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Summary: Once again, Spira's calm is threatened. In order to save Spira, Tidus has to find five strangers that are the supposed heirs of the elemental Gods and if that isn't hard enough, he has to find two Angels that have only been heard of in legends. Can he do it in time to prevent Spira's end?

Elemental War
Chapter 1: Gods and Angels

Elements make up everything around us. As you already know the most common elements, are: fire, water, earth, thunder, ice, and wind. They are the most common and well known in Spira. However there are two elements that surround us everyday. They are so common they are often overlooked as an everyday occurrence. However, these two elements are the most powerful as well as the most devastating. The elements of Light and Darkness.

Thousands of years ago there were people who could control these elements, they were the god or goddess of that respective element. There were eight of them in total. You would think that being gods of different elements they would be more or less equal in their power sense, but that was not the case. The goddess of light and the god of darkness were the two most powerful gods.

Now as you can see in today's society, where there is unequal sharing of power, jealousies emerge and distrust forms. The lesser gods (fire, water, earth, thunder, ice and wind) were power hungry and wanted to dispose of the god of Darkness and the goddess of Light.

As you may imagine, light and darkness are opposing forces, which ultimately meant that these two gods did not enjoy the thought of one another. Hades, the god of Darkness, and Gabriella, the goddess of light, despised one another. They would not hesitate to destroy the other for any reason. With this knowledge, the lesser gods split into two groups and conspired against the greater gods. The gods of fire, thunder, and wind worked together to get Hades to kill Gabriella, while the gods of water, ice, and earth worked together to get Gabriella to kill Hades.

However, rivalries did not only exist between Gabriella and Hades. The lesser gods had rivalries amongst themselves. And it would be these rivalries that would ultimately lead to their demise.

Finally, the night came in which they were to put their plans into action. Their plans might have worked, had they not tried to add in their own little agendas. Each group also tried to convince the god and goddess that they should kill the lesser gods as well. Hades wasn't willing to just jump into this idea of eradicating the others, without some confirmation. Being cautious, he prepared for war, before following the three lesser gods where he discovered their plan.

Thoroughly outraged, he destroyed the lesser gods; while on the other side of Spira Gabriella was doing the same. After destroying the six lesser elemental gods, the two remaining 'great gods' went on a rampage destroying anything they saw fit to destroy.

This continued for a long period of time, only did it stop when a being even more powerful than them stepped in. Dios put an end to the destruction being wrought by these two gods. Angered with the two gods he 'demoted' them to rulers of the Farplane. He placed Hades as ruler of the underworld, our equivalent of Hell, and Gabriella as ruler of Olympus, our equivalent to Heaven.

In order to reinstate order to the world, Dios was forced to reincarnate the gods in a human form. These select people would have the power of the element they governed over. If this person managed to tap into their powers, they were able to use them in their everyday lives. However, these people would eventually die and the god/goddess would be reincarnated again. This cycle would continue until the gods and goddesses learned to work together and get past their petty difference and work for a common good goal.

Now with the other gods taken care of, Dios needed successors for the gods of Light and Darkness. Since they were still, in a sense living, he couldn't reincarnate them. Instead he created two beings heard throughout our mythological history. He created two angels, one for Light and one for Darkness. Their names are lost to history, but many have come up with their own name for the angels. The angel of Light is most commonly known as the 'Guardian Angel.' The angel of Darkness has a few 'names.' Though most commonly known as the 'Angel of Death' this said Dark Angel is also known as 'Wings of Devastation' and 'Sky's Hell.'

After reading the passage, a young boy raised his hand. He had lightly colored orange hair that was parted to the left. The teacher in the front of the classroom glanced towards him with a smile and said, "Yes, Vidina?"

He brought his hand down and scratched the back of his head. "Do the gods have something to do with the Aeons?"

The older woman ran a hand through her dark brown hair and nodded. "Yes. Each Aeon is a god who realized their potential and decided to assist the summoners during their pilgrimages. Though, now we don't see the Aeons because Lady Yuna has defeated Sin once and for all, ultimately bringing an eternal calm to Spira." She paused momentarily before she said, "That's a very good question, Vidina. Do you have any others?"

He shook his head 'no.' the teacher nodded, "Does anyone else have any questions?" When no one responded she closed her book and said, "Well then, class dismissed."

The little boy closed his books, taking off running towards his home. He ran through the village, making a b-line towards his house. Once he was inside the wall of his house, he ran over to his father. "Daddy!"

His father was a tall man, with a tan complexion. His hair color mirrored his son, and was done up in a single giant flip. His hazel eyes glistened with compassion as he scooped the little boy up in his arms. He ruffled the boy's hair and with a smile he said, "Hey, how was school?"

