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I was Mrs. Draco Malfoy! I couldn't believe it! My heart raced as we walked back up towards the castle. Its tiny windows twinkled with firelight, and the starry sky looked down on us. Draco pulled me quickly to the side and pushed me against the castle wall.

"I love you Mrs. Malfoy!" he said, kissing my neck and shoulders.

"And I love you Mr. Malfoy," I said in between breaths, "I can't believe I am your wife."

"My wife," he said kissing down lower on my chest, "I like the sound of that."

"Uh, Draco, shouldn't we get up to the great hall? Our guests are waiting."

"Let them wait." he said hungrily, "I need time alone with my wife."

I laughed.

"Mr. Malfoy, you are naughty." I grinned.

"You have no idea." he said as his hands explored under my full skirt.

I laid my head back against the cold stone wall and inhaled the night air. This day had been near perfect, and now it was over and I could enjoy myself for a moment or two. He pulled his face back up to mine and looked at me lovingly, his eyes peeking into my soul.

"We had better go." I whispered in his ear, my breath making his hair stand on end with excitement.

"Ok, you sure know how to kill a moment." he said jokingly.

"Well, you know me." I said, pulling him towards the big doors.

We walked in the doors and my heart stopped. The hall was decorated with white silk, gardenias, and roses. The plates were all silver as were the goblets and flatware. The starry sky twinkled above us. There were about 20 tables set with 10 people to each table. More people showed up for the reception than the wedding.

"How is my mom going to explain some of this to her friends Draco?" I asked with some worry. The sky in the hall was enchanted, and surely someone would notice.

"McGonagall is going to give them memory charms before they leave, that way all they remember is the wedding and a normal reception." he smiled.

"She thinks of everything," I grinned.

Just then Harry came running up to us.

"You have to wait for McGonagall to announce you, just wait for her cue."

Ginny, Lavender, Pavarti, Blaise and Harry waited just ahead of us. Suddenly McGonagall's voice filled the hall.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the bridal party. Lavender Brown, Pavarti Patil and Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley and Blaise Zabini."

Everyone stood and clapped.

"And finally, your newlyweds. Mr. Draco Malfoy and Mrs. Hermione Malfoy!"

A thunderous round of applause filled the great hall. We walked in behind our bridal party, smiling brightly and walked down the middle aisle way towards the head table where the teachers usually sat. I looked out into the crowd. I still couldn't believe that this was all real, and we were really married. Suddenly a chiming of glasses erupted into the hall.

"You know what that means." Draco said with a wink.

"No, why whatever do you mean?" I asked in my best innocent girl voice.

"Let me show you." he said leaning into my head and kissing me hard and long.

Cheers could be heard and applause. I blushed a deep red as we broke our kiss and sat back up to look at our guests again.

Everyone ordered their food and it appeared magically on their plates.

"I hope McGonagall is very good at memory charms." I said as I watched some of my parents friends look very stunned at the food that had suddenly appeared. Glasses chimed again and Draco looked at me and raised one eyebrow.

"Getting tired of kissing me already?" I asked slyly.

"Never." he said leaning in to kiss me again.

"I hope we get to finish our dinner, I am starved." I said looking into his deep silver eyes. "Not that I mind too much." I smiled.

By the time dinner was finished, glasses had chimed so often that a few broke from someone clanging them too hard. Draco and I looked at each other and laughed.

"I love you Hermione." he said, brushing a loose curl from my brow.

"I love you too, and I wanted to tell you how much I loved your vows." my eyes were sparkling with tears again.

"Thank you and I wanted to tell you how much I love this ring. It looks just like the one my dad used to wear when I was little. Did you have it made in the same place you had my cufflinks made?" he asked as my hand ran along his pant leg.

"Uh…no. That is your dad's ring. Take it off and look." I said as I grabbed his left hand and slipped the serpent ring off.

"LDM" he read. "This is my Dad's ring! How did you get it?" he asked astonished.

"Oh, I have my ways." I said looking into his eyes again "and someday I will tell you the whole sorted story."

He laughed and put the ring back on his hand. Just then Blaise stood up and raised his glass.

"Friends, family and respected guests, let me thank you from the entire wedding party for attending Draco and Hermione's wedding. I think it is appropriate that they held the wedding here at their old school, Hogwarts. It is where they fell in love, after hating each other for 6 long years." he grinned in our direction.

"I never thought I would see Draco get married, or fall in love. But this wonderful girl captured his heart. I have never seen him so happy. So I raise my glass and say;

I wish health to you,

Wealth to you,

And the best that life can give you.

May fortune still be kind to you,

And happiness be true to you,

May life be long and good to you.

Potete entrambi iin tensione finche' desiderate e mai non desiderate finche' vivete. (May you both live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.) To Draco and Hermione." then he raised his glass and drank.

I smiled at my husband's best friend. He was so different than I ever imagined when we were in school. He was warm and caring and a great friend to Draco. Draco stood up and said;

"Thank you so much Blaise for your words, and now let the party begin." He smiled and drank his champagne in one gulp.

We had hired a band to play and McGonagall instructed them to play the song for our first dance. 'Everything I do' by Bryan Adams. Draco took my hand and led me to the dance floor.

He looked deep in my eyes and mouthed the words to me.

I held my head against his chest and listened to the words and his heart in sync with each other.

He brought his hands to my chin and pulled my face close to his

You know it's true

Everything I do- I do it for you.

His lips landed on mine and in my stomach butterflies were dying to get out. I felt my breath leave my body. It was the most wonderful feeling.

The crowd clapped and we smiled at everyone. It was time for the Mother/Son, Father/Daughter dance. Neither of us had a partner since his parents were dead and my father didn't show up. My mum walked up to Draco and said;

"May I have this dance son?" she smiled brightly at him.

"Of course" Draco said. His face beamed.

I stood there for a moment and then Mr. Weasley walked up and took my hand.

I blushed and followed him to the dance floor. The song was "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole. I still wished deep in my heart that my dad had come, but Mr. Weasley had always been there for me, and I felt like a member of their family. He held me in a fatherly embrace as we slowly circled the dance floor. I looked over at Draco and he was happy and smiling. My mum was talking to him, and his beautiful smile lit up the dance floor. I mouthed 'I love you' to him as we passed. I loved him so much I didn't know how I ever hated him. Sure he was a slimy little prat when we were younger, but he had such an inner beauty that he practically glowed. I guess he just needed to get out of his father's shadow to reveal that glow. The song finished and everyone clapped again. Draco and my mum walked over to us.

"Your husband is a wonderful dancer." my mum said as she handed him back to me.

"Your mum is not so bad herself, thank you Katherine." he said as he planted a kiss on her cheek.

"Would you be offended if I asked you to call me mum?" she asked

"It would be an honor." he said, face glowing. I smiled at her and hugged her tight.

"I can't believe my little girl is married." she said, tears flowing from her eyes.

Mr. Weasley hugged me too.

"You two are always welcome in our family. I mean that. You are like a second daughter to us Hermione. We love you." he then put out a hand to Draco.

"You take care of her son." Draco took his hand and shook it.

"I will sir."

We continued to dance for a bit and then we cut the cake. It was strawberry and champagne flavored. I smashed a bit in Draco's face, and he smeared frosting on my nose. A slow song came on and we danced some more. Just as it was ending, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Mind if I cut in?" Ron asked politely.