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If breathing were not an involuntary reflex, Erik would have forgotten to breathe. Watching Karlie descend the isle toward him was heaven on earth, and it seemed like it took hours.

She was an angel in white, but he knew that beneath that angelic façade, beat the heart of a seductress; and she was all his. He caught her eyes with his and smiled nervously, knowing that she was as pensive about these events as he was. He glanced around the building and caught the eyes of several of the actors, dancers, and singers from the opera house in attendance; the other people in attendance were not familiar to him.

He returned his gaze to Karlie's slight form as she proceeded toward him. Her gown was breathtaking, Erik noted; he admired the way it emphasized her narrow waist, supple breasts and long, elegant neck. Her hair was hanging loose and curly in the back, pulled up on the sides, and some loose strands hung at the side of her face.

Roland presented her to him after the minister asked who was giving her away. Erik took her hand and led her up the stairs toward the flowered archway in which the minister stood.

Karlie looked up at the striking man beside her. How had she been so blessed to have caught his eyes in the first place? He was a dream come true…and he was hers. He looked over at her as they turned to say their vows, and her heart leapt in her chest. He was soon to be her husband; his babies would suckle her breast and fill her life with joy and laughter, his smile would calm the storms of life as they ebbed against them in a battle of wills; and his arms would be her haven of rest and solitude.

She heard the minister address her and knew it was time for her vows…

"Erik Xavier Clairvaux…you are the man of my dreams; the man who took me out of my self-imposed prison of complacency and distrust, and gently molded me into a better person, just by being you." She looked down at their entwined hands, and watched as a single tear moistened the surface, "You bring out everything good about me and accept everything bad. I want to be the mother of your children, the lover who comforts you, and the partner who completes you." She raised her hand to his cheek, "I love you, Erik."

Erik could see the glistening reflection of her tears and knew they were the mirror image of his own. Her words had touched him like no others, and he had to gather himself before speaking.

"Karlie Lorraine Bordeaux, to say that you have given meaning to my life is a lie…" He brought his finger to her chin and lifted her unveiled face to his, "…for I had no life at all until you." He smiled as tears filled her eyes and ran down her perfect face, "I surrender all to you, Karlie…my love, my self-doubts, my fears, my heart, my dreams, my realities, and my life; you alone are the keeper and protector of them all." He brought her hands up to his lips and kissed them, "I will spend the rest of my days being your husband and a good father to our children…I love you, Karlie."

Erik placed the ring on her finger and she put one on his. The minister did his blessing and then instructed them to turn toward the congregation. "And now, by the power vested to my by God, I pronounce you husband and wife…you may kiss your bride."

Erik sweetly kissed her lips, not wanting to get to intimate in public. She playfully nipped his bottom lip, making him blush slightly at her aggressive behavior.

"I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Erik Clairvaux…what God has joined together, let no man put asunder." The minister announced, and Erik and Karlie headed down the isle.


Erik and Karlie floated through the reception, not remembering half of the faces they were introduced to, or the reason why. Face after face in a sea of endless faces, came up and introduced themselves. Erik was good with names, but this was ridiculous.

He never moved far from Karlie's side, constantly touching her arm, her hand, the small of her back…anything to let her know that he knew she was there and he loved her.

Erik seldom drank alcohol, and tonight was no exception. He wanted complete control of his faculties tonight. He danced with Demi, he danced with Audrey, and he danced with Karlie, and held her until the music ended. His smoldering eyes found Karlie, no matter where she was in the room.

After about two hours of torturous socializing, Erik had had enough. He lifted his eyes and scanned the room, only to find his bride headed straight for him with a come hither smirk on her face. She came into his arms with a purr and buried her face in his chest, breathing in his scent.

"I don't want to be here any more, my husband." She admitted as she looked up into his hungry eyes, "And I can tell by the look and feel of you that you don't want to be here any longer either."

Erik realized that his body had gone hard and his breathing had labored with just the idea of having her body tonight. He growled deep in his chest and turned to Roland, Michael, and Beau, made his apologies, and watched as knowing grins spread across their faces.

Allie, Demi, Audrey, and Meg moved toward them as they saw Erik and Karlie start heading out the door.