The boy's eyes widened with excitement, "Dad, today we learned about the elemental gods, and Aeons, and we even we told about how Auntie Yuna deflated Sin!"

He laughed at his son's excitement and corrected his speech, "Defeated, son. Yuna defeated Sin."

"Yeah, if Sin only needed to be deflated, your father's hair could have done the job," a familiar masculine voice said from behind them.

Wakka turned towards the voice, Vidina still in his arms. Upon seeing the familiar face of his blonde friend he shook his head and said, "You're a funny man, ya?" He placed his son on the ground, who in turn, ran to the owner of the voice, "Uncle Tidus!"

Tidus smiled, picking Vidina up. "Hey, champ. How've you been?"

"Pretty good. I learned a lot of cool new stuff in school today!" he exclaimed, happiness beaming through his pours.

Tidus shook his blonde hair from his cerulean eyes and smirked, "Well did you tell your mommy all about it yet?"

Vidina shook his head; "I'll do it now!" He jumped out of Tidus' arms, running for the stairs calling out to his mom.

Tidus walked up behind his friend, placing a gloved hand on his shoulder, "How does it feel to be almost 30 with a 4 year old?"

Wakka turned to face the blonde. He shook his head at the blonde's grin and said, "I'm 29, not 30, don't rush me, ya? And I love being a dad." He crossed his arms, raising an eyebrow. "Which bring up the question, when are you and Yuna going to bless us with a little one?"

"Heh," he ran a hand through his hair, before scratching the back of his head. "There will be plenty of time for that." He laughed and cracked his knuckled, "And when that time does come, you and Lulu will be up to your ears in Diapers trying to help me and Yuna." He grinned as Wakka grimaced slightly, muttering 'diapers.'

He shook his head of those horrible memories. "Did Yuna tell you about Baralai and Paine coming to visit?"

Tidus raised an eyebrow, "No she didn't and with good reason. Last time they were here I had to sit through stories of the days of the 'Gullwings.'" He laughed, tilting his head towards the ground. "She knows me too well. She knows I would have made myself busy."

"Yea, well I'll be entertaining little Meva," he informed the blonde. "Hopefully, this time without incident."

"Tidus?" a soft feminine voice called from outside before Tidus could reply.

The blond smirked and turned his head towards the door. "Well, the little lady is calling me, better go," he waved over his shoulder as he jogged out the door. He stopped and looked around for Yuna. He spotted her standing in the center of the village, her shoulder length brunette hair blowing in the wind. He ran up behind her, wrapping an arm around her waist before lifting her into the air and spinning her round.

After her placed her on the ground he grinned and said, "You called?"

She smiled and said, "Yes, I did. I wanted to tell you that Paine-"

"Baralai and Meva are coming for a visit?" he asked with an innocent grin.

She pouted slightly, "How did you know?"

"Wakka told me." He smiled at her. "Wakka knows everything that goes on around this island. He'll know when you're pregnant before you will."

She laughed softly and shook her head, "That's Wakka for you."


Before long, the soft hum on an approaching airship was heard. Yuna grabbed Tidus' hand and squeaked with excitement. "They're here!" She pulled him as fast as she could towards the landing area. As they approached the green and black airship, Yuna shifted excitedly from one foot to the other.

Soon enough the ramp of the airship began to lower, slowing revealing Paine and Baralai, who was holding little Meva in his arms. Yuna ran over to Paine, pulling her into a hug before grabbing Meva from Baralai's hands and spinning the young girl around. The little girl was a perfect combination of Baralai and Paine. She had the witty caring side of Baralai along with the tough side of Paine. She had the tan skin of Baralai along with shoulder length silver hair. She un-mistakenly had the beautiful bright crimson eyes of her mother.

Tidus wandered over to Baralai and shook his hand before giving an awkward wave towards Paine. He had made the mistake of hugging her at his wedding and it wasn't something he ever wanted to do again. "It's nice to see you guys again."

"Yes, I've missed you so much," Yuna said as she shifted Meva onto her hip. "Especially you," she said with a smile as she tapped Meva on the nose. The younger girl giggled before hugging Yuna around the neck. "Come on, I have tea and snacks back at the house." She looked at Meva again, "And I know a certain orange haired boy who's excited to see you."

Together the group walked back to the village. Upon entering, they were greeted by the former captain of the Aurochs. "Hey you guys!" He approached them with his arms opened and at first it looked like he was going to hug Paine. However, at the last minute he turned his attention to the little girl in Yuna's arms. "Meva, Vidina is very excited about seeing you today."

She smiled as Yuna passed her off to Wakka. "Can I go see him now?"

He nodded with a grin and said, "Of course." He looked at Paine and Baralai. "Stop by the house, Lu's looking forward to seeing you both."

