NC-17 just for you gutter dwellers. You know who you are….


Sam opened her eyes and stretched out her arms while still in those early moments in the morning when everything around her seemed fuzzy and dreamy. She rolled over to find Martin lying on his side beside her. He was facing away from her so she rested her head back on the pillow and studied the contours of his back as the early morning light played shadows on his shoulder blades. She reached out with delicate fingertips and traced the outline of his back which was warm to the touch. He had a beautiful smooth muscular back that was only marred by a few scratches. She really needed to file her nails.

Martin shifted in his sleep and mumbled something she couldn't understand. When he settled down again she pulled her hand away and brought it to rest under her cheek. She wasn't ready to wake him quite yet. She gazed at his back a little longer before her eyes traveled down to where the sheet rested low on his hip. She smiled knowing that he wasn't wearing anything underneath the sheet. In the four months since they reconciled he had decided there was no point in wearing clothes to bed when she was just going to make him take them off anyway. Deciding he made a good point she opted to not wear clothes to bed either. Of course, it was still summer, that rule might change come winter.

She moved her hand out from under her cheek and lifted her head off the pillow as she reached over and grazed her hand over the firm curve of his ass to reach around and gently grab the shaft of his penis. His early morning erection hardened even further. She delicately hand her hand up and down a few strokes and running her thumb over the tip. Just being able to do this to him made her feel aroused. His hips instinctively thrust in response so she moved closer to him so she could be at a better angle.

"Good morning." His voice rumbled. She released her grasp and he groaned loudly as he rolled onto his back. He looked at her with heavy lidded eyes and his hair was tussled from sleep. "I didn't mean for you to stop."

"Good morning to you." Sam grinned and moved her lips to his.

He responded by kissing her hard on the mouth. He started a trail of kisses down her throat and headed towards her chest. He lightly ran his tongue over the nipple of one breast bringing it to life. He sucked gently at first and then increased the pressure that made her gasp in pleasure. He moved back up to her lips and as the kiss deepened he moved his hand between her thighs to caress her swollen clitoris. He hands moved in slow circles at first but as he slowly increased the friction she arched her hips in response. She tried to keep her eyes on Martin as he looked at her enraptured but as she felt her body begin to contract in climax her eyes shut as the sensation overwhelmed her.

When she opened her eyes again he was watching her with eyes full of love and desire. He brushed her hair from her face and said, "I love seeing you like that, you look so beautiful."

"I love being with you like this." She smiled and then reached up to kiss him, nibbling on his bottom lip. "But we're not done yet."

Martin gave a soft laugh against her mouth and then kissed her hard as he moved his body carefully on top of hers. He put his forearms on either side of her to brace his weight. Sam ran her hands along his back which was now slick with a thin sheen of sweat. She pulled him tightly against her as he moved his mouth to gently nip on her earlobe and she gave a deep throaty hum of appreciation.

He returned to her mouth and kissed her deeply, his tongue mingling and tasting when he slowly pushed inside her. She moaned against his mouth as she took in his full length, savoring the completeness of him being connected to her.

He pumped slowly at first and Sam moved her hands to cup his ass. She squeezed his taut rear and urged him deeper inside her. She was always amazed at how well they moved together as they made love. She tilted her pelvis higher to urge him further. He increased the pace as his cock slid in and out with need and urgency.

"Mmm….Martin, right there…." She rocked her hips with his and she could feel her body on the edge of the abyss. She moved her arms up to his back and dug her nails in as she felt his muscles constrict as his body tensed. One thrust later she felt the spasm of pleasure followed immediately by a throaty cry from Martin at his own release.

He collapsed his body on hers and with hot breath against her neck her muttered, "Move….need….second."

Sam ran her hands slowly over his biceps and said, "Lost the ability to speak?"

He shook his head against her shoulder and said, "No blood in head."

Sam laughed and she could feel both their bodies shake. He kissed her shoulder and carefully rolled off of her and plopped his head on his pillow. Happily satiated Sam draped her body over his, resting her head on his chest. They lay together quietly in post-coital bliss as she listened to his heart beating fast in his chest.

He ran his hand over her lower back and she asked, "What time do you have to go pick up your dad at the hotel?"

True to his word, Victor had been making a solid effort to build a relationship with Martin. He called at least once a week and this was his second trip to New York to spend some quality father and son time.

"We tee off at nine thirty so I told him I'd swing by at eight fifteen." He glanced over to look at the clock and softly said, "You know, I'm going to have to get up to take a shower in a little while."

"Yup, that's probably a good idea." Sam replied as she ran her fingers over the soft hairs on his chest.

He kissed the nape of her neck and asked, "Feel like singing a duet, Peaches?"

Sam laughed and looked up into his eyes and said, "Only if I get to pick the song."