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Chapter 10- There's Always Love After the Rain

Both boys' hearts beat like a world stampede as they ran down the street, not taking notice of the light drizzle and the clouds rolling, dark as the most creepiest places on Earth. A sudden ominous wind swirled from the top of the buildings to swiftly crawl down the walls like spiders as it played around with Athrun's long blue hair. The atmosphere was spooky, like a huge spider webs lightly brushing against your skin and bugs crawling up your arms and legs, it's legs prickling your flesh.

Goosebumps appeared on Dearka's and Athrun's arms causing them to shudder, but that was the least of their problems as they turned the corner and glanced down the murky street, seeing an opening to an alley which the girl undoubtedly ran into.

It seemed like a sinister aura was leaking out of the corner of the alley, it's darkness consuming the tiny pieces of light and the boys had horrifying images in their head as their senses seemed to double in accuracy. Biting their lips in pure frustration, they were a few feet to the alley and as they drew closer, it seemed like a struggle was pursuing as they heard lots of screaming, yelling and things smashing and breaking.

Stepping on a puddle that was made from the rain before and the rain going slowly now, the image in the puddle was shattered in wavy tones and didn't settle as a sudden flash lit the skies in an eerie natural light, one similar to a supernatural phenomenon.

The rain slapped the guys on the face, but they ignored it and instead flung their wet strands away from their eyes. The cold rain hit them on the face mercilessly for such a light drizzle and their clothes were getting soaked and hung to their body.

The street next to them was empty, as empty as a house abandoned. Hardly any light was there and the walls of the building suddenly seemed to be enormous and consuming, a menacing feel in the air.

Their hearts still beating, the boys twirled to look down the alley and as if in perfect timing, lighting once again lit up the scene before them. Their hearts could have stopped from the heart attack right as they saw Milly and Cagalli and their mouths opened in shock.

A group of four ugly looking boys were trying to drag Cagalli and Milly deeper into the alley, likely thinking about doing an unforgivable crime to them. But it seemed like both girls were not giving up without a fight and two of the thugs had their foreheads bleeding. There were broken pieces of glasses on the ground, evidence that Cagalli or Milly had used a glass bottle on the two guys who had their foreheads bleeding.

Athrun let out an animalistic growl from his throat and clenched his fists till the veins showed visibly. "GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF OF CAGALLI, YOU BASTARDS," he roared before literally lunging at one of the two males, sending a powerful punch to the side of the guys face when he turned around to see what the commotion was.

Dearka was right behind Athrun, but instead, he swung his fist at the other two guys who were holding Milly. The other person who was just as surprised, let go of Milly's hand and the girl fell heavily on a bunch of garbage bags, her hands landing on something big and thick as she closed her eyes in pain.

Cagalli used the sudden interruption from Athrun to kick the remaining guy who was holding her upper arm. Unluckily for the guy, she had thought about kicking him in the most painful area on a male's body and he ended up doubling over, groaning, both hands at his groin.

The girl quickly and swiftly got up and ran further down the alley, Athrun too busy on top of the other guy, punching away at his face and calling him every foul word known to man kind to notice Cagalli. Cagalli suddenly tripped in her fear and haste, and squeaked painfully when she landed on the ground, skinning both of her palms on the wet ground. Moaning, her breath caught in her throat when her view landed on two perfectly shined shoes.

Dearka had officially taken down the first guy by slamming his head into the wall, watching the other male slide bonelessly to the cold ground. Letting his guard down by leaving his back clearly obvious to the other thug, her turned around and saw that the guy was rushing at him, fists ready to land a punch on Dearka's face. Dearka realized he didn't have enough time to dodge and threw his arms up in front of his dace, waiting for the punch to connect.

It never came.

Squinting one of his eyes open, he extended his arms away to see the guy right in front of him, eyes wide. Dearka just started, as he watched the dude stagger, then fall down, revealing a heavily panting Milly holding a large piece of wood in to hands in the aftermath of having just swung the "weapon".

She was shivering and fighting down a hard breath as she fell on her knees, letting the rain wash her fear away, looking at the back of the guy's head who she has just attacked. He was bleeding and she started sobbing, wondering if she has just killed someone.

Dearka breathed lightly and walked slowly but surely over to the terrified girl, making sure he stepped hard on the fainted thug's back, hoping it cracked some bones.

The boy quietly lifted Milly into his arms as she started cry loudly, pointing to the guy and then to herself, trying to croak out something as rain ran down her face.

"Ssh." Dearka made a silencing gesture with his fingers to his lips and smiled at Milly. "He just fainted."