The couple nodded as he walked off towards his own home. After Wakka was gone, the four of them went back to Yuna's house where she finished making tea. "Do you remember when we stole Brother's teddy bear and put it in Rikku's bed?" Yuna asked with a grin as she poured Paine a cup of tea.

This question was followed by a very un-Paine like thing. She laughed. "And Brother came down into her room in a rage, yelling and screaming, waking her up."

Yuna nodded, her eyes wide as she reminisced. "Yeah and Rikku got so mad she tossed him into the closet door, completely unhinging it."

Paine and Yuna broke out into hysterics, while Tidus sat there staring at Paine with a horrified expression on his face. Of all the times he's ever seen Paine, he could barely recollect a smile, never mind a laugh. When they finished laughing, Paine glanced at Tidus, who was still staring at her like she had three heads, and snapped, "What?"

He jolted out of his dazed state and stammered out, "Uh… nothing…" He shifted uneasily in his chair under her gaze. "Well, uh… I'm going to see… what Wakka's doing!" He stood up and looked towards Baralai, "Wanna come, B?"

The Praetor nodded his head. "Sure."

"Alright then," He pushed back his chair and started for the door. "We'll leave you ladies to reminisce." He exited the house, Baralai following behind him. They walked in silence, till they came to the path that broke off towards the beach. "Glad to be out of that…"

Baralai laughed and agreed with him, "It was pretty bad."

The blond sighed, "You're gone for two years and the world's almost destroyed." He kicked some brush over to the side of the path. "I may have been gone, but with all the stories I've heard, I feel like I was on the airship with them."

Baralai smirked and replied, "I know what you mean, but at least you didn't experience most of it and have to hear the stories over and over again."

"It's crazy, I mean you don't hear me bragging about how I was the 'key' to defeating Sin," he stepped out onto the sand. He shook his head as he glanced to his left where the Aurochs were practicing Blitz Ball. "They've improved a lot since I first met them."

They walked over to Wakka who was watching them practice. "Hustle, ya?" he called out to them.

Tidus smirked and patted his friend on the back, "You miss being the coach don't you?"

The Besaidian shrugged his shoulders. "I got a kid now. Gotta' keep my priorities in order, ya know?"

Baralai nodded solemnly. "I know exactly what you mean. And I know exactly when I'm stepping out of line as well, Paine doesn't let anything slide by."


Tidus and Baralai plopped themselves down onto the sand. Baralai ran a hand through his silver hair as a slightly discomforted expression came evident on his features. Tidus looked at him curiously before saying, "What's wrong, B.?"

"Bevelle is having problems… again," he said slowly.

The blond blitzer groaned and buried his face in his hands. "The temples?" he asked through his hands.

Baralai nodded. "There have been strange occurrences in the temples . Some actually claim the Fayth have reappeared…" His head fell into a downcast. "I don't know what I'm going to do if the problem grows."

"Don't call Yuna," Tidus said bluntly.

Baralai glanced at him, "Why would I call Yuna?"

"Because," Tidus started, moving his glance towards the Praetor. "She's Spira's 'Savior.' First there was Sin, then two years later was Vegnagun, then two years later was the possible war that she was called to negotiate… now two years later again this… not again, please," he said, his eyes pleading silently. "Make her your last resort."

Baralai nodded, "I won't ask her, though you know that I won't have to."

He sighed, "Yeah, I know…"


After some time passed, Tidus stood and brushed the sand off his pants. "We better head back, the girls are probably wondering what happened to us." He extended his hand and helped Baralai off the ground.

The silver haired man nodded. "That would be best."

They headed down the small path that led back to the main trail. As they reached the main trail they heard a faint cry of help, coming from the direction of the cove. "Help! Someone please!"

Tidus pulled out his Brotherhood and glanced at Baralai who had already pulled out his dual-bladed staff. The blond nodded towards Baralai before they took off running towards the cove. Upon arrival, they saw a young looking girl on the ground surrounded by a pack of dingoes. She lifted her gaze to the two men, "Oh thank goodness, Help!"

Tidus nodded, "Hold on, we'll get you out of there!"

Within minutes, Baralai and Tidus had taken out all of the fiends. Baralai walked towards the girl, and extended his hand. She took it, and he lifted her off the ground with ease. She smiled, "Thank you so much… uh…"

"Baralai," he pointed to Tidus, "And he's Tidus."

"Sonya," she replied as she ran a hand through her long raven colored hair.

The girl was clearly not a native Besaidian, or got out much in the sun. Her light colored skin gave that away, but regardless it didn't take away from her appearance. She brushed her side bangs away from her face revealing a pair of mystifying green eyes. The strange thing about them is that they weren't swirled, signifying she wasn't Al Bhed. She had on a crimson colored, collared button up shirt, with only the three middle buttons closed. She was wearing a black pleated skirt that came to about mid thigh. She was wearing a pair of knee high boots that tied up the front that made her appear to be about 5'7" because of the three-inch heels.

