun. The boy cringed under the masked gaze. ' But his replacement is on the way to space.'

'Re...replacment?' they stammered.

'Yes and,' he smirked 'she will be arriving tomorrow.' Smiling in a satisfied way at their faces, he walked out.

'We're getting a GIRL on our team?' Yzak yelled, sounding disgusted.

'Well, I'm sure she's a good pilot.' Nicol piped up. Athrun stayed silent, almost hating this total stranger for taking Rusty's place.

Slowly, a pair of blue-green eyes fluttered open. The terrible smell of a sterile ward reaching the girl's nostrils. She groaned and sat up, taking in her surroundings. Confusion filled her as she racked her brains, trying to remember where she was and how she'd got there.

Suddenly, an image leapt into her mind: A huge explosion, an out of reach shelter and then a flash of red hair as 'Spock' leapt on top of her, shielding her with his body.

A boy with black hair, Nathaniel, thanking her with his last breath for helping him to paradise. A round from his gun in his shoulder, a round from her's in his heart.

A girl with light blue hair, Lucy, screaming her brother's, Spock's, name as the building came crashing down on her.

Her team, her friends, all dead because the Naturals couldn't stand that something was better? With a cry of rage and pain, she reached into a cabinet and pulled out a gun. Aiming it at her head, she made to pull the trigger when a male voice shouted;

'NO!' and a pair of strong hands grabbed her wrists, forcing her to drop the gun.

'NO! My friends are dead, everyone I care about is dead, so why do I have to live?' she screamed through her tears.

' Because that's the true battle, to keep living! You swore to protect your country and your people! You're alive for a reason, you need to find that reason!' he yelled struggling to hold her. She fell limp against him and he let her go.

Slowly she turned and looked at the man. He was tall, with a wide strong build and long, brown hair tied in a ponytail. He looked about 34-40 years if she was any judge.

'Thank you...um...?' she faltered.

He smiled. 'Lieutenant Jay Martin.'

'Thank you, Lt. Martin.' She gave him a smile that almost outshone the dead look in her eyes. 'You're welcome, Ensign Wheeler.'

'How did you...' She started, but to her surprise he was already gone. Tilting her head confusedly, she stared at the spot he'd stood in.

'Ensign Wheeler, you're awake!' a voice boomed, causing her to spin 'round and go into a defensive stance. She then recognised him as a ZAFT soldier, and straightened up to salute.

'Don't you salute, Ensign, there's no need.' He laughed. 'How are ya feelin'?' 'Fine, I guess,' she murmured. 'Fine enough to go to a meeting?' 'I guess.' He looked her over. 'Great, then get outta that hospital outfit and into your uniform.' She stared at him, trying to figure out why he was so cheerful. Then she picked up her uniform and stepped into the shower room.

15 minutes later, she stepped out again, looking much neater with her long purple hair pinned behind her head in a plait. The annoyingly cheerful soldier was still there, waiting for her. He showed her to the meeting room, watching in an amused way as she fiddled with the stiff neck of her red uniform. 'Here we are, Ensign,' he said, mock bowing. She raised her eyebrows, and walked into the room.

'Ah, Ensign Wheeler!' A man in the purple uniform of a Council member said, looking up at her. Instantly she saluted. 'First off, we'd like to make a presentation,' he continued, picking up a box and striding up to her. Slowly, he opened it to reveal an Order of the Nebula award. She stared at it, stunned. 'For your high performance in the Petersburg battle, I award you with the Order of the Nebula,' he stated, pinning it to her chest. 'Congratulations, Ensign!'

'Th...thank you, Sir,' she stuttered. 'Secondly, you are being transfered to space, to serve under the command of Commander Rau le Creuset. Once you arrive, you'll recieve our newest mobile suit, the ZGMF XO8A Caliber Gundam. Understood?'

'Yes Sir!' she stated, saluting. 'Dismissed!' She turned on her heel and strode out of the room.