"So soon?" Allie teased, "Ya'd think these two had somethin' ta do!" She jested, looking around at the faces that had become so dear to her.

Karlie rolled her eyes and grinned, "I'll remember this when your time comes, Allie Waterford."

Allie pushed them out the door, still addressing Karlie, "Well, I'll jus' have ta make sure that never happens, now won' I?"

Karlie shot her an unbelieving glance and saw the wink that Allie graced her with, Karlie knew that Beau had every intention of proposing to Allie in the next few days…and she also knew that Allie would accept.


"I need you to sit across from me my love. I will not consummate this marriage on the seat of a carriage…but if you sit beside me and so much as touch me…I'll take you right here and now." Erik warned, as Karlie slipped into the carriage.

She looked at him with sultry eyes, her body reacting to his words as if a thermal heater had been installed in her brain. Warm floods of desire raced through her body and she knew she was ready for him already.

The carriage ride was torture, but sweet torture, as Erik fought his burgeoning erection and Karlie had to use every ounce of willpower she had to keep from crawling into his lap, hiking her dress up, and having her way with him.

They arrived at their home and Erik reached a hand up to help Karlie down, feeling the shock of her touch course through him. He pulled her into his arms and rammed her body up against his, showing her his state of excitement.

"You know exactly what you're doing to me, you vixen." He moaned in her ear as his hands found her backside. He turned to the driver and dismissed him for the night; just as he had done the entire staff…they would not return until tomorrow morning.

He picked Karlie up in his arms, and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips. Erik groaned at the firm grip she had on him and lifted her chin with his hand as he walked into the house. His mouth descended on hers in a hungry, devouring kiss, which Karlie returned with equal vigor.

"We're not going to make it to the bedroom at this rate." Erik moaned.

Karlie answered by ripping his suit jacket off his body and doing the same to this cravat and shirt. Erik found the fasteners to her dress, undid them, and removed the hindering thing from her. She stood before him in nothing but her chemise and bodice.

"Meet me in the bedroom…" Karlie purred. She looked up into his don't-make-me-beg eyes and grinned, "…believe me, big boy, it will be worth it." She said with seductive overtones as she ran her finger across his soft lips and walked out of the room.

Erik ran up to the room and proceeded to undress, rapidly. His heart was beating ten times its normal pace and his erection was so hard he thought he just might burst from the eagerness to bury himself in her warmth.

He hadn't gotten his pants off when the door opened and in it, stood a temptress in purple and black. Erik raked his eyes up her body, approving of the spike heels, fishnet, thigh-high stockings, garter, black lace panties, black velvet, elbow-length gloves, and purple satin bodice with front lacings. Was it possible for him to grow any more excited than he already was? He thought not, but he was witness to it as his cock throbbed and moved of its own free will.

She slinked towards him, never taking her eyes off the bulge in his pants. She reached his tall, trembling figure and removed her gloves with her teeth. She then placed her left hand on this body and raked it over his heated skin as she circled him. She stood behind him and touched each scar on his back with such gentleness that Erik felt his throat constrict with unshed tears.

She then placed her lips upon each one and went their length with her tongue, causing Erik to hiss from the sensation her touch was giving him. His breathing was labored and deep as he reacted to her and yielded his body to her eager hands and mouth. She wound her hands around his chest from the back, reaching his pectoral muscles and teasing his manly nipples to hardened beads. Erik never knew his body could come alive like this; he had so long thought himself dead to such passion.

Karlie skimmed the waistline of his pants with her fingers, still standing behind him, and upon reaching the front, unfastened the holdings. She eased the pants down and he stepped to the side and out of them. She ran her wandering hands over his taunt, hard backside; admiring the fullness and shapeliness of it. He was beautiful of body, and she was eager to feel the swell of his manhood in her hands, mouth, and body.

She left his backside and moved her body around to the front. She saw the large, erect outline of his cock against his underwear and growled her approval. Erik looked down at her with molten eyes; she was everything he had pictured in his mind. How had she known his fantasy and brought it to life for him? He wanted a woman who would take charge and know what she wanted from him; he had always wanted that…he grew weary of always being in control and overbearing. Of course, up until a few weeks ago, he had resolved himself to the fact that his fantasy was just that and he would never have a woman in any way.

