Night and Day

Author: Mokis



Summary: I love you 25 hours per day

A/N: Just a simple, silly, fluffy romantic piece inspired by a famous Cole Porter's song "Night and day" covered by many artists.

At first I tried not to fall at her feet, but, everything I did against it, it turned to be unuseable. I swore to myself I would hate her for the rest of my life but, now, the only thing I'm sure of is that I'll love her for the rest of my life.

I need to breathe her the 24 hours of a day. I feel sick and nauseous whenever I'm not near her. She makes me stand and she makes me fall. Her skin it's like sweet poison to me.

"What are you thinking about honey?" she asks me

"You". My answer is simple.

She looks at me puzzled. Three years together and she's still not used to the fact I spend most of my time dreaming about her.

"Am I that interesting?"

"You're definetly more than that"

With each answer I give to her she looks more and more confused. I know I'm not an open book but it's not difficult to see I 'm mad about her.

"Come here baby" she says sensually.

She may be confused but she knows what I need. I need her. I need to feel her. I need to smell her and, of course, I need to kiss her.

We make out like teenagers for almost an hour.

"Better?" she asks to me


"You stare at me like if I was an apparition of the Virgin Mary" she says laughing.

"For me you are."

She'll be working tonight. And I'll be in bed alone. I won't sleep. I'll be thinking of her until she comes back home.