Chapter 1

"Rrrring! Rrrring!" went the phone. I put down the book I was reading and dashed to pick it up.

" Hello?" I said into the receiver.

" Hiii!" said a familiar voice.

"Dawn? Is that you?" I asked.

" Yup! Oh my gosh Maryy Anne!"

"Dawn! Woohoo! I haven't seen-or heard- you in like AGES!"

"I know right!"

" Well…how's it going?"

" Oh just fine! Soo many things are happening at once!"

" Really? Like what? I'm still a Stoney-brookian…" We laughed.

" Well…first of all, the BSC is like LOADED with jobs, and one of our new clients, Jenna and Daisy were kidnapped! Imagine! I was going to call you, but I never had time because.. guess what else?"

" I can't guess."

" Well Mrs. Dewitt and Mr. Dewitt had a baby! And she's sooo cuuute! I swear! Her name's Emerald! You should see her…the only problem is, she's sick like nuts and she was in the hospital, and the Dewitts asked us to baby sit the children, but now she's like feeling better, I hope she gets well soon. The kids are like soo happy that there's going to be a new person. As for the BSC, we've got more work!" I laughed.

" Woooww!" she said. She giggled too.

"So..any news for Calorfornia?"

" Nope. Sunny's mom feels like A LOT better!"

" Really? That's great!"

" Yea I know, and well Carol's mom was sick so she went to Texas, that's where she lives by the way, for 2 days and came back. That's pretty much it. And like I made some new AWESOME friends…Since I went to camp. Well…that's it…I think…yup!"

" Soo..."

" Oh ya! I almost forgot…the best new on the planet…!"

" Is…"

" It's soo cool. I almost fainted…I swear…I can't wait till it happens! Oh you should be here when it does! It's a big task you know…"

" Mary Anne! Go on!"

" Okay Okay.."

" Yea…"

" Ready?"



"Sure!" her voice was sounding impatient.



"Yup. Shocking right?"

" You can say that again!"

" Yup Shocking right!"


" I said it again.."

"Oh…! Mary Anne!" she laughed with me.

" Yea. Well I gotta go.." I said.

"Byyye! See you..!"

" Wait! I gotta ask you something! "

" Yea?"

" Are you gonna come back to Stoneybrook?"

"I don't know."

"Come on..! Think about it! We miss you!"

" Okay. I will."

" Yea, thanks! Stacey would LOOVE to see you!"

" Stacey…oh yea..I almost's everyone else?"

" Call them and ask! They're dying to see you!"

"Hear me." she said.

" I wish we could see you."

"Yea.I gotta go Mary-Anne."


"Yea. Bye!"

I closed the phone. Something was really different about Dawn. She seemed too busy with her "new friends" that she met in camp. She used to call me every week but now she does every month! I miss the old Dawn. Big time.


I started walking to a BSC meeting hoping to cheer up. When I got there I saw everyone in their usual spots. When I saw Mallory Pike, I tripped over a book and stared at her. "Mal…oo…rrryy!"

" Hi!" she said as if everything was normal.

"You look OUT Gorgeous!" It was true.

Mallory had a hair cut up to her shoulders. Her hair was straight and it was a dark red. Her freckles were gone and she had powder on and eye powder. She had contacts, her eyes dark blue, and her braces were out. Her earrings were almost up to her shoulders. She had a pretty necklace and 1000 bracelets. She had fake nails on and lip gloss. She had a ring on almost every finger. She also had her second ear hole so she had two earrings on each ear. She was wearing pretty jeans and a pink quarter sleeve shirt that said "Spoiled." Man she looked like Mal-o-princess!

" She does look pretty!" said Claudia when she saw my surprised face.

" I know. Different!" said Stacey as she smoothed her own hair.

" Woow Mal you look awesome!" I said.

" Really?" she said. She beamed and looked at Stacey as she touched her hair.

" Positive!"

"Mal is 13 now…I mean what do you expect!" said Jessi. She herself had her hair cut. She cut it last month though.

" Your right!" said Claudia. "And now we're 15!"

" Hmmph." Said Jessi and smiled.

" Mal you look soo pretty!" said Kristy as she entered the room.

" Thanks."

" No problem."

Just than Abby entered the room and se pretended to faint. " EWW! MAL!" she laughed. "Joking WOOOWW I swear you look terrific with a billion checks!" that's her style of saying you look terrific times a billion!

Just than Shannon walked in. " Hii guys..whats-" She looked at Mal and said " Woa Mallory! Is that you or like someone else?"

" Mallory!" exclaimed Stacey.

" How'd you get your parents into it?"

" Well…" said Mallory

" She's 13!" said Kristy.

" Oh ya! Shoorrtty!" she laughed.

" Oh thanks for reminding me!" said Mal laughing.

" Mal You're different! You could be a role model!" said Abby and we all laughed and Mallory blushed.

" This meeting shall come to-"

" ORDER!" we all shouted and laughed.

" Gosh!" Kristy said. I could see that she held back a giggle too.

" Okay guys. How much money do we have?" she nodded at Stacey.

" I don't remember."

"That's why your treasurer and you've got a brain and two hands. Most of all Math's jammed in your head! So get counting!"

"Okay Okay!" said Stacey.

After that was done, I told my best friends about Dawn.

" Hmm…she Is changed now that you mention it!" said Claudia.

" I haven't gotten a letter or a phone call in 3 months." Said Mal as she shook her head.

" Me neither." Said Stacey.

" Nor I" said Kristy.

" I guess presidents have to talk proffesinal style always." Sighed Claudia. We all laughed.

Just than the phone rang. Abby picked it up. " Baby Sitters club!...Hi Mrs. Dewitt!...Uh huh…Oh okay…I'll see…hold on a sec…." She held the receiver and said " Sitter on Tuesday. Dewitts. Afternoon."

" Lets see." I said to my self and opened the record book. I put my finger on Tuesday's date. " The only people are Stacey, Shannon, Mal, and Me. We need two people…it's the Dewitts! guys"

" It's okay I don't want it." Said Stacey.

" Ookaay.."

"I don't mind. It's okay." Said Shannon.

" Okay Mal and me!"

Abby let go of the receiver and said that Mallory and I would be there.

Just than the meeting ended. I walked home. I read my book until nighttime and we had to go to sleep. I went to the bathroom and looked at the bathroom mirror. There was a picture of Dawn Schafer, my step sister. That was the time she loved me and I was her best friend. Now I feel like I'm no one. I'm out of her life. A tear strolled down my cheek. I missed the real Dawn, not the one in this picture, or the one who had other best friends and forgot about her old ones, but the one that was the real Dawn Schafer, the one who used to live in Stoneybrook, and stood besides me and loved me like I loved her.

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