Things in this chapter are going to shift more around Suzume. Thanks for reading .

Light peeked through the curtains, falling on the two shinobi who were already awake. Sakura and Suzume had been up for hours. The jet lag had helped them fall asleep quickly, but memories of the attack crept into their dreams. It was hard to fight off such painful nightmares, so the stayed awake. They didn't speak, each one not knowing what to say to the other, so they began to set up their rooms. Suzume tucked a strand of her silver hair behind one ear as she placed two pictures on her nightstand. One was of a family, her family. The Kiuden house sat behind the group of five people. Suzume fought back a tear. She was the oldest child out of three and wasn't there to help when the attack started. At first she was in denial that her family was dead, how could they be sure? She hadn't seen them die, but the realization came when it was announced that there were only four Konoha survivors. The other picture was of a shinobi team, a jounin and three genin (including Suzume) smiled brightly. This picture hurt the most. Suzume had watched Tago-sensei die first the rest was a blur.

The genin sighed and looked over at Sakura. She was one of Suzume's teammates now; they were her family. Sakura caught Suzume looking at her and smiled. "I guess we should go down for breakfast. Kakashi-sensei will be waiting for us."

The two nins put on the school robes over their normal clothing. Suzume pulled her headband out so it sat on top of the dark black fabric and Sakura kept hers in her hair. By all means, they were no longer ninja of the Hidden Village of the Leaf, seeing as there was no village, but they refused to let that go. It was who they were. Suzume didn't want to be a witch or whatever she would be called, she was a ninja. So what if their jutsu was just a form of magic, it was her life. She placed her wand in one of the robe pockets. How waving around a stick was going to make her stronger was beyond her, but Kakashi had told her that this would help perform jutsu without the use of hand seals. Change, so much change.

Sakura and Suzume walked down the stairs to the common room. Naruto was sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace. He looked as if he had gotten as much sleep as the other two.

"Morning Naruto-kun." Sakura said, feigning a smile.

"Good morning Sakura-san, Suzume-san." He looked up and returned the same kind of smile.

"Shouldn't you be in bed? I heard you always sleep in." Suzume joked, trying to lighten the mood.

Naruto caught her joke and played along. "Normally, but those wizards snore so loud that I can't keep my eyes shut." It was partially true, their snoring had kept him up a little, but it was just their presence that really kept him from getting a good night's sleep. Well, that and the nightmares.

All three ninja laughed and started out for the Great Hall. Not very many people were in the large dinning room, just a greasy, tall teacher and three students. Suzume sat where she had the night before and the others fallowed suit. One of the students walked over to the sleepy nins. He had platinum blond hair and his face was twisted into a permanent frown. That permanent frown shifted into a grin.

"Good morning, I hadn't the chance to speak with you last night before you left. My name is Draco Malfloy." The two other students walked over and stood behind Draco. It was obvious that they were Malfloy's bodyguards; they were too stupid looking to be anything else. Malfloy had a plan for these shinobi; they had the longest of magical bloodlines ever thought possible. Being isolated with only magical people for centuries made it impossible to create any "mud-bloods". They were a pureblooded as one could get. The grinning boy sat at the Gryffindor table. "I'm not sure how all three of you fantastically strong wizard and witches were placed in such a weak house, but that doesn't mean us Slitherens can't be your friends, right Cabe and Goyal?"

The boy's face screamed that he was up to something, but Naruto must have been deaf. He grinned his fox-like grin and held out his hand to shake Malfloy's.

"Sure we can be friends. My name is Naruto Uzumeki." He knew from experience that you could be friends with people in other villages, so why not the houses as well? Sakura and Suzume knew why not. They had been paying attention to (ease dropping on) Harry and his group's conversation about Malfloy and the Slitheren kids. They were bad and, from what Suzume could tell, annoying as all hell. Malfloy shook Naruto's hand, his grin getting broader.

Just as Sakura opened her mouth to say something, Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke. Cabe and Goyal jumped back in surprise. Malfloy looked up at the jounin in admiration. The school was magically protected, preventing anyone from apperating on the grounds, but this ninja seemed to find a way around it. Of course, Kakashi wasn't apperating; he was just moving really fast.

"Ohayo, students." He said smiling with his eye. "Are we just about ready for our first day of my new class? The weather is wonderful outside."

"What? We are going to be out in that?" Naruto pointed at the ceiling that was showing the blizzard-like conditions that must have been happening outside. When Kakashi nodded, Naruto groaned, Suzume sighed, and Sakura's inner self went ballistic.

"You must be completely mad to think I'll go out into to that weather for a stupid class." Malfloy scoffed. Sakura wanted to laugh at him. Kakashi will make them do whatever he wants them to. He liked to create situations that were…'inconvenient' for his students.

"Oh, it isn't so bad out there. Besides a little cold is good to get the blood moving." Kakashi seemed to hum the words out. Inside he was wondering how he got stuck teaching these kids who would in no way be up to his standards. They were weak, selfish, and didn't know the first thing about being a shinobi. This is something Iruka should be doing…if he were still alive. "I'll meet you all out there after breakfast." With that, the jounin walked lazily out of the Great Hall.

Malfloy was furious and stomped off to his table muttering something about his father not tolerating this kind of treatment towards his son. Suzume shook her head and looked at the other two nins. "I don't think I'm going to enjoy this. These kids are spoiled."