Milly drew in a shallow sob and then looked over to Athrun, who was still cursing and punching away at the guy. "Cagalli…? CAGALLI!" Milly suddenly screamed in fright when she noticed Cagalli was nowhere to be found.

Athrun stopped his punches as Milly's words got to his head and he looked around frantically, ignoring the other boy who moaning on the ground.

"…She's here." Two figures suddenly appeared lightly in the distance of the alley, a shadowy cape covering them and rain bounced off.

"CAGALLI!" Milly screamed when she recognized one of the figures as her best friend.

Both of the figures stood under a flickering street lamp and revealed a wavy, black haired man and Cagalli. The man had one hand covering Cagalli's mouth, preventing her from screaming and another around both of her arms so she couldn't struggle.

Athrun was about to rush at the man in anger that he would try to hurt Cagalli, but the man shook his head, warning him not to come any closer. Athrun noticed the sparkling yet deadly glint from the man's waist, indicating he was armed with a dragger and he would use it too.

Athrun's eyes narrowed and he growled, low in his throat, his hands clenching even more tightly. Itching to get it around the man's neck. "Who. Are. You." Athrun snarled, sounding out every word.

The man smirked, a dark and dangerous, and answered, "I'm Dullindal...Athrun..."

"What do you want?" And how do you know my name?" Athrun demanded, his temper starting to get out of control.

"This girl is what I want. And I know you're name…because my cousin told me it…" Dullindal ended his explanation with a set of "kukuku's" and he dug his nails into Cagalli's, hard, but not enough to penetrate the skin.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT CAGALLI FOR? WHOS YOUR DAMN COUSIN YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Athrun ordered and narrowed his eyes even more, his head screaming at him to just lunge at the idiot.

"My cousin is of no concern to you, and if you really want to know what I want Cagalli for…" Dullindal said evilly and twirled Cagalli around, getting ready to kiss her. (I mean it)

Dearka, Athrun, and Milly all gasped and froze in shock as Cagalli's eyes widened in a silent scream, her body going limp with shock and her face paling at an in incredible speed. She looked at Athrun helplessly across from what seemed like a wide plain filled with rain from the side of her eyes before closing her eyes tightly, tears running down her cheeks and mingling with the rain. She punched Dullindal, trying to make him get away from her as a sudden image went through her head.

-"But I'm SCARED!"

"I'll protect you…"-

Dullindal grabbed a hold of Cagalli's cheek to stop her from trying to struggle and every passing second seemed like hell as Cagalli watched his lips grow closer to hers. Still struggling, she saw Dullindal's hand stray closer to her mouth and a sudden idea popped in her mind.

She twisted her face around and bit Dullindal's hand, HARD. Hard enough to draw blood as Dullindal shouted "YOU BITCH!" and slapped her on the face, just as hard. The baddie darkened and turned around, just enough time to see Athrun roar out angrily and rush at him with incredible speed, anger glinted dangerously in his eyes. Dearka and Milly were behind him, looking like they were also ready to knock the living daylights out of him of doing that to Cagalli. Dullindal pushed Cagalli away, who was still crying, and took a black ball out, throwing it at the ground.

Black smoke engulfed everyone and Athrun started coughing as he forced his eyes to open and make out where the bastard was. He could see a figure rushing up through the smoke, one hand up holding a rope that drew up, and laughing evilly.

In the matter of about twenty seconds, the smoke cleared from the rain pattering downed Athrun looked up in rage, searching frantically for Dullindal to only see a part of his black hair disappear over the slippery top most balcony and then the rest was covered. "GOD DAMN COWARDLY SON OF A BI---"

"Cagalli! CAGALLI! WAIT!" Milly screamed in panic, cutting Athrun's sentence.

Athrun glanced in down the alley and watched a figure run down it, disappearing into the distance. "GOD DAMMIT! CAGALIIII!" He yelled after her before running after the girl, Dearka and Milly wondering if they should run after the pair.


From the to most balcony, two figures hidden in the darkness watched Athrun rush after Cagalli.

"You sure that'll work?…I think it'll jut bring those two closer, not further apart…Meer."

Meer squinted her eyes at the retreating figure of Athrun before answering coldly, "Cagalli would push him away, haunted by those memories. Even if Athrun would try to get her, she'll be scared and she won't forget…now would she? Once Athrun gets tired of being rejected and pushed away, he would come back to me…because we were meant to be…" (Whoa Meer being smart!)

Cagalli rushed down the deserted street, ignoring the chill and the coldness of the rain as she covered her red cheek with one of her hands, before moving both hands to clutch her head. She screamed out her agony as she continue to run blindly through the street, wishing that what had happened before was all a nightmare.

A nightmare and she would wake up soon.

