'That's it, Seamus,' Ron thought, 'Laugh it up. What do you have to worry about? Its not like You-Know-Who is still out there. Or the end of year tests aren't coming up!'

Ronald Weasley watched the sandy-haired boy goofing off with Dean across the room. He was stuck at the table with Hermione, whose nose refused to leave Top Ten Defense Spells and Their Uses. Next to him, Harry seemed lost in his own thoughts as his eyes stared blankly at a book on basic potions. Ron switched his gaze back to Seamus. The Irish boy seemed to be carefree even with the N.E.W.T.s around the corner in a month. Just looking at Seamus filled Ron with the light and happiness he had seemed to lose over the course of the years because of You-Know-Who.

Across the room, Seamus was blushing furiously, and just as madly trying to deny what Dean said. Dean Thomas was his long-time, and sometimes only, friend. Seamus pushed the dark-skinned boy off the couch. It took a moment for Dean to blink a few times before pulling Seamus off the couch and onto the floor with him. Seamus growled at Dean and tried to wrestle his words into Dean.

"I wasn't 'watching Ron with longing,' you stupid slag," he grunted out.

"I never said longing, I said desire, bloody git," Dean retorted.

The wrestling went on for a bit longer, but then Dean whispered to Seamus in panting breaths, "Weasley keeps looking at you too. Perhaps you can drag him out behind the broom shed later!"

"Shut up, Thomas. I don't need you interfering in me love life, you know!"

Dean stood up and loomed down at Seamus. He flashed the Irishman a toothy grin and picked him up by the armpits. Dean, who was 8 inches taller but stringier than Seamus, patted his friends head and gave him a gentle push towards the table with Harry, Ron, and Hermione working at it. The dark skinned boy whispered something that sounded like 'go get him' to Seamus. Dean brushed the imaginary dirt off his hands and sat on the couch to watch what would happen.
Ron watched as Seamus stumbled up to the table at which he sat. Words seemed to get caught in his throat at the thought of asking the sandy-haired boy on a date. After catching his balance from the not-so-gentle shove Dean gave him, Seamus sauntered up to Ron and stood beside him. He bent down to whisper in Ron's ear.

"Wanna go play chess," Seamus asked. His lips tickling Ron's blushing ear.

"What kind of chess are you insinuating," Ron asked, refusing to make eye contact.

Seamus saw the blush covering Ron's face and his confidence grew. "Whatever kind of chess you want it to be. I bet I could put your king in check with very low resistance."

With that statement, a sudden coughing fit overcame Ron. Hermione and Harry's concentration was disturbed and they both glared at Ron, then to Seamus. Dean sat on the couch giggling as manly as he could as he watched the whole scene play out.

"Come on, Ron. You know you want to go play chess with me," Seamus whispered in a husky voice. With the word 'play,' he let his tongue over extend and the tip just brushed the lobe of the redhead's ear.

Ron abruptly stood up, causing his chair to topple over behind him. He closed his book on charms and gathered his parchments into a messy stack. With one arm, he carried all his work. The other arm's hand was busy tugging on Seamus' hand. With a mumbled 'see you later guys' Ron dragged Seamus up the stairs into their room. When the door slammed behind the two, Dean -who had taken over Lee Jordan's commentating job- stood up and yelled, "SCORE! Another ten points to Gryffindor!"