Blood painted the earthy-toned walls of the house a dark red. A single body lay secluded in a single area of the house, brutally murdered. A little girl's screams were heard, echoing throughout the house. The man on the floor, appeared awake- his eyes were still open. Staring into the eyes of a dead man…now that's something.

The people living next door awoke in terror at the little girl's screams. They quickly picked up their phones and dialed 9-1-1. They turned on their lights and in seconds saw through the open windows of the house the red walls. Copper was fuming through the windows into the fresh night air. They quickly closed their windows, feeling sick.

"Okay, what'd we got this time?" Grissom asked Captain Jim Brass as he ducked under some yellow crime-scene tape. "Well, a little girl and her father lived here; girl's eight-years-old. "She says she woke up in the middle of the night- heard footsteps. She says she opened her door and saw someone inside the house, going into her father's bedroom. She heard her father yell, and then she didn't hear anything. When she ran out of her room to see what had happened, the killer had already left, and her father was on the floor surrounded by a pool of blood," Brass said, fixing his shirt cuffs.

"Bad night for that poor little girl," Grissom said stepping inside the house. "Yeah, tell me about it," came a voice from inside. Grissom looked ahead of him to see…whom other than his brown-haired coworker, already at the scene, doing a walk-through. "Sara, what are you doing here?" he asked giving her a look. "Police scanner," was all she said, not even looking up. "…Right," he said walking over to the pool of blood. "Well…it looks as though this is the point of origin for the whole attack," he said shining his flashlight in front of him. He saw a hair in the pool of blood and took his tweezers, carefully taking the hair from the pool.

"I've got a hair in the blood…" he said putting it in a plastic baggie. "Huh…could be from the killer," Sara said, looking up. She walked over to him. "…Footprint," she said kneeling down to examine a tiny footprint in the blood. "Ah, good eyes," Grissom said, just now noticing it. "I'm getting old," he joked as she smiled and lifted the print. "Looks to be about a size…four?" she said looking at it in the light. "Not many people I know where a size four," Grissom said looking at Sara. "But that's just me," he added. "Could be from the little girl, when she checked on her father," she said standing up.

It was morning. Catherine and Warrick headed towards the scene. "Hey, Cath," Warrick said stepping out of his Tahoe. "Hey," Catherine said tiredly. "Rough night?" he asked walking over to her. "Ugh…don't get me started…my mother called, and Lindsey couldn't sleep…it was just…agh…" she didn't finish. "Sorry," Warrick said looking at her. "I've had a few tough nights myself," he said walking into the house. "Hey," both Catherine and Warrick said, one looking at Sara and the other looking at Grissom. "Where've you guys been? I called you an hour ago," he said standing up.

"Well, for one I had to take Lindsey to school this morning…she was late," Catherine said sighing and looking at the pool of blood. "Yikes," she said shaking her head as she stared at it. "And…?" Grissom said looking at Warrick. "…Stopped for coffee," he said holding up a large, now empty cup of coffee. "Okay, whatever, let's finish processing the scene," Grissom said. "Catherine, I need you in the little girl's room. "Warrick, check the perimeter. Sara, come with me," he said looking at Sara. They all separated. Sara looked at Grissom, hopeful.

"I need you to take the little girl with you to-" he couldn't finish. "What?" Sara said, her jaw dropping slightly. "I-I don't believe this, Grissom!" she said sighing, not believing what was happening. "I've already done this on a case!" she exclaimed. "Have Catherine do it," she said. "Look, I need you to do this," he said looking at her. "Please?" he asked smiling a little. Sara gave him a look before walking off unhappily. He smiled as he watched her go.

"Hey, where's Sara?" Warrick said looking at Grissom as he walked outside. "She's taking the kid to the hospital to check her up," Grissom said walking over to him. "Heh…Sara with kids?" Warrick chuckled a little. "I think it'd be a good experience for her," Grissom said, keeping a straight face. Warrick's smile disappeared, as he noticed Grissom wasn't joking. "Well, I found no shoeprints outside the house," Warrick said showing him. "No tire treads, no trash or fibers, nothing." "Hopefully…we'll find something else in the house," Grissom said looking at Warrick.

"Hi," Sara said awkwardly as she looked at the little girl. The girl was tiny. She had a gentle face, small hands and feet. Her big brown eyes stared up at Sara through her short brown hair. "My name's Sara, what's yours?" she asked sitting down in the police car next to her. The little girl was hesitant. "Carrie," she mumbled a little looking at the ground in front of her. "Carrie?" Sara repeated. "That's a nice name," she said, not knowing what else to say. The little girl looked sad…no, worse than sad. Sara had seen this expression before, but not this way before in little kids. "Listen Carrie…I'm going to take you to the hospital. Their just going to check on you, see if you are okay, okay?" Sara said looking at her. She nodded and Sara led her to her car.

"Grissom!" Catherine yelled from upstairs in the house. Grissom ran upstairs. "I think I found the murder weapon," she said, holding a sharp piece of wood by the tip in her gloved hand. "In the little girl's room?" he said raising a brow. "Yeah," she said bagging it. "We'll send it in, get it printed," she said setting it aside. Grissom thought a minute before turning and walking out.

At the hospital, Sara sat outside a room with her head in her hands. When one of the doors opened, she saw Carrie walking out with a doctor following behind her. Carrie walked and stood next to Sara. "She checks out perfectly," the doctor said looking up at Sara. "No scratches, no bruises," he said smiling. "Thank you," Sara said to the doctor and he walked off. Sara headed out of the hospital. Her phone rang. "Sidle," she automatically said answering the phone.

"Sara, we found the murder weapon- jagged piece of wood found in the little girl's room. We got it printed. Bring the little girl in so we can see if her prints are a match," Grissom told her. "W-Wait a minute…you think she did it?" Sara said over the phone, now in complete shock. "It's a possibility," Grissom said simply. "O-Okay…" Sara said hanging her phone up. She kneeled down beside the little girl. "Now, I'm going to take you to the police station, and we're going to take a sample of your fingerprints," Sara told the little girl. "Do you know how we do that?" she asked her. Carrie shook her head. "Okay, it doesn't hurt. All we do…" she said holding the little girl's hand up. "Is dip your fingers in some ink," she said pretending to be actually doing it in thin-air. "And then we press them against some paper. Okay?" she said looking at Carrie. She shook her head.

Sara smiled at her. The girl still looked incredibly depressed. Sara sighed before looking into her eyes. "I'm really sorry about what happened to your dad," Sara told her. Carrie was now on the verge of tears. She looked up at Sara, as if to ask, "Is it okay if I cry?" Sara nodded. The little girl buried herself in a hug. Sara was a bit surprised at the motion. The little girl was crying her eyes out on Sara's shoulder. "It's okay," Sara said rubbing her back, trying to comfort her. "It's okay…" she said again, tears now forming in her own eyes.