Images of what happened before flashed her mind and she shrieked, willing it to get out of her head and leave her alone. Nearly pulling out her hair in pain, she pushed the thoughts inner and inner into her mind before one clear line ran through her head.

-"I'll protect you…forever…"-

Everything that happened at Medieval Times came rushing back into her mind as she felt as it her soul had just cracked, like ice. Rushing straight across the road without knowing, she continued to run past trees and under bushes as she shook her head from side to side, tears leaking out and once again mingling with the ice cold rain.

She stopped when her feet dropped and touched water, it going up past her ankle. Shaking, Cagalli fell onto her knees, straight into the water, her face buried in her hands.



Athrun ran across the street, not even cautious if there were cars or trucks, his mind only centered on Cagalli.

Why did he even care about her this much? When DID he begin to care about her? They has always been enemies, so how did it change? Was it because of what happened at the castle? Did that really shift their hatred to friends…and maybe even something more? How could such a simple event change their…or his feelings to such indescribable emotions? Why did every time he look at her…his heart beat so painfully? Was this…love? NO! It couldn't be! They had only begun to become friends for such a time and it couldn't have already bloomed to love!

Athrun didn't have enough time to think anymore when he saw her, just kneeling in water and crying. His heart wrenched painfully at the sight and he vowed that if he ever saw Dullindal again, he would KILL that piece of shit.

He watched the sliver cloak of rain around Cagalli and felt like he just wanted to run up, hug her and try to take all her pain away. His hair stung stubbornly to his face and he stood there, his hair swaying as he just looked at the girl.

"Cagalli…" he whispered as soft as the wind and he could see Cagalli's back stiffen.

"Ath---" Cagalli turned her head around to see if it was in fact, him before looking at him in pain. "---run…" She didn't take her eyes away from his gaze and felt like she was frozen in time.

Without another word, Athrun lightly walked up to her, never breaking the eye tension. He lightly kneeled down to the level with her in the water and watched her gaze at him with red eyes while rain curtained around the two. "Cagalli…I'm so…sor---"

"ATHRUN!" Cagalli suddenly shouted, agony in her voice as she flung her body at him and caught him in a big hug, nearly making him keel over from the weight. "I WAS SO SCARED. I THOUGHT DULLINDAL'S GANG WERE GOING TO RAPE ME AND DULLINDAL WAS GOING TO KISS ME AND I THOUGHT YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO PROTECT ME IN TIME!" she screamed, beginning to sob hard again.

Athrun's eyes widened as he realized she had probably regained all her memory now. Smiling lightly, he put his arms around her and drew the girl closer to him. He lightly raked through her golden blond and very wet hair with his nails and stayed quiet till she stopped crying so hard. Soon, the sobs reduced down to tears then turned down to little sniffles.

"I'm so sorry Cagalli. I'm so sorry I couldn't protect you. I'm so sorry," Athrun gently murmured in her ears and rubbed one of his hands up and down her back in comfort. "I promise I'll kill Dullindal for you."

Cagalli went stiff in his arms when she heard the name "Dullindal" and Athrun muttered some more encouraging words to her, saying sorry often.

The water rippled softly as the two moved gently once in a while. The trees surrounding the small lake the pair were in, rustled lightly when the rain began to lighten. Then after a while, the rain stopped all in one but both Cagalli and Athrun were still in the lake, probably not even taking heed of the cold water.

Cagalli soon stopped sniffling and was feeling rather content just being in Athrun's arms as he mumbled stuff into her ears. She sighed as she closed her eyes and laid her head against his neck, the images of her nightmare slowly disappeared.

Athrun leaned his head against the girl's own head and he smiled lightly. He wouldn't mind just kneeling here in the water if Cagalli was with him. 'Now where did that come from…'

The clouds cleared and the pale yet mysterious moon hovered over the two, it's reflection right next to them in the water. The stars began to start twinkling it daily routine, now that the clouds had their attention. The wind stopped its rampage and lightened to a breeze, enough to just blow the slick hair of Athrun and Cagalli with them.

The gigantic tree on the side of the water started dripping droplets of rain from the branch that extended over the water. The leaves dripped the droplets off of it and it plashed into the water, causing small ripples to flow throughout the lake.

Yet still after all this, Cagalli and Athrun didn't separate, but were still in the same hug they were in before.

Athrun lightly flickered open one of his eyes and whispered, "Cagalli…?"

Cagalli tightened her hold on him as a response, waiting intently for his words.

Athrun smiled and his head tilted down, looking at his wavy reflection in the water, the moon still looking far away even if it was just a mirror image. His sighed contently and dug his hands into her uniform shirt, looking at the image in the water and watching his mouth open slightly from the whisper he let out.

"I really do care a lot for you…"

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