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Chapter 5 Time Sure Fly's...

Ranma poured the bucket over his head to rinse off the soap. The past couple months had seemed more like a decade with everything that had happened. Not the least of which was the person now taking a turn to rinse themselves off before joining Ranma in the hot water of the tub.

"So Ryouga, how ya holding on?"

Ryouga just looked at Ranma, a part of him wanted to attack him where they were, but after being yelled at by Mr Tendo (which didn't really work), having Mrs Tendo and Mrs Saotome be disappointed in him (which made him feel really bad), and finally his Girlfriend and Fiancee both just give him 'That Look' (we have a winner), Ryouga had learned all fighting was to be done in the Dojo and the proper times.

Besides, you were suppose to like your brother ( or future Brother In Law ), right?

" (sigh) Ranma, how the hell did this happen?"

"Jusenkyo? The Tendo's? Or us?"

"All of it... Three months ago I was trying to kill you."

"Yeah, it's nice that you getting laid mellowed you out."

Ryouga suddenly stood up and took a fighting stance.

"Are you calling Nabiki a slut?"

Ranma rolled his eyes as he just continued to soak.

"No Bacon Breathe. I'm not as stupid as Kuno. I hear he might be out of the hospital in a couple more months."

Ryouga sat back down and lowered himself under the water before sitting up again to speak.

"I get that Nabiki's got a past and a wild side, her having me 'Date' Yumi while we're engaged is proof of that, but Nabiki just wants a 'Knight in Shining Armor.' Kuno shouldn't talk like that."

"And him flashing those pictures of her and the Kendo-"

"Those pictures don't exist. Got it?"

Ranma smiled. If he had gone thru what Ryouga had and suddenly Akane was being insulted and having porn pics passed out all over school... Yeah, Ryouga was completely justified.

"Anyway Ranma, I guess I meant how did I get to here? I was just trying to fight you and blame you for everything."

"... Horny Tendo sisters that REALLY like Martial Artists and Nabiki found out about your curse first. You had that glazed look in your eye for three days."

"(hehe) And then she took me over to Yumi's when her parents left for the weekend. I still can't believe she set up that fight between us afterward just so her father could see me fight. You calling me a friend just seemed to convince him."

"Yeah, especially when Nabiki gave you that kiss afterward and acted like you'd been her secret boyfriend for a while. Man, that was hilarious how Mrs Tendo just looked at her and made her come clean."

"But still, why did she ask her father to let her marry me? I mean, I'm still practically a stranger and she's still sleeping with Yumi..."

Ranma raised an eyebrow and held it as Ryouga started to blush.

"Ok, so we're both still sleeping with Yumi..."


Nabiki sat up in bed and stretched. She stopped when the soreness hit her... again. An Eleven, sweet Kami in Heaven, Ryouga was and ELEVEN!

While Nabiki wouldn't have really hesitated or minded sharing a Ten with Yumi, she had never considered ever finding an Eleven, especially since Ranma was also obviously an Eleven as well but was taken. Nabiki not only didn't mind sharing Ryouga with Yumi, she knew she HAD to share Ryouga. He was actually too much for Nabiki alone.

Not that she didn't keep trying like she had last night. Propose out of the blue after seeing him fight and sleeping with him, twice? Oh Hell Yeah. Nabiki knew the odds of ever finding another man so close to her perfect Dream Man and wasn't about to let this one go.

Nabiki had been a little disappointed in how innocent and childish Ryouga acted at first, but that soon became his greatest feature. Nabiki knew, understood, and accepted sexual attraction and lust, but Ryouga's nature allowed Nabiki to see his heart.

She saw the loneliness he lived with and what effect her actions had in easing his heart. He had a crush and was highly over protective of Nabiki and Yumi, as Kuno's current hospital stay could attest. Yes Ryouga had a crush, but Nabiki had fallen in love. The fact he accepted Yumi as well was a bonus.

Nabiki got up and started getting dressed and then started picking up the clothes from the night before scattered all over her room. She held up the torn silk underwear and blushed...

She would have to buy Ryouga another pair, again.

Nabiki licked her lips in memory of the night before and finished getting dressed for school. Ryouga was still studying for the entrance exam into school after a month. Maybe she should stop interrupting his studying at night?


Ranma and Ryouga started getting out so they could get to breakfast and face the day. They didn't know what they had done to Karma to win their respective Tendo's, but both knew nothing would ever be wrong in their lives again.


Ukyo looked at the address she had finally found. Soon they would pay.


Shampoo dropped the captain whose ship had carried a certain Red Head and Panda to Japan. She was getting closer. Revenge would soon be hers...


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