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Father growled as he watched the servealance cameras again, seeing his children once again getting blown away by the kids Next Door. He growled, stood up and exploded in a rage of fire. He shot a fireball at the door, making it explode in a fiery explosion. He growled and sat down, face in his hands. "How can I possibly destroy those patheic Kids Next Door!" He shouted into the empty room.

At least thats what he thought.

A cold chuckle echoed through the room, making him shoot up in surprise. "Poor Poor Father, a man with fire powers that could take out a house, and yet he cannot defeat a coulple of kids," a texan voice said.

Fathers hands erupted into flames. "Who's there! Show yourself!" He shouted.

"For that, you might want to look down a little," The voice said. Father lowered his head, to see something he didn't expect to see in his years.

A bean.

A bean was talking to him. Father blinked as The bean laughed, jumping on the chair then jumping on fathers nose. "Yes, Yes, I know, a bean is talking to you, but this bean is making an offer you can't refuse," The bean said, yellow eyes narrowing and giving him a toothy grinned.

He suddenly heard another chuckle, a female one. "Oh trust me, you WILL want to trust him," She said. Father whipped around, and saw a woman sitting in his chair. She was about as tall as him, wore a dress, had long red hair and had markings under her eyes.

Father looked at the two. "Who are you people!" He screamed, actually scared for once in his life. The woman and the bean laughed long and loud.

"Its simple my friend, we do not wish to harm you, but we do have the power to obliterate the Kids Next Door," The bean said. That caught his attention. "And all you have to do is get me and my Friend here what we want, and we want things called Shen Gong Wu..." The bean said.


Numbuh 1 jogged through the door, cheering. "All right Gang! Another day, another day those delightful chumps are beaten and another Candy shop is saved!" He shouted.

Numbuh 2 smirked as Numbuh 5 walked side by side into the door. "Man, those delightful children are getting easier everytime!" She shouted. Numbuh 2 merely nodded.

Numbuh 3 skipped in, humming happily as Numbuh 4 walked in, hands in his pockets. He jumped on the couch. "Yeah, a little too easy," He said, then shrugged, flipping the t.v on. "I mean, after all, what could they do to actually beat us?"


"So, explain this to me one more time hannible," Father said, interested in the beans story.

The bean smiled, he was getting to him. "Simple, me, and my associate here, Wuya, are on a mission to aquire magic items known as Shen Gon Wu. Each one has a special ability all its own, and me and her are on a mission to collect them all to rule the world," He said.

Father scoffed. "I'll believe it when I see it."

Hanible Roy Bean chuckled and held up his tentacle like arms. "Do you see this?" He showed him a black and yellow item that seemed to have been cut in half. He grinned and slapped the arms together, making a shield looking object. "Moby Morpher!" he screamed and ripped it apart, stretching his body like taffy and changing into an exact form of father. He stepped back in shock as the Hannible/father creature laughed. "Now do you believe me?"

Father would have smiled if his mouth had existed. "Yes, I am quite surprised, but mostly pleased. So, you want me to find The She Gong Wuf?"

"Shen Gon Wu, and yes, we all ready have a insolent boy working for us right now, but he hasn't been working out, stupid idiot," The woman Wuya said, shaking her head.

Father nodded. Suddenly, Wuya twitched. He shot a look to her as she used the desk for support. "Whats wrong with her?" he asked and Hannible laughed.

"A new shen Gong Wu is being activated..."


"Go Long!" Numbuh 4 shouted, throwing the Football to his portly friend. He somehow manedged to grab it, but not before getting a facefull of dirt. They all laughed as he got up, laughing mockingly with them.

"Yeah yeah, let's all laugh at the fat kid..." He muttered, about to throw the football...when he fell facefirst into the ground again, making the laughter louder than ever. He growled and say up, looking at what he tripped on. It was a small yellow box, the size of a fist, with about 7 holes in it. He picked it up, dusted the item off and looked at it.

"Numbuh 2! Anything wrong!" Numbuh 1 shouted. He shook his head and was about to get up, when a yellow blast appeared out of no where, knocking Numbuh 2 into the air.

"NUMBUH 2!" Everyone screamed in worry. He got up, still carrying the strange object in his hand. Suddenly, they all looked over and saw The Delightful Children Standing there.

"Hello Kids Next Deluded, care for a little rematch of our earlier quarrel?" They all looked confused. "Do you want to fight again?" They said, annoyed.

Numbuh 4 laughed and cracked his knuckles while the others helped Numbuh 2 up. "It'll be my pleasure..." He grinned and charged them, fists bared. They chuckled as Benny (The front blonde one) held up his hand, but it looked different. Probably because there was a huge iron fist on his fist.

"Fist of Tebigong!" They all chorused, and before Numbuh 4 could hit them, they swung the fist, knocking Numbuh 4 clear across the field and into the treehouse, where a Numbuh 4 shaped hole was then located. They all gasped, with numbuh 3 screamed, and looked back at the delightful Children, gaping. "Wondering about this little Number? Well, lets say we got this from a reliable source..." They said ominously, and Cindy (The blonde one) Held up a small pendant, which looked like an eye with a red ruby in the middle of it. "Eye of Dashi!" They screamed and the eye glowed, then suddenly, a large blast of lightning shot from it and hit the ground in front of the kids!

They all backed away, scared as Kenny (The one in the back) Lifted up a large yellow sword. "Sword of the Storm!" They shouted, and he swung it, making a large gust of wind appear and knock them over. They all walked over to Numbuh 2, who was still cluttching the item in his hand. "Now hand over the Jongs Voicebox!" They shouted.

"Numbuh 2! Do not give them that box! Whatever the Delightful Children want, it can't be good! Don't give it to them!" Numbuh 1 shouted. Numbuh 2 got up, growling.

"Its your funeral, litterly," They said as Cindy held up the strange object again. "Eye of Dashi!" They shouted as it began to power up.

A second later, the lightning fired.

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