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Chapter 21:

Onii-chan ... Rau ... Why ...

"Hah, that one's an easy target now!"

Her world jolted backwards, crackling rather unnervingly. She groaned, burrowing further back into her seat.

Zack, Ni-sama ... why didn't I listen to you ... you always said I was too nice ... you always said someone would hurt me ...

Someone was yelling. Shouting something about it being wrong to attack someone who can't even fight back. Someone who sounded far too naive. If he was a enemy, and a disabled target ... then they weren't going to let him just walk away. That was war. That was what happened. But that someone kept it up, yelling that they should just let him get the damaged MS back to the ship.

Everything around her shuddered again. He was yelling still, yelling to keep her safe. That was nice of him. That was very nice of him. She didn't know many people that nice. And this person sounded familiar ... It sounded like ...

"Kira?" she whispered, struggling to open her eye. There was no answer, only crackling of static. "Kira?" She said it louder this time, and still nothing. Her eye burst open and she straightened herself up and stared at the com frantically. No video, only the horrible sound of static.

"Kira? Kira? Kira! Answer me, damnit!" Oh, please, please don't be dead ... Don't let me have caused you to die ... God, if you really do exist, then make him not dead ... Please! "KIRA! KIRA!" She screamed the last word, panic taking hold of her system. She didn't care if she sounded like a scared, over-emotional little kid.

"Jo ... !" Kira's voice was cut off as they were both sent reeling backwards as whatever Kira had been yelling at attacked again. But he was still alive. A sigh of relief left her lips. The video opened. Kira was staring at her, face drawn and worried. She blew upwards, ruffling her sweat soaked fringe.

"Idiot! How dare you scare me like that! Anyway, what is going on? Please tell me you blocked that last attack!" Her voice was going back to normal ... that was a relief. She didn't sound like a kid anymore. Kira sighed, whether in relief, or exhaustion, or frustration, she didn't know. And when he spoke, he sounded horribly strained. His naive, childish voice did not sound right so ... well ... well, however he sounded, it sounded wrong!

"Yeah, I blocked. The Calamity isn't letting me back to the ship though ..."

Now it was her turn to sigh. If Kira had actually died, it would have been her fault. Her fault for ignoring every rule of combat and letting her emotions get the better of her. And because he was still holding onto her, he was still in danger. She was holding him back, forcing him to stop fighting to protect her ... just like ... just like ...

"Jo, just keep running! I'll protect you, I promise!"

"Ni-sama, they have dogs! I don't like dogs!"

"Jo, get down, idiot!"


I wasn't strong enough to protect myself, so they did it for me. And then they all ended up dying ... because I was weak then. But I'm not weak now, I've come to far to lose even one more person to this war. Kira is not dying because of me! He's NOT!

"Kira, you need to ... WATCH IT!"

They swung past another blast. She was already fixing her restraints and checking over the Caliber. It seemed capable of putting up a fight, the damage wasn't too extensive, the power was still fairly high ... she was good.

"Kira, let me go, this guy's gonna kill you if you just fly around and dodge. I'll be alright, the Caliber's still good for a while." He was staring at her, eyes wide and confused. He looked very ready to say no. She gave him her best flyboy smile. "Come on, honey, I'm a red. I graduated in the top three at the academy. I'm the best of the best."

Ok, she sounded arrogant as heck. But what the hell. Kira burst out laughing. She laughed too, then she felt the jolt as Kira let her go. Grinning slightly, she pushed all thoughts of Rau to the back of her mind. Time for that later. "Oh, and Yamato, if we're gonna kick this guy's ass together ... then I'm 'Little Lady', got it!"

She caught one sight of his stunned face before the connection terminated.

Onii-chan ... Well, don't do anything stupid, alright ...


Flay didn't hear Rau's announcment. But she really had wanted to. She wanted to hear the rich velvet tones in his smooth, cultured voice wrap a thin blanket of comfort around her. But, all she had was a promise, a disk, and the memory of his smile. She wondered if 'Ensign Wheeler' remembered his smile. She wondered if the girl even cared.

He'd been in a panic when he'd burst back into his room. Gasping, sweating, nearly unable to breathe. And one name had been on his lips. 'Joffie Wheeler ...' He'd wanted her, he'd wanted his little sister ... The little bitch who'd abandoned him. The little bitch who'd left him with a meaningless apology, one that she hadn't even spoken herself.

Did you realise how much he loved you? Did you realise how much you simply walking out would hurt him? Do you know ... anything?

She stopped. And every bitter thought left her head.

Well, at least you took the time to give some kind of apology ... Rau was right. I'm no soldier. I wore the uniform, but I'm not a soldier. But maybe now, I can put things right. Rau wanted me to end the war ... and I will. Just to show him that not everyone is willing to abandon him.

I just wish I could show Kira the same thing. I wish I could show Sai the same thing. I wish I could say sorry to them both ... Kira ...

"Tell Onii-chan I'm sorry." Tell Onii-chan I'm sorry. She sighed. Tell Kira I'm sorry.

She leant back into the chair of the pod, and held her breath as it was propelled into space.

Rau ... my saviour ... my onii-chan ...


Kira was starting to get worried. He could hear Jo's ragged breathing over the com, he could see the massive war lord she piloted start to lose some of its speed, its power. The Caliber wasn't nuclear powered ... its energy levels must be getting critically low. And Jo herself definitely seemed to be losing her energy. Creuset's words had gotten to her. They'd gotten to him too, but he doubted it was the same thing ... he needed to get her back to the ship ...

