Chapter 2: The Halloween Party

In the spirit of Halloween I made a Halloween addition out of boredom. o


It was a quiet morning as Mimori was sipping her coffee slowly as she started to fall asleep on and off.

Last night she stayed up late researching stuff and data collecting which gave her little sleep.

Ryuho was walking over and sat across from her. He looked at her for a minute and then he flicked a little strip of wadded paper. She did nothing. So then he took a huge wad and threw it at her.

"I'm sorry!" she yelled. Ryuho was quite shocked but she continued.," I didn't know that was the last piece of chicken. sniffle I would have saved some! But I was SO hungry." She said crying as she folded her face into her arms.

Ryuho looked at her for awhile as she quit moving an began to snore.

"Don't think she's going to go to the Halloween party tonight…" a voice came from another end of the room.

Mimori's head shot up.

"Party? Candy? Food? Alcohol?!" her face lit up with excitement as she stood straight up.

"But then again,I don't have a costume of the moment," she said looking down trying to think

"You could always go as yourself. I mean you scare the shit out of me most of the time. Hell Halloween is the only time you blend it. Who knows, you might even win the costume contest," Scheris said laughing slightly afterward

"Sorry. I don't think I'd win. When you are a whore with huge milk bubbles 365 24/7 it's kind of hard to win." Mimori shot back smiling.

Scheris: Bitch

Mimori: Whore

Scheris: Fat ass

Mimori: Slut

Ryuho: ENOUGH! Damn you guys! Give it a rest! storms off



Later that night…….

Scheris: I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it! You like to?

Mimori: Move it!

scheris and mimori dancing and drinking

Ryuho: Why do they always get drunk together,sighs

Cougar: Relax man. Say no to the dudes. Weed is your bitch. Smoke it like you'd suck on hot chicks.

Ryuho: What?!

Asuka: Can't tell dumbass, he be a fucking hippie. Cuz hippie's be bitchin yo. And az yous canz tell I is gangsta biotch

Ryuho:……….I hate the parties……

Asuka:to Urizane What you be home dawg?

Urizane: I am santa! Ho Ho Ho!

Asuka:busts out laughing

Urizane: Ho?

Asuka: Yous said ho. That be funny as hell


Asuka: Shut up hippie


Asuka: hut the fuck up muther fucker!

Cougar:looks ashamed and then whispers to himself while stroking his weed it's ok weed. He didn't mean it.I still love you.


Mimori: JOIN THE PARTY RYUHO!!!! I'm a maid and you can be my master. has a dirty look on her face


Mimori:Oh you know what? Forget you alright! Screw you!

Scheris: already passed out on the floor

That next Morning…….

everyone's on the ground with the place smelling like alcohol and other nasty things while people mumbled in their sleep

Mimori: I want the last chicken!

Scheris:….uhhh…..move your hand…..i can't see your answers……

Cougar: ………weed…….friend…….ahhhhh…….


Asuka: that's right bitches…….don't make me use the hand……give me yo money muther fuckers……

Ryuho:shaking his head If we ever have another party I'll file for retirement