She took a step closer toward the two men, a sultry smile playing on her lips. "How could I ever repay you, two brave, handsome gentlemen?"

Tidus laughed nervously as he ran a hand through his hair, "Heh, no need to… being able to help you is enough…"

"Oh, don't be silly," she said as she traced a finger down Tidus' chest. "I'm sure you can think of some way for me to repay you…"

The blonde rushed to his face as he tried to keep a doofy grin off his features. She turned and winked at Baralai who in turn began to blush too. The Praetor went to talk when a little voice was heard calling from a distance. "Daddy!"

All three of them turned and glanced down the path. The young silvered hair, Meva was running up the path. She jumped into Baralai arms. "Daddy!"

Sonya took a step away from Baralai, "You're… a father…?"

"Lai, we have to go," Paine said as she approached the group. "Little Meva here made a big mess…" she said giving her daughter a stern look.

The young girl buried her face in Baralai's shoulder. He smiled softly and ran a hand over her head. "What happened?"

"Well, Meva and Vidina were playing with Lu's moogles and Wakka snuck up behind her…" she shook her head and sighed before continuing, "Long story short, she hit Wakka, he jumped back, into Lu's book shelf…"

Baralai grimaced, "She's not angry with Meva is she?"

Paine shook her head, "No, but Wakka's in for it. Whi…" She trailed off as she saw the raven-haired girl. "Who are you?" she asked bluntly.

Sonya pursed her lips as she placed a hand on her hip. Tidus jumped in for introductions though before she could say anything. "Sonya, this is Paine. Paine is Baralai's wife. And Paine, this is Sonya. We just saved her from a pack of dingoes."

Paine looked curiously at Sonya's arm. "But not before she was hurt."

"Wha…?" She glanced at her arm. There was a 6-inch gash on her forearm. She glared at the cut. 'Damn it! I can't believe I forgot to heal that…Never mind that, I can't believe I let him get a hit on me…' She raised her head and glared into the sky. 'Damn you, Maximus…' "Guess I was just… careless…"

Paine raised an eyebrow toward the young girl and continued, "Though, that doesn't look like a wound you'd get from a dingo."

Sonya laughed uneasily as Tidus grabbed her wrist to look at the cut. As Tidus' skin made contact with Sonya's she shivered. 'What the hell?'

"Yuna can fix that in a jiffy," Tidus said as he looked up at Sonya. "She's a white mage…"

Sonya's eye twitched slightly at the mention of white mage. She immediately retracted her arm and shook her head. "No, no, no, you've done more than enough for me. "

Tidus looked at her strangely. "This cut is pretty bad. You really need to get it healed. I can't just let you go… unless… you're a white mage?"

She scoffed at that thought and said, "No. However, I'll be fine. I really must insist I be on my way. I've taken enough of your time."

"Don't be ridiculous, it will take Yuna two minutes to fix that," Tidus said as he gave her a light pull towards the village.

"Besides," Paine added in, "Yuna would have our heads if she found out we let an injured girl go."

Sonya's muscles tightened as curses ran through her head. 'What the hell? I have no choice here… I'll just have to make it quick…' Reluctantly, she nodded. "Alright, but then, I truly must go."

A smile came to the face of the blitzer as he replied, "Alright, then let's go!"

The blonde waved to Baralai and his family before heading down the path to the village. Sonya, lost in her own thoughts, remained remotely silent. She was gently touching the area of skin where Tidus' hand had been. 'That was such a strange feeling… I wonder what caused it...' She shook her head before she turned to the blitzer, who had been talking the whole time. "So, Sonya, where are you from?"

She moved her gaze forward as she shrugged her shoulders, only to receive a questioning look from Tidus. "I don't live in any particular place… I travel… a lot."

Tidus nodded, taking in the information. "That's cool. This your first time to Besaid?"

She kept her gaze on the road ahead as she answered, "I was here twice before… but a long time ago." She laughed mentally, 'That's an understatement…'

Tidus merely nodded as they continued down the path. Sonya put her hand to her mouth as she cleared her throat, gaining the attention of Tidus. "So, Yuna… she's your…" She trailed off waiting for him to finish her sentence.

"Wife. We've been married for three years now," he said with a distant look in his eye and a grin on his face.

