The Girlz Turn

I don't own anyone but Sashemie, Ninjara, Tamarei, Hikiri, Hotoki, Allure and Tempest!

Chapter 1- The Boys Captured and meeting the Ninja Turtles Girls

One day Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei and Kurama were finding presents for their dates.

"What am I going to get for Keiko?" Yusuke asks panicked.

"I already got something for my Yukina." Kuwabara brags.

"Hiei, What did you get for Botan?" Kurama asks.

"None of your business, Fox!" Hiei replies.

"Well, I have Shizuru's" Kurama states calmly.

"Too bad the Turtles couldn't come." Yusuke states sadly.

"Yeah it could have been fun!" Kuwabara replies.

"I would have someone to talk to instead of idiot" Hiei states gruffly.

"Shrimp boy, I'm tired of you calling me names!" Kuwabara screams.

Meanwhile The Turtles were training as usual

"Man, I wish we were going on dates with the guys." Raph states calmly.

"We don't have girlfriends." Mikey replies.

"We can try to get some." Don suggests.

"As long Mr. Grumpy's around not a chance." Raph answers

"Come on we have to train." Leo orders.

"Yes sir, fearless leader!"

"We need to find Leo a girlfriend" Mikey suggests

"Not likely Leo's too serious his girlfriend wouldn't last long" Don states flatly.

"Ok, guys, stop talking and train!" Leo yells.

Meanwhile four more turtles were training with their female master

"Girls, come train now!" their master commands.

"We're coming!" One the girls states calmly.

"Girls, stop putting on makeup and come down to train!"

"Yes, Tkai Hotoki" Another one replies.

"What did I say call me?" Hotoki asks annoyed.

"Master Hotoki" A third one replies.

Three of the girls but one was still up stairs cleaning her weapon. The three ninja turtle girls that came down stairs were named Ninjara, Hikiri, and Tamarei.

Ninjara was the turtle that looked like Raph only with a Rose bandana, Hikiri looked like Mikey except for the Mango bandana, and Tamarei looked like Don except with the Lavender bandana.

"Ok who down here: Ninjara, Hikiri, and Tamarei. Sashemie, come down here."

"Ok, Master" Sashemie replies.

She came down. She was the turtle that looked like Leonardo with the Pink bandana on.

"Now, we learn this technique." Hotoki states calmly

"When do we learn what you know master? Ninjara asks.

"When you have more practice" Hotoki answers

Meanwhile two villainesses were brewing a plan

One villainess laughs

"What are you laughing for?" The other asks

"Well, Allure, I was thinking about capturing the spirit detectives and the mutant turtles for a little experiment."

"Oh, you mean them, Tempest?"

"Yes, Allure, them."

"What is the plan, Tempest?"

"Well, I looked in our crystal ball and saw the spirit detectives going on a date and the mutant ninja turtles training wishing they went with them."

"So, what does it have to do with the plan?"

"My first part of my plan is to capture them, once we do that I'll tell you the second part of my plan."

"That sounds good but how do we capture 8 boys with one plan?"

"Simple, Allure, I get the Spirit detectives and you get the ninja turtles."

"Well-planned let's get them."


They both laughed

Meanwhile the guys get to the girls

"Yusuke, where have you been?" Keiko asks.

"I've been around doing things." Yusuke replies.

"Kazuma, what's that behind your back?" Yukina asks

"A present for my Yukina." Kuwabara answers.

He gives her the present; she opens it and sees a pretty necklace.

"Oh, Kazuma, that's beautiful." Yukina replies

"You're welcome, Yukina." Kuwabara replies back

"Hiei, did you get me something?" Botan asks excitedly.

"Hn, here." Hiei replies.

He gives her the present it was also, a necklace.

"Thank you, Hiei, this is beautiful." Botan states excitedly.

"Hn," Hiei replies.

"Here is yours, Shizuru" Kurama states calmly

"Thanks, Kurama" Shizuru replies.

Of course Tempest was near by

"Now when the last fool gives his girlfriend that present, I'll cast my disappearing spell" She replies.

