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She was a gentle, kind, soft-spoken and shy young woman; the aspects of her character that her demanding father absolutely abhorred. He wanted her to be a ruthless tactician, one who could easily overtake her enemies with the trademark cold stare that most Hyuugas had adopted over the years. Neji and Hanabi lived up to all his expectations, why the hell couldn't Hinata do the same?

The man pushed his seventeen-year old daughter beyond her limits hoping to change something within her, but the young woman wasn't as perfect with the Hyuuga-style jutsus as he would have liked. Damn! She would not be an efficient heiress to their noble Clan if she continued at this pitiful rate. Hinata was 99.9 percent accurate with her technique. Hiashi demanded 100 percent, if not more.

"Why are you so pathetic?" He screamed at Hinata for the umpteenth time that day and smacked the back of her head, effectively knocking her over into a kneeling position. Older cousin Neji frowned agreeably. Younger sister Hanabi crossed her arms and smirked in the distance. 'The title of heiress is MINE,' she thought impertinently. Hinata sat there, feeling defeated, as Hiashi continued to throw smacks and insults the poor girl thought she deserved.

What the trio of asinine haters didn't know was that Fate was about to step in and cause a ruckus within the prim, upper crust, 'we-look-down-on-you-if-you-aren't-us' society of the Hyuuga clan.

Hinata was about to go ballistic. And it was about damn time, too.

Fate, in her personal opinion, thought that if someone as sweet and as cute as Hinata was born into the lives of the haughty Hyuugas, they would come to appreciate the goodness that surrounded her being and let it warm their cold hearts. After all, she was named for her sunny disposition. And for a while, things had been very good. Hinata was adorable. Even little Neji was happy with his new playmate. And issues between the Head and Branch families seemed to be getting resolved slowly but surely. Everyone cooed at how precious Hinata-sama was.

Unfortunately, some asses from Lightning Country had tried to kidnap little Hinata in order to obtain the secrets of the Byakugan and they ended up ruining everything. And since one of their own ninja had been killed, they wanted retribution or else they'd start a war with Konoha. We all knew what happened after that (just watch Episode 61 if you've forgotten, or ask Neji- whichever is easiest). Really, the entire family decided to blame this sort of misfortune on a defenseless 4-year old girl. Since then, Hinata has been mercilessly ostracized and criticized by her snobby family.

Oh yeah. Going back to the ballistic thing.

Hinata was an angel. She never (in all her 17-years of living) dropped the F-bomb, consistently told the truth, treated the elderly with proper reverence and respect, always shared with others, made homemade jams and hand-knit clothes for the needy- you get the point. She was too damn nice. But now that was all about to change.

Maybe you've seen the anime (or read the manga series) "Fruits Basket". Perhaps you've heard of Hatsuharu, the (very) hot and hunky Ox of the Zodiac curse-afflicted Sohma family. You see, our Hinata is also afflicted with two different personalities, White and Black. Fate rubbed her manicured hands together and decided that White Hinata had been in control long enough. Black Hinata wasn't going to let White Hinata take shit from the Hyuugas ever again. It was time to introduce the family to Black Hinata and be taken down a few VERY painful notches.

Black Hinata had only one thing on her mind: