Writer: Atalante

Rating: K

Disclaimers: Not mine, of course. I just play with the character a little.

Author's notes: I've writen it for Tim's ,aka Jeconnais, birthday. And here it is.

Please be kind it's my first drabble. And my first fic in English.


" Stop it right now.

- But mom…

- I said stop it. What did I tell you about it?

- …

- I'm waiting.

- I mustn't use this charm anymore.

- Why not?

- Cause I'm not allowed

- Why?

- Because it's not nice. It makes adults think I know more than them. It is rude.

- So. What will you do?

- I promise mom. I'll be good. I won't do it anymore.

- You are a good boy. Now, go find your brother. We are late and we have some shopping to do.

And remember Albus : Do not make your eyes twinkle anymore!


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