The Prince of Elves

By: princessoferynlasgalen91

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. The only thing I own is this plot and of course, Draco's seemingly handsome brothers- Asalen and Anael.

Ever since I was a little kid I knew I was a little different from everyone else. I was always quicker, smaller, and slightly smarter. My father just passed it off as me being a Malfoy and all Malfoys being naturally great. But I knew there was something different. Well, that's when everything changed. Somewhere along the way in my sixth year at Hogwarts, I was called 'home'. And guess where home is...Eryn Lasgalen- home of the woodelves.

I never actually thought Middle Earth existed. Countless teachers and tutors have told me it was all just a legend, but I believed it regardless. And it proves me right when my real family comes to get me during winter break.

And who is my real family? King Legolas and King Elessar, the rulers of Eryn Lasgalen and Gondor. And I had two older brothers too! Prince Asalen and Prince Anael...whoa. I had a family that loved me! I was a prince!

Prince Lucien, the youngest son of the royal couple- that was who I was.

So this leads me to my current problem...Harry Potter. My ada just kindly told me that he would be spending the summer break here for protection from Voldemort. So what do I do and what shall I say when he gets here? He wouldn't even know it's me. I look so much like my ada now, the blonde hair and the beauty. But I've got my father's eyes- the sharp silver. Asalen and Anael both have ada's sky blues. Funny how everything works out so perfectly, isn't it?

Well anyway, Harry's due here anytime soon and I guess...this is our story.