She sees Yusuke give Keiko her present

"Now the disappearing spell:" She chants the spell. "Hkee Mei dispearo"

The guys all disappear in front of the girls' eyes

"Oh-no what happened?" Botan asks.

"I don't know!" Keiko answers.

"Oh Kazuma, Hiei, Yusuke, and Kurama vanished" Yukina gasps.

"How did they?" Shizuru asks confused

"I better tell Koenma." Botan states

She gets on her broom and flies to Koenma's

Meanwhile the turtles meditate

"Now, my sons, to clear your mind you must focus." Master Splinter states.

"Yes, Master Splinter" They all state.

Allure appeared

"There are those mutant ninja turtles" She states "Now to make them disappear" She chants the same spell that Tempest used "Hkee Mei dispearo."

The turtles disappear right in front of Master Splinter's eyes

"My Sons! I have to contact Koenma" Splinter thought. "Koenma, can you here me"

"Yes, I hear you, Master Splinter" Koenma answers.

"My sons have disappeared!"

"I know Botan said that the guys disappeared too!"

"This is quite strange that my sons and your detectives disappear."

"I have an idea who could have done it, but I have to make sure it is them. In the meantime I need a group to save the guys and turtles"

"Maybe, the girls can help" Botan suggests.

"What choice do we have but we need more than 4 girls to fight the person/persons responsible for this!"

"I know of someone who has turtles of her own, I didn't want to tell my sons this so they wouldn't get discouraged."

"Who is she?" Koenma asks "Wait, you don't mean: Tkai Hotoki"

"Who is that?" Botan asks.

"She is another animal to have misfortune with some Utron mutagen" Splinter answers.

"Is she a rat like you?" Botan asks

"No, she's a cat. She's a master who knows the Ninjitsu ways as well."

"Well, that answers your question, Botan." Koenma replies.

"You said that she had "daughters" like your sons." Botan asks.

"Unfortunately, they are less advanced then my sons, but they are the only hope beside the detectives' girlfriends." Splinter replies.

"Ok, I'll get the girls and bring them to Genkai's."

"Tkai Hotoki lives near Genkai she lives deeper in the forest."


She gathered up the guys' girls meanwhile Master Splinter contacts Tkai Hotoki in his mind

"Tkai, Tkai!" Splinter calls.

"Yes, Splinter sensei!" Hotoki answers.

"We need your girls!"

"My girls for mission, ok, sensei, I'll get my girls."

"Thank you; get them to meet at Genkai's."

"They're already there."

At Genkai's

"You girls are slackers!" Genkai screams.

"We're not, Master Genkai." Hikiri states sweetly.

"Oh-you aren't then: WORK HARDER!"

Hikiri went back where she was

"Botan, come in with the girls."

"Master Genkai…"

"I already know: The dimwit, his friends, and the turtles have been captured."

"More turtles?" Hikiri asks. "I thought we were the only ones?"

"Apparently not!" Ninjara replies flatly

"She had a reason not to tell us." Tamarei states calmly.

"What was that?" Ninjara asks.

"She didn't want us to be discouraged." Sashemie replies.

"Girls," Genkai states calmly. "You will be going on a mission for the first time."

"Alright." They all reply.

"With these girls."

She pointed to Keiko and the other girls

"Cool, humans!" Hikiri states excitedly.

"This is Keiko, Yukina, Botan and Shizuru." Genkai introduces.

"Hi!" All the girls state calmly.

"Well, I'm Hikiri" Hikiri introduces. "Call me Kiri for short."

"I'm Tamarei, Tami for short." Tamerai introduces.

"I'm Ninjara, Ninji for short." Ninjara introduces.

"I'm Sashemie, Sashe for short." Sashemie introduces.

"Now, we have to train you girls." Genkai replies.

"Ok, I'm ready!" Keiko proclaims.

"Me too!" Yukina replies.

"We're all ready!" The Hotoki girls state.

"I'm ready to save my boyfriend and my baby bro." Shizuru proclaims

"I'm all set!" Botan states readily.

"Good, this'll be one training session to pay attention to." Genkai replies.

To be continued…