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Author's Note: Here's the third and final story in this series. Yes, there will be children, and yes, there will be fluff. Unfortunately, there's going to be plenty of angst too, particularly for our main pairing. My apologies. Anyhow, now for Chapter One. Enjoy!

Chapter One: Morning Sickness

Harry yawned and stretched, arching his lithe body in a manner reminiscent to a cat that's finally deigned to move from the spot where it had been basking in a patch of sunlight. He grinned sleepily, turning to nuzzle against the dark-haired man next to him. Unfortunately, his stomach decided to protest even this slight movement and lurched violently. Harry Potter's eyes widened in panic as he flew from the bed and into the bathroom, where he proceeded to retch into the porcelain toilet.

Harry was three months into his pregnancy, and the morning sickness was almost enough to make him regret ever creating the child that now resided in him. He had always wanted a family of his own, however, and this child would complete them, he just knew it, so he ignored the violent heaving as much as was possible when his stomach protested at every movement.

When he was finally finished and was leaning limply against the cool tiled wall of the bathroom, he became aware of the hand rubbing soothing circles on his back and he smiled, leaning into his husband. He and Severus had been married the past May, and Harry was already pregnant. He had been so since before he was kidnapped by Bellatrix Lestrange, but had decided to keep it a secret until their wedding night.

He had apparently done an excellent job, as was obvious from Severus' nearly violent reaction. They weren't ready to take care of a baby. They had just gotten married, why was a third person joining their little family so soon? What would have happened if he and Sirius hadn't defeated Bellatrix? And so on and so forth. Harry had already thought of all his arguments, and counteracted them all easily and readily, until Severus had nearly destroyed him with his next words, spoken rashly through frustration and surprise. The Potions Master had snarled that he didn't want a child, any child, and certainly not one of his and Harry's.

Harry remembered that moment all too clearly. The shock and hurt that must have shown on his face. Severus' expression as he paled, realizing what he had just said, and knowing that he had just thrown Harry's one dream -- a true family, to love and be loved by -- out the window. As he opened his mouth to apologize, Harry had bolted from the room, not caring where he was going, only that he had to get away.

Making his way to the fireplace in the room, Harry had thrown in some powder and flooed to the first place he could think of -- Grimmauld Place. It was empty, since both Voldemort and the Queen of Nightmares were now spending quality time in Azkaban. Sirius and Remus were no doubt celebrating in the rooms Albus had set aside for them in Hogwarts, as were probably Ron and Hermione, and Draco with the twins. Since Draco hadn't graduated yet, the Weasley brothers had gone to visit him for the wedding. They'd return to Hogsmeade the next day.

Stumbling out of the fireplace, Harry had staggered to Sirius' room and collapsed on the bed, sobbing. Why couldn't Severus understand? This child was a part of them both, and it would give Harry the family he had always wanted. He just knew that Sev would make a great father-figure, stern but loving, guiding his child's life with a firm hand and a gentle word. Besides, Harry had gotten pregnant without the use of any potions, which meant that both he and Severus were very strong wizards and were very much in love. After all, desire was what had created the child, so it had to be worth something to Severus.

Shuddering, Harry burrowed under the covers, breathing in Sirius' and Remus' scents. He fell asleep like that, tear tracks drying on his face. His last thought was that he'd give birth to this child and raise him or her, no matter what Severus had to say about it.

The next morning, Harry woke up to find himself still in Grimmauld Place, sleeping in his godfathers' bed. Sighing, he dragged himself out of bed and got dressed in some spare clothes he kept there before heading down the stairs. He figured he'd just stay there until someone found him and told the others who were probably searching for him. He felt bad about worrying his godfathers and his friends, but he just couldn't bring himself to regret having possibly hurt Severus' feelings.

It took several more hours before anyone found him. Just as he had finished up lunch and dried the last dish, he felt a tingle over his heart and knew that Severus had just flooed in and was likely looking for him. Coldly, he asked, "Are you looking for me, Professor Snape? I'm right here. I suppose you want me back at Hogwarts, right after you lecture me on how much of a foolish little boy I am, running away and making people frantic with worry over my disappearance like the arrogant, irresponsible child I am." He tried to keep his tone positively frigid, but he knew that the hurt and bitterness had come out in his tone regardless.

He felt Severus' hand drop away from where it was about to touch his shoulder and wished fleetingly that he had just held his tongue and taken the verbal lashing he was going to get, courtesy of the potions professor. "Harry, I am truly sorry about last night. I did not mean that I never want to have any children of my own, but neither of us are ready for an addition to the household. We just got married and we're still working out some kinks in our own relationship. How much worse would it be with an infant running around?"

Harry turned to face him, his eyes narrowed. "It doesn't matter, Severus," he spat. "I am keeping this child, no matter what. If he was begotten through rape, I would still keep him. I don't care what you want this time, Severus. I want this baby, and you're just going to have to deal with it. You helped create it, after all."

At this Severus' eyes widened, as if the significance of what had happened was just starting to sink in. Almost reverently, he reached forward and placed slender fingers against Harry's muscle-toned abdomen. "Our child. We created a child, without potions or spells. He's a part of us both." Harry watched him carefully as he nodded, and Severus' hand dropped, as did his head, his eyes lowering towards the ground.

After a few moments of silence, Severus looked up again, and Harry could see the emotions lurking behind those glittering onyx eyes. "I'm sorry, Harry. I did not truly mean what I said. It was said in surprise, and was said without thinking, without truly realizing what the news had implied. I will love this child, Harry, just as I love you. He's a part of both of us, and I won't let him grow up without knowing both his parents." Harry graced him with a smile, a brilliant smile that chased the shadows from his eyes, as he launched himself at his husband, clinging to him tightly.

That same day, Severus had taken him to Snape Manor and shown him where they'd be living when school wasn't in session. They had returned to Hogwarts that evening, and after everybody had been reassured that things were fine and there was no need to panic, things had proceeded normally. Well, almost. Severus made sure to talk to their unborn child and was rather overprotective of Harry, not that the younger wizard minded in the least. It was nice knowing that his husband cared enough about him to display such protectiveness.

After school had ended for the year, and Harry had graduated, they had returned to Snape Manor, where Harry would be able to continue his apprenticeship. He was planning on applying for a Mastery in both Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. One was to please Severus and thank him, and the other was for himself, since DADA had always been his best, and favorite, subject, despite the lack of qualified, acceptable teachers.

All that had led to where Harry was now, leaning against the firm chest of his husband after having just lost all the contents of his stomach, and then some. Sighing, he shifted and Severus helped him up so that he could brush his teeth. Assured that he was over the morning sickness for the day, Severus left to go take his shower, leaving Harry to get himself ready for the day.

Harry had been offered the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at the school, and he wanted to talk to Albus and some of the other staff first. He had already been assured that Severus truly had no desire for the position -- he just felt that it would have better if he had gotten the position as opposed to people like Quirrell, Lockhart, and Umbridge. He had to admit, if grudgingly, that Remus had been a competent professor, and that he had been wrong to force him out of his job at Hogwarts. Not that he'd ever actually apologize for his actions.

Harry smiled to himself as he finished dressing for the day before walking down to the kitchen to try and eat something to appease his husband before they went to Hogwarts to meet the Headmaster. When he reached the kitchen, he saw Severus already there, a cup of tea on the table waiting for him. He generally preferred coffee, but as he was unable to keep it down, he had to settle for tea and buttered toast in the mornings.

After he had finished eating, he nodded to Severus and they stepped to the fireplace. Harry threw in some floo powder and called out, "Headmaster Dumbledore's office, Hogwarts!" before stepping in and being swept away in a burst of green flames. As he stumbled out of the fireplace in Albus' office, he continued moving out of the way so that Severus didn't ram into him when he was thrown out of the flames as well.

"Ah, Harry, Severus, welcome. Right on time, I see," Albus greeted them as he walked into the office, Fawkes perched on his shoulder. When the phoenix saw them, he trilled and flew over to Harry, settling on his lap when the young man sat down. Harry smiled gently as he was greeted by the phoenix, stroking a finger down the brilliant ruby and gold plumage and making Fawkes coo in pleasure, closing his eyes and enjoying the gentle caress.

Harry's attention was brought back to the Headmaster when Severus left, heading for his dungeons to make sure his potions stores were updated and catalogued properly. Staring directly into those bright blue orbs, Harry instinctively brought his mental shields up to full power, completely closing the Headmaster off from his mind. The old man just smiled, his eyes twinkling as he spoke. "Ah, Harry, dear child. No one else has applied for the Defense position this year, so you're hired. There's no need for a formal interview, but if you'd like to ask any questions, you may."

Harry nodded and asked, "Why aren't Remus and Sirius taking the position again this year? I mean, it's not like anybody would object, and I know that Remus enjoyed it. Sirius probably did too. I'm sure he passed on some of the Marauder pranks this year," he smiled, fondly remembering when Sirius had trained him in the art of pranking -- although he had been pretty good already, considering how often he was around the Weasley twins, who all but worshipped the two remaining Marauders.

Dumbledore laughed lightly, nodding as he replied, "Yes, they did enjoy it, but they wish to travel for a while. Sirius feels that he has missed much and wishes to take some time off for Remus and himself. They will, of course, keep in touch, but they may not be returning to England for a while. I also suspect," he began in the tone of a conspirator, "that they're looking to increase the size of the family."

Harry took a few minutes to comprehend the implications in that sentence, but then he grinned. If the old man was correct, and Sirius and Remus were looking to have a child, then he'd have a younger brother or sister to watch over, since Harry was adopted, and his child would be an aunt or uncle. It would be absolutely wonderful. Now, how to tell Sev?

Deciding he'd tell Sev only after either of his godfathers was with child, he thanked the Headmaster and left for the dungeons, promising to have a schedule and books for his class within two weeks of the beginning of the school year. As he greeted his husband, he wondered idly when things were going to come crashing down around his ears. After all, he was Harry Potter, and nothing ever went how it was supposed to around him.

Author's Note: Ah, foreshadowing, aren't I good? Poor Harry. I plan on torturing the poor guy just a little more. But he'll get his happy ending, he always does. Everything goes wrong around him, whether good or bad. Heh.