The New Kid: The First Meeting

Kagome was sitting in class daydreaming when the loudspeaker came on calling her to come to the principal's office. "Kagome please come to the principal's office immediately." Kagome groaned at the thought of what she might have done. She stood up then slowly made her way towards the principal's office. Kagome knocked on the door to let Principal Kaede know that she was here. "Come in child" Kaede said. Kagome came in and said, "What would you li…" Kagome was cut off by the sight in front of her. There in front of her was the new kid that Kaede wanted her to show around. "Kagome would you please show Inuyasha around?" Kagome was snapped out of her daze and brought back to reality and said "Su…sure Mrs. Kaede." Kagome stood up as well as Inuyasha and walked out of the room. Kaede knew this was a good match to put together. She had a feeling that Kagome and Inuyasha would get along just fine, maybe become more than friends.

Kagome was nervous about showing Inuyasha around the school. He was cute, but she was with Kouga she wouldn't cheat on him she loved him too much. "What's your first class Inuyasha?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha just stood there not saying a word. "Okay…. Umm… alright let me take a look at your schedule then." Kagome said. He handed her his schedule in silence. He waited silently for the insults to come along, but they never came. He was expecting her to turn her back on him and make fun of him and push him on the ground and laugh, but it never came. Although they didn't come right away he was still hesitant about whether to trust this girl or not.

"Well it seems like you have math right now" Kagome said. "Same as me, so I'll show you where the classroom is." Inuyasha just nodded and didn't say anything. Kagome and Inuyasha came in the room and sat down with Miroku and Sango. Kagome had been friends with Sango for about 10 years now and she had known Miroku for just as long. Inuyasha could see the closeness and decided not to get too close to them because he figured someday they would turn on him and call him a nasty half-breed. He wore a baseball cap to school because he didn't want people seeing his ears or else they would make fun of him and that would just start the cycle all over again.

Math class was slow and painful. Kagome thought the bell would never ring. She hated calculus. Kagome and Inuyasha left the room and she said when she stepped out, "Thank god that's over, I never thought it would end." "Now it's time for lunch, I'm starving how about you guys?" She received a nod from everyone but Inuyasha. "You two go on ahead, I'll be there in a second." Kagome said. Miroku and Sango both walked towards the lunchroom and picked out a table.

Kagome walked towards Inuyasha and asked him what was wrong. He just shook his head and didn't say a word. "Umm… okay, you want to go to lunch?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha nodded and followed her silently to the lunchroom.

Miroku and Sango waved to Kagome and signaled her to come over. Lunch went over pretty quickly and Inuyasha stayed quiet the whole time. Kagome, Miroku and Sango chatted away and that kind of hurt Inuyasha's ears. Kouga walked into the lunchroom and put his arm around Kagome and they left for class. "Miroku, Sango, could you show Inuyasha around, please?" Kagome asked. "Umm… sure… where are you goi… never mind… come on Miroku let's go, come on Inuyasha." Sango said. Inuyasha hesitated at first but reluctantly followed.

Kouga took Kagome to an abandoned room and they started kissing and he started feeling up her thigh. Kagome broke the kiss and asked, "What are you doing?" "I'm enjoying what I have." Kouga said with an evil grin on his face. Kagome didn't like this look on his face it kind of scared her. Before she could go anywhere, Kouga slapped Kagome across the face. She held her cheek with a shocked look on her face. "What are you doing!" Kagome yelled. "I'm keeping you in line missy." Kouga snapped back. "But what did I do?" Kagome asked scared to know the answer. "Shut up bitch, you will obey me." Kouga yelled. Kagome was now extremely frightened she needed to get out of this room, but would she be able to? She started to scramble towards the door but Kouga caught her and started kicking and punching her. After 10 minutes of brutal torture, he finally stopped. Inuyasha's head perked up because he smelled something familiar. 'No, it can't be blood, why would someone want to shed blood?' he thought. He tried rushing to the site where he smelled the blood but he couldn't find it. 'Where is it?' he thought.

Kagome lay there in the room with blood on her face, bruises all over her body and on her face. She tried to stand up but she couldn't. 'Why did he do that? What did I do wrong? Kouga has changed and I want to know what happened and who changed him,' Kagome thought to herself. She stood up and opened the door and there was Inuyasha standing right there. "Uh… hi… what are you doing here?" Kagome asked him. He stood there silently. She was utterly confused at this point. Kouga changed and started hitting and screaming at her and now this Inuyasha guy won't even talk to her. 'Guess it's time to start making friends with him. It's either now or never I guess.' "Alright Inuyasha let's go…. What's your next class?" Kagome asked. 'How can she pass this off as nothing? The guy hits her and she just keeps smiling. Who is this girl?' Inuyasha's heart started to beat faster and he felt a blush come to his cheeks. 'Wait! What am I thinking? She is going out with that jerk Kouga or whatever the hell his name is, I can't like her… or can I?' While Inuyasha was having a battle inside of his head about his feelings for Kagome, Kagome was having her own troubles. She was trying to think of a way to figure out this thing with Kouga. 'What should I do about Kouga? I mean I still love him but I kind of get the feeling that something bad is happening. I can't believe Inuyasha was standing right there. Why was he standing there? And he didn't even say anything to me. Honestly, men are insufferable; although he is kind of cute.' Kagome felt a blush come to her cheeks, she tried to hide it of course but it didn't work, Inuyasha caught a quick glimpse of it but immediately looked away. He smiled because he put that blush on Kagome's face.

"Study Hall." Inuyasha said. "Huh?" Kagome responded confused. "That's what class I have next, a study hall." He responded. 'Wow! This is the most he has ever said to me.' Kagome thought. "O…okay... Me too.. I have a study hall too." She smiled back when she said it. They walked down the hall to the library where they would become even closer and Inuyasha would finally open up.