"Oh…" Sonya looked at the ground as she walked, her raven hair covering her face. 'I'm on a role today…' She trailed behind a bit, not listening to what the blonde blitzer had to say. Finally reaching the entrance of the village, her emerald eyes scooped the area. There wasn't much to the town itself; you could pretty much see everything from the entrance. 'No wonder I never came back- it's so small…Sin really screwed this island…'

She watched intently as the short brunette came running for Tidus. She rolled her eyes as they shared a loving embrace. With an arm still around Yuna, Tidus did introductions. "Sonya, this is my wife, Yuna. Yuna, this is Sonya. We found her on the trail to the cove. She was being attacked by a pack of dingoes."

Yuna smiled toward the younger girl, "Well, I'm relieved that you're ok."

"Well… not really…" Tidus took Sonya's arm again and showed Yuna the abrasion.

"Oh my," she exclaimed as she examined the wound. "This is pretty bad."

Sonya shrugged it off and responded with an indifferent, "Yeah, well… it happens."

Yuna looked up at Sonya curiously, a gentle zephyr blowing a few stray strands of hair in front of her face. With her hand, she moved it back behind her ear before asking; "You got this… from a dingo?"

Sonya roughly jerked her arm back, placing her hands on her hips. "I was careless," she growled as her eyes slightly narrowed.

Yuna shifted uneasily under her gaze. 'Something about this isn't right. A dingo couldn't have done that…' She pulled at her shirt, straightening the wrinkles in it. "Ok, well… let me see your arm. I'll heal it," she whispered as she reached out for her arm.

Sonya took a step back, avoiding her reach. "It's really not necessary."

"Don't be ridiculous," she said slightly more forceful as she successfully grabbed her arm. "It'll be really quick." She closed her eyes, holding her hand open, palm facing the wound. She hummed lightly as she concentrated on the task at hand, allowing the healing magic to emit from her hand.

Sonya's arm twitched and she bit her lower lip. She let a few minutes pass enduring the 'healing' pain. 'And… that should do it.' She pulled her arm back away from Yuna, immediately covering the area where the wound was.

Yuna opened her eyes, staring at Sonya with utter confusion. "Why did you pulled away," she asked as her gazed moved down to Sonya's arm.

The younger girl's eyes shifted to the right before she responded with, "It was healed…"

Not believing her word, Yuna furrowed her brow and held out her hand. "Let me see."

Sonya made some swift motions with her hands over the wounded area of her arm before she held it out for Yuna to see. The ex-summoner looked back and forth between the arm and Sonya's face. Noticing the confusion on the brunettes face, Sonya pulled her arm back and with a shrug responded, "I'm a quick healer." She didn't wait for Yuna to respond; instead she spoke again. "Well, I thank you, but I must be on my way again," then without any hesitation, she spun on her heels and started out of the village.

"Wait!" Yuna called after her, taking a step forward. "The last boat to Kilika already left. The next boat won't leave till tomorrow."

She stomped her foot on the ground. 'Shit! I didn't even think about that! Forget it. I will NEVER come back here again!' Slowly she pivoted around to face the couple. "Well… that could be a problem…"

Tidus stepped up beside Yuna, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Do you have a place to stay?" She raised an eyebrow and slowly shook her head no. "Then, You're going to have to stay with us."

She shook her head more vigorously. "No, I couldn't put you out like that."

Yuna smiled sweetly as she said, "We have no problem with it, so, neither should you. We even have an extra room."

Tidus walked over placing an arm over her shoulders. "I won't take no for an answer."

She shrugged him off and crossed her arms as she sneered and replied, "Fine."


Sonya followed Yuna up the stairs and down the hall. "You can stay here for the night. The next boat leaves at seven tomorrow morning," Yuna informed her as she opened the door to the room.

The room was a bright yellow; Sonya covered her eyes with her hands and resisted the urge to hiss at the brightness of it. Regardless of the brightness of the room, it was cozy in and of itself. There was a small single bed to the left of the room, with a petite dresser on the back wall. "I'll leave you here for now, I'll call you when dinner is ready."

Sonya nodded before stepping into the room surveying it. She gave a slight nod as if to give her approval. 'This will do till later. At least I'll have some privacy.' She walked over to the bed, carelessly dropping herself down onto the soft comforter. She then lazily swung her left leg over the side of the bed whilst letting a sigh escape her lips. 'Of all the days to allow him to get a hit on me… had to be today…' Her emerald eyes flashed with hatred as she sat up, both her feet dangling off the edge of the bed.

She hopped off the bed and paced around the room, muttering a curse every time she turned to walk back across the room. She clenched her fists tightly, her knuckles whitening slightly. She stopped to look in the mirror, glaring at her own reflection. She raised her fist ready to bring it down on the mirror, when something caught her eye. In the corner of her eye she spotted a window. Immediately she spun on her heels and made a b-line right for it. She propped herself up and glanced out the window. 'Hm… two stories…not much of a problem…' She readied herself to jump out of the window when a voice called her from downstairs.

"Sonya, dinner is ready!"

She growled and climbed back in the window. She smoothed out her skirt before she strolled out into the hallway. As she descended the stairs, she could hear a few extra voices. She groaned internally as she finally stepped foot on the ground floor. She glanced at the table before her, Yuna was there, Tidus was there, and then there were three extra people. One was a woman with long black colored hair with hazel eyes. She was clad fully in black. Her facial expression was not that of a happy person and Sonya smirked as she caught the woman glaring at the man sitting besides her. The man had bright orange hair that curled into one giant flip; Sonya had to pry herself away from the gravity defying hair to look over the rest of him, not that it was much to speak of.

Lastly, her eyes lay on the younger boy. Her eyes went slightly wide as she looked at the boy. 'Children…' She cringed at the thought of little children running around her, praying her for attention. She looked at the boy sympathetically. 'Poor kid, look at his parents… Well… look at his father…' She shook her head before taking a few more steps towards the table. 'He'll never be quite right…'

She swayed her hips as she approached the table, taking the only available chair, which just happened to be next to the little boy and Tidus. She rolled her eyes as she pulled back the chair. As the chair scratched across the floor, the woman in black looked up and glanced at Sonya, "Well, hello. Are you a friend of Yuna's?"

"No," she sharply replied as she pushed her hair back over her shoulders. Lulu's eyes went slightly wide as Sonya proceeded to sit down, not giving a further explanation for her reason of being there.

Yuna sent a wary smile toward Lulu who was looking at her questioningly. "Sonya is traveling to Kilika and she missed her boat. Tidus had found her on the trail and she was hurt. We insisted she stay the night with us…"

Wakka smiled and turned his head towards the newcomer. "Welcome to Besaid. How did you like it here?"

Sonya took a part of the dinner and gently placed it on her plate before she looked up at Wakka with an apathetic expression on. "I didn't," she answered simply before turning her attention to her plate.

Wakka sat there dumbfounded and for once in his life, he was speechless. He couldn't believe someone could be so candidly disrespectful and rude. He glanced around the table; everyone was wearing the same expression of disbelief, of course with the exception of Sonya whom was quietly eating her dinner.


After dinner, Lulu helped Yuna clear of the table, leaving the men with Sonya. The younger girl had her legs crossed and a distant look in her eyes. There was this awkward silence that hung heavy on the room, making the two men shift uneasily in their chairs. Sonya blinked a few times before she silently stood from her chair and made her way over to the window.

Tidus and Wakka absent-mindedly stared at her as she gazed out the window. 'There's something different about her…something… not normal…' Tidus mused as he watched her intently.

"Alright," Lulu said breaking the silence in the room. "Wakka, Vidina, let's go home. Vidina has to get ready for bed. He has school tomorrow."

Wakka nodded as he lifted his son into the air. He nodded in the direction of Yuna and Tidus before saying, "Thank you for dinner, it was delicious."

Lulu nodded in agreement, "Yes, Yuna, it truly was delectable."

The couple started towards the door and stopped just before it. Wakka moved his eye line toward Sonya who was still looking out the window. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Sonya." Not breaking her gaze from the window she merely made a sound that sounded like 'Mhmm…' Wakka and Lulu exchanged glances before finally exiting the home.

Yuna took a breath of air before taking a few steps towards Sonya. "So, Sonya, would you like to take a walk around the village. I mean you didn't really get to see the whole thing yet."

She slowly moved her head to look at Yuna. 'There isn't much to actually see…' She shrugged her shoulders. "Nothing else to do…"

Yuna smiled slightly and walked out of the house, "Follow me." Sonya let an exasperated sigh escape her lips as she crossed her arms and followed the petite brunette out of the house.


"And finally, this is the temple," Yuna said as the approached the biggest building in the town.

Sonya sent Yuna a condescending smile. 'I never thought she'd be able to pull it off. We spent over an hour touring a village the size of a golf ball…'

"Lady Yuna!" an older man called out as he ran towards the girls. Sonya eyed him over before shaking her head. 'Nah, red never was my color…'

As he reached the girls, he bowed slightly, moving his hands into the Yevon prayer gesture. "Lady Yuna, how are you this evening?"

The title 'Lady Yuna' seemed to click in Sonya's mind. Her eyes went slightly wide as she looked over at the brunette. 'I knew the name Yuna sounded familiar! High Summoner Yuna! She defeated sin! Oh dear Dios… and I tried to – No! I didn't know…' She shook her head of any thoughts as she watched Yuna smile warmly and reply, "I am fine, Luzzu, but how many times must I tell you, call me Yuna. Formalities make greeting seem so… unfamiliar."

He bowed his head once more before apologizing. "Sorry, Yuna, but the habits gained from the crusaders are hard to break." He turned his attention to the raven-haired girl, running his eyes over her form. He took her hand in his and kissed it. "I do not believe we've met."

She slowly retracted her hand as she sent him a half smile before replying, "No we haven't; the name is Sonya."

He bowed his head once more, "It is a pleasure, Lady Sonya. I am Luzzu."

The emerald-eyed girl tried to her best to conceal her laughter. 'Lady Sonya? That's a new one…' She smirked to herself before she looked over at the horizon. The sun was slowly setting. 'Ok, this is as good a time as any.' Slowly, she stretched her arms over her head, her blouse raising slightly exposing part of her stomach. She let a yawn escape her mouth before she let her arms drop back down to her side. "I'm a bit tired, Yuna. If it isn't much trouble, could we go back to the house?"

"Hm? Oh… yes," She turned to Luzzu. "It was nice speaking with you again, Luzzu. Will you be around tomorrow?" He nodded his response. "Well then, good night." She turned her back to him and started back towards the house.

Sonya lifted her hand and gave the red head a small wave before following after Yuna. 'Hopefully I'll get off this island soon.'


After saying good night to Sonya, Yuna walked into her bedroom. Tidus was already seated on the bed, working on a different strategy for Blitzball. The High Summoner crawled into the bed behind him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and resting her head against his. He looked up from his work and tilted his head, kissing her on the cheek. When she only half smiled, he pushed his work aside and asked his wife, "Is something wrong, Yuna?"

She sighed before she leaned back on the bed, resting her head on the pillows. "It's Sonya. She wouldn't tell me anything about her, or her past and anytime I brought it up, she changed subjects."

Tidus turned the lights off before he laid besides his wife, wrapping a protective arm around her waist. "Well, not everyone is open about their past. Maybe some things happened in her past she wants to forget."

She traced her finger along his arm as she considered his words. After some time of sitting silently in the dark she said, "You're probably right, but… that wound she had today… do you really think a dingo did that?"

Tidus pulled her closer to him and rested his head on her shoulder. "Maybe, maybe not. Does it really matter?"

"Well, that… and she pulled out of my healing. Now, I've been a white mage for a few years, I know she couldn't have possibly been healed, and yet- when she showed me she was," she let a frustrated sigh escaped her lips. "I don't know," she lifted her hand and ran it through Tidus' hair, "am I over reacting?"

"I don't think it's anything to worry about; however, if you really want to know… ask her tomorrow when you walk her to the docks," he offered her.

She contemplated his offer momentarily before cuddling up to him and whispering, "You're right… goodnight…"


Sonya watched as the last light on the island went out. "Thank you, Dios. That only took, how long?" she muttered bitterly as she propped herself in the window. She glanced around the room once more, checking that she wasn't leaving anything behind. 'Nope, I have everything.' She stuck her head out the window looking around, just to be sure there were no stragglers who might spot her.

When the coast was clear she ran a slender hand through her hair and muttered, "Farewell, Besaid. May we never cross paths again." When those words left her lips, she pushed off the windowsill and out into the air. She pulled her legs close to her, flipping twice in the air, before she expertly landed in a crouched position on the ground below her.

Quickly she stood, fixing her clothing and hair. Her eyes darted around quickly before she casually started walking towards the village's exit. Or at least she was, until she heard a soft clapping from behind her. "Bravo, Sonya. I honestly didn't think you'd be able to do it."

She immediately spun on her heels, glaring into the darkness. "It was two stories, you honestly doubted I could do that, Maximus," she hissed.

"I wasn't talking about the jump. I meant the interaction with humans without killing them. I don't recall the last time you were able to do that." He took a few steps forward, into the light. He lifted his head, brushing back a few locks of light brown hair to reveal a pair of silver eyes. He walked slowly towards her, his tall body casting a shadow over her. "And I must congratulate you… two married men, in one day!"

She took a step back from the brunette; her head turned upwards looking at his face. "I didn't know…"

He lifted his head towards the heavens as he extended his arms. "The Praetor and the High Summoner's husband…"

"I said, I didn't know," she breathed through her teeth. In one swift motion, almost to quick to be seen, she was face to face with him, one hand grasping onto the front of his white shirt holding him down to her level. She had him so close to her face, their noses were practically touching. "I am not a home wrecker. You know that." The reaction she got from him, was not one that she want, he smirked. She growled frustrated before she pushed him back with such a force that he stumbled back, almost falling over. "Forget it, Maximus… another night wasted…"

She turned her back to him, not wishing to further the conversation. He dusted his khaki pants off as he watched her walk off, listening to the heels of her boots click on the rock ground. He smiled to himself before calling out to her, "Chastity is a virtue that you might want to partake in, Sonya,"

In a few quick movements, Sonya had a rock in her hand. Then without thinking twice she turned towards the slivered eyed man before she hurtled the rock at his head. He jumped to his left, watching the rock harmlessly sail by his head. He smirked once more before innocently pointing out, "You missed."

