"Grissom, is she…is the little girl going to be charged with anything?" Sara asked her boss who was sitting across from her in his office. He sighed taking off his glasses. "No," he said looking at her. Sara sighed with relief. "But…it's going to be an uphill struggle for that little girl," he said. Sara just nodded and sighed again. "She's being taken into family services later today," Grissom said looking at her. "…Thanks," Sara said getting up. She walked further through the lab. "Wait, where're you going?" Grissom asked her getting up. "I-I was going to start my shift," she said blinking. "You have the day off," Grissom told her. "Go do something not work-related," he told her smiling a little. She smiled as she nodded. "Alright," she said walking out of the lab.

Sara walked into the police department. The first thing she saw was the little girl sitting on a bench near a door. The girl suddenly perked up when she saw Sara walk through the door. "Sara!" she said smiling and running over to her. "Hey Carrie," Sara said smiling as the little girl ran over to her. "Uh, how about we go do something?" she told the little girl. "Okay!" the girl said with the biggest smile she could muster. They walked out of the station. Brass saw what she was doing and was confused, but he quickly remembered Grissom telling him about this.

Carrie was having a great time with Sara. She told her about everything- about her pet cat, her school, everything. Sara was happy that the girl was in such a great mood, but she knew she'd have to break it to the little girl that she'd be taken into family services. "Listen, Carrie," Sara said in a serious tone. "Later today…you're going to be taken into Family Services," she told the little girl. "Family…Services?" Carrie repeated. "Yes," she said looking at her. "And…you're going to be living with another family for a while," she told her.

"Strangers?" the little girl asked. "…Why?" she said looking at Sara. "Well…we can't just leave you at the station," Sara said. "And…it's going to be hard," she said. "But…I just want you to remember, that…things will get better," she told the girl, putting a hand on the girl's shoulder. Carrie didn't say a word; she was more than a little shocked at the news. She walked out of the building and into Sara's car, just sitting. Sara sighed as she walked out and got into the car.

As the evening neared, the little girl went to family services. Sara wasn't feeling satisfied with herself. Carrie looked…shocked, but she thought the encouragement she gave the girl would've helped. She drove over to her apartment and got out of her car. She walked into her apartment, closing the door. She set her keys on the counter in front of her before putting her bag down and leaning on the counter. She held her head in her hands. She just wanted to make the transaction for the little girl less painful for her than it was for herself.

She collapsed on the sofa in her house. She hadn't slept for days. She fell asleep quickly, but her cell phone soon interrupted her. She picked it up, rubbing her head. "Sidle," she said sleepily. "W-What? A-…A-Are you sure?" she said a bit shocked to the person on the other line. "Yeah, I-I'll be there in a minute," she said grabbing her keys and hanging up the phone. She ran into her car and drove off.
When she approached her destination, she ran out of her car. "This was the last place they saw Carrie," she said looking around. Carrie had run away from her foster parent's home. "Carrie?" she said looking around. "Carrie?" she said again. She saw a figure in the distance. "Carrie?" she said running over to the figure. The person fell onto Sara. They were covered in blood. "Carrie!" she said now noticing that the figure was in fact the little girl. She had a knife stuck in her stomach. "Oh my god…" she said looking at the little girl's eyes. She was dead.

Grissom had arrived soon after. Sara was silent, but had tears running down her face. Grissom walked over to her. "Sara…" "I…promised her no one would hurt her," she said, her voice breaking. "I promised her!" she said breaking down into more tears. Grissom put a hand on her shoulder. She buried herself in his arms. "I'm sorry, Sara," he told her, trying to comfort her.

The autopsy and further investigation later revealed that the little girl had committed suicide. Sara was having trouble getting over it. "I…It was hard for me too," she said at this time to the grave in front of her. "But…I didn't want you to give up," she said with a tear in her eye. "…I thought my words would help," she said, the tears running down her face. "But…I never thought they would make you do something like this," she said. A tear ran down her face hitting the grave. Sara noticed something on the grave. It was a teddy bear. On it, there was a teardrop, made by a blue marker. "Teddy Bear Tears," Sara said looking at the bear. 'Teddy Bear Tears' was what Carrie had used to describe her life.