The Calamity wasn't letting up on either of them though ... he had them both pinned down ... If he'd just managed to get her back to the ship before this whole stupid situation had begun ... if only she hadn't been so damn insistant on fighting ... if ... He was cut off from his thoughts when Jo's voice sounded over the com. It was strangely high-pitched ...

"Kira, watch you're ba ... !"

Jo's scream was cut short as all the breath left her in one harsh gush. Everyone froze as Rau's voice sounded over the com, saying something about a captive that he wished to return to the earths forces. A small one-man pod left the ZAFT ship. The battle was frozen in a tone of stunned disbelief.

"Onii-chan ..."

Jo whispered the word, suddenly sounding very lost, very confused, very young. And then she seemed to gather herself together, because the Caliber put on a huge burst of speed and raced towards the escape pod. Her movement set off the battle again ... as, just when he tried to follow, Calamity burst into life again as well. He could only watch the small speck of green rushing away from him ...


"Onii-chan, isn't she a bit young?"

Onii-chan, I'm sorry, but I'm not letting you use that girl for whatever you plan on doing. She's not the 'key' to this fictional door. Why can't you see that using people is wrong? Onii-chan, I'm going to save you ... but I'm saving this girl first ...


Flay suddenly felt very scared. Two mobile suits had started rushing towards her, weapons drawn. But ... Rau had told her everything would be alright, he'd promised her she'd be okay! Rau had promised she wouldn't be attacked! He'd promised! Tears were starting to well up in her eyes. Rau wouldn't have lied to her ... would he? Rau couldn't have been lying! He couldn't!

Her fingers found the communicator just as the two mobile suits met, and clashed. Sparks burst in front of her, and she screamed. A link patched in just as the two suits met for a second blow, the green one losing an arm. She didn't waste time moping, but started screaming into the com.

"Archangel! Archangel help me!" The words burst from her mouth as the green mobile suit pushed the black one away. Nobody responded. Nobody was listening to her. So she screamed what Rau had told her.

"I have the 'key'! The key to ending the war! I ... "

"Shut the hell up!"

The voice was female, and strangely familiar. It also sounded angry, and slightly strained. Exhausted. Weak. Yet strong. And its owner had just yelled at her to shut up!

"What?" she demanded, feeling a slight swell of anger in her chest. The voice on the other end sighed, sending a wave of static over the speaker.

"If you want to live, then you'll shut the hell up and listen to me!" The girl was yelling now, sounding more tired by the minute. "The other mobile suit will be back in a minute, he's under orders to get you. I can give him the pod, you just need to transfer over to me. I'm right outside the door."

So she was the pilot of one of those mobile suits? But, hadn't both of them rushed at her with drawn weapons? Was this girl really worth trusting?

"Where are you going to take me?"

"Where you want to go. To the people that you wished for just seconds ago." There was a pause, and then: "Trust me. Please ..."

Flay paused, then opened the door of the pod. There was an open cockpit in front of her, and a hand darted out and seized her upper arm. The disk slipped from her grasp as the girl none to gently pulled her into the other machine.She slammed into the girl, sitting awkwardly on her lap. She never got the chance to mention it, though. The girl was closing the cockpit door, and the door to the pod was already closed. She could only watch in horror as the pod was kicked away, and smashed into the black mobile suit head on.

She tried to talk to the girl, to tell her what she had left behind. To make the girl understand, but was duely ignored. The girl seemed to be in a panic. "Oh ... Why now! Damnit! Just give me enough power to get out of here, you stupid machine!"

She pounded the control panel, then howled in pain. Flay felt her heart sink. Everything seemed to be exploding around her. Rau ... why couldn't you have let me stay with you forever ...


This was bad ... Caliber was useless ... the Archangel was miles away ... a very pushy redhead had just entered her cockpit ... And now, as if things weren't bad enough, the Raider was rushing at her with 'murder' written all over it. Yep, wonderful. Just fucking wonderful! She sighed, fumbling with her communicator, trying to patch into someone.

Raider seemed intent on destroying her though, and gave her no time. Caliber's sheild split in two, and then exploded. The redhead screamed, she did too for that matter. For some reason, that seemed shockingly comforting. A slight smile crept onto her face, and she faced the Raider for the second blow.

It never came. Athrun blocked the blow just in time. Her breath left her in one huge gust of relief.

"Took your damn time!"

He never answered, but she felt the jolt as the Justice seized the Caliber by the hand, and began to drag her away. She relaxed against the seat and turned to the redhead.

"How's that for surviving!"


Jay was smiling as he watched the game come together. All the pieces were almost set. Just a little while for them all to get their bodies fixed, and then the destiny he'd set out for them would come to pass.

To Kira, the naive savior.

To Mu, the abandoned child.

To Flay, the villaness teacher.

To Rau, the tainted destroyer.

And to my redeemer. To Jo, the angel I chose to carry the destiny that lies above that of the SEED.

My little bloodstained angel, that I set to save something above the material life. May you save those with tainted bodies, and destroy those with tainted souls.

Play the roles I've set out for you, all five of you. Play the roles and save me. Jo, play your role and save me.

Play your role and save ... my brother.

My redeemer, my angel ... my sweet little fairy with an apple in the snow.


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