Karlie ran her hands inside the confines of his underclothes; feeling his erection against her stomach, gripped his backside with her hands, and then lowered his underwear. She worked her way back up his body with her hands skimming over the sensitive skin of his legs and thighs. She boldly took his giant cock in her hands and began slowly working its length as Erik's knees gave way.

She lowered him to the bed, laid him on his back, and placed herself between his legs; never removing her hands from his cock. She massaged its length, glorying in the moans Erik was emanating. His moans sometimes came out as growls and Karlie reveled in that sound.

After a few minutes of this, Erik took the initiative and sat up; he pulled Karlie into his arms and devoured her mouth, burying his tongue in the depths of her mouth, as he would soon do with other parts of her body. His hands found the front of her bodice, undid the lacings, and turned to pin her beneath him.

The swell of her breasts was exposed to him, but he had not completely uncovered them just yet…after all, he was a patient man when it came to things he wanted. He stood up, his cock jutting out in front of him with eagerness, raised her shapely, fish-netted legs, and slowly removed her shoes. He kissed her tiny feet as his warm, fervent hands shimmied up her legs.

He kissed her heated flesh as his hands found the border of her stockings and rolled them down and off each leg. He ran his fingers over her moist center, feeling her readiness for him even through her panties. She moaned beneath his expert hands, loving how he worshipped her body with them. He was maddeningly gentle and Karlie was ready for a little more roughness.

She took his large hands and moved them to her breasts, Erik removed the rest of her bodice and pushed it aside and onto the floor. His eyes drank in the sight of her full, plump breasts and hard, erect nipples. He grazed his hands over the peaks and Karlie whimpered. She put her hands over his, indicated for him to be a little rougher with her, and moaned "I won't break my love…and they don't come off…" she teased.

She closed her eyes in ecstasy as Erik kneaded her breasts with his hands, squeezing their fullness with such firmness. "…ah yessss, that's it." She squirmed beneath him and reached down and grasped his very engorged cock in her hand, pumping him up and down as he took a hardened peak into his waiting mouth. He suckled her hard and firm, loving how Karlie moved to accommodate him. She moved her arms around his neck and pushed his mouth harder onto her breast. He pulled her into his mouth and circled her nipple with his tongue at the same time; causing her to cry out in passion.

Erik's body was moving of its own accord. His mind had shut down and he was answering the call of his body only. His male libido was in charge and he was in a world he never knew existed. His skin was on fire and the slightest touch of her hand or mouth sent him into a higher plain of existence.

He kissed and licked his way down her body, marveling in the softness of her stomach and abdomen. He circled her bellybutton with his hot tongue and tested its cavern for a moment, before moving on. He grasped the outside of her panties and pulled them down and over her legs, dropping them on the floor beneath them.

He moved his focus to her womanly core, laying eyes on it for the first time. He moved in close and felt the warmth coming from her. Her natural scent filled his nostrils and he moved his fingers over the surface, feeling the moistness on their tips. He massaged her flesh, causing her to moan even more and wiggle under his touch. He dove a long, musician's finger into her virgin body and felt her swell beneath him and whelp at the foreign invasion.

He kissed her thigh, knowing that he would have to cause her pain to bring them the most pleasure, "I don't want to hurt you, my love…" he whispered.

She looked down at him with dark, desire filled eyes, "You must Erik; I want all of you, over and over again." She moaned back.

He worked his one finger for a few minutes before burying another into her. She arched her back even more and felt her body respond to his hand. Erik saw the erect nodule of her sex and gently massaged it with his thumb. He had done enough reading to know the best way to prepare a woman's virgin body. He moved his thumb and took it into his mouth.

Karlie cried out as the sensation of his mouth on her sex drove her mad. She could feel her body climbing toward its peak, pushing her toward the ecstatic climax she sought. Erik relentlessly worked her moist, hot flesh with his tongue and lips, feeling her respond to his attention with her natural essences. She began to breathe erratically and tremble beneath him; he knew she was close.

Throaty, long moans and nipples that were growing even more erect indicated to Erik that she was reaching her climax, he pulled her clit into his mouth and sucked her to the peak and then, in one fluid motion he was over her and breaking her virginal barrier with his throbbing cock. She wasn't even aware of the pain as it mixed with her first, mind-numbing climax of the evening.