She balled her hands into fists and glared at him. "Whatever, I'm out of here," she hissed before once again turning away from him. This time though, she took off running into the darkness of the night.


Tidus turned to his left, a low grunt escaping his lips. His face contorted in a strange fashion as a cold sweat began to overcome him.

The blonde blitzer was standing on a platform that was hovering over Spira; however, this wasn't the tranquil, opulent society he'd come to know. Rather, it was in complete disarray. The entire world was ablaze. Tidus stared at the damage with a look of pure horror on his features. Only when an explosion ripped through the air did his attention divert elsewhere.

As he looked around he realized that he wasn't the only person there. To his left stood a woman. In her hands was a bow and arrow. She wore a long white flowing gown and her posture was perfect as she stood. Slowly she pulled her right arm, which was holding the arrow's end, back. She held it for a few moments, before she released her grip on it, allowing it to sail through the air. Tidus watched intently as the arrow fell onto Spira. As the point of the arrow fell onto Spira, a large booming sound echoed through the atmosphere. The woman tilted her head back, her long blonde hair falling back over her shoulders. She opened her mouth as she laughed loudly at the destruction she had caused. The blitzer watched in horror as she reached over her shoulder, into the sack on her back, readying herself for another attack.

Before he could watch her repeat her action, his attention was called elsewhere. A deep, hearty laugh resounded to his right. As he turned his gaze in that direction his eyes fell upon a tall man with dark brown hair. His long black trench coat fluttered in the wind, exposing a five-foot long sword. The sword was black in color with a hint of red as if made fully of sulfuric brimstone. The brunette laughed as he hurtled huge orbs of dark energy through the air down towards Spira. He shook his head, the locks of brown hair sweeping to the right. His now fully exposed crimson eyes flashed with pleasure as the debris from his explosion flew through the air.

Standing on opposing sides of Spira, they continued to do the same thing: Destroy Spira. Tidus glanced between the two. The fact that they were not standing along side one another gave off the idea that they're working together for a common goal, but nothing beyond that.

The blue-eyed blitzer stumbled back away from the chaos and destruction. He fell to his knees as the feeling of helplessness washed over him. He had the desperate urge to help then, but he found he could do nothing more that sit back and watch the turmoil unfold. "Why…" he muttered lowly to himself.

A wind whipped past him, blowing his blond hair over his eyes. He closed his eyes and lowered his head in shame when he heard a mystical disembodied voice reverberate around him. "Do you really wish to know why?"

Tidus jumped and looked around. His eyes finally rested on a group of pyreflies that was congregated in the center of the platform. After a small relapse in time, he found himself looking at a remotely tall, slender girl. She was clad in a long blue dress that caressed the floor as she walked. Her wavy, red hair fell to the center of her back, braids sporadically making appearances throughout it. Her orange eyes glinted with friendliness as she smiled. "I'm assuming you do not recall who I am?" When Tidus stared at her blankly she sighed sadly. "I should have expected as much… though you wouldn't know this form. It is I, Valefor."

Tidus opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it. He repeated this action several times before finally stuttering out. "What… is…" he glanced back towards the devastation, "that…?"

She slowly walked over to him. When she got in a close proximity to the blitzer she took a knee in from of him. "That," she motioned to the chaos behind them, "is Spira's future"

His eyes went wide with apprehension as he fumbled on his words. "Wha… Ho…" His head drooped. "Why?"

The Fayth placed a hand on the blonde's knee. "It doesn't have to be that way though…" Tidus raised his gaze to her. She gave him a reassuring smile. "We need you…"

The blue-eyed blitzer furrowed his brow in confusion. He studied the Fayth's face for some kind of hidden message behind her words. "I don't understand…"

"There is much you need to know. And I will tell you all that I know," she stood from the ground, brushing the little bit of dirt off her dress. She held her hand out to the blonde. He accepted and she helped him off the ground. "Come see me in the temple."

He nodded his head slowly as he muttered, "Alright. I'll be there…"

She smiled sweetly at him as she replied, "I knew you would." Then almost immediately she dispersed into pyreflies.


His eyes fluttered open. Upon opening his eyes, he was greeted with the worried set of bi-colored eyes that belong to his wife. Yuna placed her hand on his cheek as she looked into his eyes. "Are you ok, sweetie?"

He sat up slowly, moving his legs over the side of the bed. He shook her head 'no' as he ran his hands over his face, removing the sweat that covered his forehead. "I have to go see the Fayth… now."


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