Shannon walked up the steps on Friday. She rang the doorbell to the Penny's house.

"Heeeyyy SHANNON!" screamed Jenny.

"What's up?" asked Daisy, a beautiful 7 year old with lovely wavy blond hair. Daisy was wearing a cute pair of jeans and a pink T-shirt.

"Hey Jenny. Hi Daisy. Nothings up, what about you?" asked Shannon.

"Shannon, honey, hello." said Mrs. Penny. "Let Shannon in girls!"

When the girls made room for Shannon to enter, they closed the door. "Hello Mrs. Penny."

"Honey, we're getting late." said Mrs. Penny, as she looked at her watch.

"Okay." said Shannon.

When Mrs. Penny left, Shannon said, "So what do you guys want to do?"

"Play?" asked four-year old Jenny, as she picked up her Barbie doll and waved it in the air.

"Oh please. I'm sick of your Barbie." said Daisy, as she rolled her eyes.

"How about this." said Shannon "We can watch a movie."

"Alright." shrugged Daisy.

"Which one?" asked Jenny. Her eyes seemed to be pleading "Barbie".

"How about…" said Shannon as she tapped her index finger on her chin, "Madagascar?"

"Okay." said Daisy, as she jumped up and down, her wavy blond hair waving in the air.

"Whats Madagascar?" asked Jenny. She looked at her sister who was jumping like a maniac.

"It's a movie, stupid." said Daisy. "You've seen it before." She skipped to the rec room as she brought the movie.

Shannon took them into the family room. They all sat comfortable as Shannon put the movie into the DVD player. Than she went into the kitchen to make popcorn.

Just as she was making it, the phone rang.

"Hello?" asked Shannon into the receiver.

"Hey Shannon. This is Kristy."

"Oh, hey." said Shannon. "What's wrong?"

"A lot." sighed Kristy.

"What is it? Tell me!"

"You know Emerald?"

"Who's Emerald?"

"Dewitts daughter…?"

"Oh. Yea? What about her?"

"She…she well…she's in the hospital. She has extremely high fever."

"What?" asked Shannon. "But when we saw her yesterday, she was fine!"

It was true. We went into the Dewitt's house to see Emerald. She was an adorable cute kid. She was perfectly healthy when we saw her!

"I know. But than she fainted. Weird isn't it?"

"Yea." said Shannon.

After they hung up, Shannon went back into the family room.

"Hey guys." said Shannon. She gave them each their bowl of popcorn.

Shannon placed buttery popcorn into her mouth. She ate her bowl. She enjoyed the movie. In no time, Jenny was asleep, and Daisy was snoring on the sofa.

Just as Shannon put the bowls in the sink, the doorbell rang. Shannon opened it and saw Mrs. Penny.

"Hello. How are the kids?" she asked.

"Oh super." said Shannon. "They're asleep on the sofa."

"Oh wonderful." said Mrs. Penny, as she threw her curly blond hair back and laughed.

Shannon left after saying good bye. She looked at her watch and quickly went to the BSC meeting.


"Come on." I said lightly. "Are you coming to the BSC meeting?"

"Yea." said Dawn, as she applied a coat of lip gloss on her lips.

I was still mad at her, but I didn't show it. By now, I had given up hope.

Dawn walked out of her old room and I just couldn't help but gazing at the new Dawn.

She had the same jeans she wore yesterday, and a yellow quarter sleeve shirt. She had long earrings, shoulder length. Her hair was naturally wavy, and she out it into a ponytail.

She had a different purse, this time tan, and she had lovely sneakers.

"How do I look?"

"Nice." I didn't even give her a smile. I was so over her.

"Mary Anne? Are you like mad at me?"

"Me? No." I said. I held back the streams of tears that were going to over flow.

"Oh okay." said Dawn. "Just a thought."

We left and rode on our bikes. When we finally reached Claudia's house, I rung the doorbell, as Claudia's mom opened it.

"Hello." said Mrs. Kishi. "Dawn!"

After a bunch of hugs, we made our way upstairs.

When we entered, we saw Stacey and Claudia laughing and having fun. They were friends again.

"Hey everyone!" said Kristy.

"Hey Mary Anne! Dawn!" exclaimed Abby.

"Hey you guys!" everyone said.

I say down next to Claudia. Dawn looked at me, a little bit hurt. She obviously expected me to sit next to her. Too bad she didn't think before she thought I was a cry baby.

After a long meeting, We left.

The whole ride home was silent.


"Yea…Okay…today...Alright!" said Mary Anne. She put the phone down.

"What happened?" asked Dawn.

"Oh, Stacey's having a party. In fifteen minutes we have to be there."

"Fifteen MINUTES?" shrieked Dawn.

"Yea." I shrugged.

"Wow." said Dawn. Than she ran upstairs and was in the shower.

I quickly took out a pair of jeans and a shirt.

I put on some jewelry, made my hair, and grabbed my purse. I went down stairs and wore my shoes.

"Dawn!" I called. "We're getting late."

In 2 minutes, Dawn was downstairs with her purse. She was dressed in jeans and a white tank top. Her hair was in a bun, with a few strands of wavy hair along her face.

She was looking in a mirror as she went down the stairs. She had hoops on and a denim purse.

"Come on." she said. She closed her mirror so I could see her better. She had light blue eyes shadow on and lip gloss. Nothing else.

We went inside the car. Every now and than, I would look at her, and all the time, she was looking at her self in the mirror, sometimes putting mascara on, other times fixing her hair and so on.

When we finally reached Stacey's house, we stepped out and rang the bell.

Stacey opened it. Next to her was Claudia in a funky way, but she still looked lovely.

"Hey guys!" said Stacey.

"Hi!" we said.

While Dawn went upstairs with Stacey, I was talking with Kristy.

We both ran upstairs. Just than I stopped on my tracks.

Caroline and Dawn and Claudia and Stacey were talking. All I heard were the words "Mary Anne", "Cry baby", "stupid", and "Friends."

And they were all Dawn's voice.