She came down off her pinnacle and felt him moving in her. She had never felt anything that compared to this. He was huge and filled her completely. She wrapped her arms around him and grasped his backside as he ground his hips into her and threw his head back in rapture.

Erik was oblivious to everything except the woman beneath him and the sensations her body was giving him. He had known it would be wonderful, but nothing had prepared him for the reality of the bliss he was feeling. He was buried deep within her and felt her muscles constricting around him. He had never experienced complete surrender as he did right now; she owned him – body, soul, and mind.

He pumped in and out of her, rubbing his body against hers briefly with each movement. He lowered his head and drew her hardening nipple into his mouth, and heard her moan his name, "Erik…yessss…" She moved her legs and put them over his shoulders, allowing him even deeper access and she grasped his elbows with her hands as she meant each plunge of his hips with a lunge of her own.

Erik felt him body preparing to pour his seed into her, and he wasn't ready for that just yet. He pulled out of her, calming his breathing for a few seconds. He grasped her hips and pulled her into him, holding one leg up with his right hand and pushing the other leg down into the bed. Her hips were turned slightly at a sideways angle, and Erik knew it would create a whole knew sensation.

He eased himself into her; slowly burying his length deep within her as she moaned his name again. The sensation was wonderful and Erik bent over her, her leg thrown over his shoulder and her other leg lying on the bed between his legs. His lunges became long and deep, his eyes closed, and his breathing deepened. A deep rumble sounded in his chest as all the nerve endings in his body centered around his cock.

He could feel Karlie's muscles constricting around him again; she was ready. Her breathing deepened and tiny whimpers of pleasure were escaping her lips. She moaned her words with her eyes closed and her voice choppy from the pumping of his hips, "Yesss…oh Erik…here I go againnnn…" and she tightened around his throbbing cock and that was all it took for Erik.

He roared his head back and growled as he pumped his seed into her; he felt power purge through him like none he had ever known. His body was on fire with prickly beads of pleasure covering every inch of him. He heard his own voice cry out from the force of his orgasm and rammed harder into Karlie's willing body as he milked every last wave of pleasure from his body.


Their bodies spent and lying in each others arms, Erik and Karlie finally surrendered to sleep after making love four times.


Their love for each other and the lives they shared would become legendary in New Orleans. Erik finally finished his most famous opera based on his life in France, "Life in the Shadows" was the most attended and highest grossing opera of its time. Karlie was by his side as his editor and voice of reason. She kept him focused and content through the harrowing schedules and his growing popularity. His family was never away from his side.

Their wedding night had succeeded in the conception of their first child…or rather children. Twin girls were born from that first night of passion, and they went on to have two sons, also. All four children had their father's dark, green eyes and a mix of their mother and father's dark hair.

The girls, Kara and Lara, were petite and gorgeous, just as their mother was. They had long, curly black hair and green eyes. Erik insisted they become well educated and not be married off at an early age. He did not need the money of a wealthy husband and he wanted his daughters to become strong, independent women. Kara and Lara both studied abroad, at Oxford University in Great Britain. Kara obtained a degree in English Literature and became a professor at Oxford. Lara achieved a degree in criminal justice and was one of the first female solicitors in the United States. They both married and had families of their own, but they married for love and not status or wealth.

Marquel, the oldest son, was the very image of his father; tall, powerfully built, genius, and extremely handsome. He proved to Erik and Karlie what Erik would have looked like if his father had not mutilated his face. Marquel focused his life on the new movement happening in California with moving pictures. He had a great deal of faith that this industry would become one of the most successful in the world. He had droves of women after him, but Fancy Currin won his heart, and they married when he was 28 and she was 22.

Nathan, the youngest son, was an even mixture of Karlie and Erik; he was equally as handsome, not above average height, and not as powerfully built. He possessed the same genius that Marquel had, but preferred a more quiet setting. He concentrated his skills on the written word. He eventually became a renowned playwright and published author. He married a Japanese heiress whose family had sent her to the states to get an education. She did get the education, but she got a husband too, and never returned to Japan.


Thus was the life of Erik Xavier Clairvaux.

The End