A few nights after the immortal incident, we said good bye to Steven and Kat, as she preferred to be called. The young slayer was very quiet with us. He let Steven do most of the talking about their relationship and their life together. I did notice that she had that something which reminded me of her mother. And the way she looked at us and how she kept quiet reminded me of her father. She was a nice kid which shared a lot except about the future. She did not dare talk about what was to come. The way she put it was very simple. "It is not the time yet".

But that was not what bothered me. What bothered me was the link. It was not possible. Their were to many complications for the an event like this to take place. First of all, the girl was seventeen. And from what she told me she had come from the year 2017. Her birthday was in August. That meant she was born in the year 2000. That implied being conceived that year 1999 in October or November. That was a few months away. There was to much to add up. I guess I had to wait on the issue.

We stayed with Angel until the beginning of September. We helped him kill a few vampires and he confessed to me that would be his purpose. I just nodded the subject away. It was his life. If he felt comfortable that way, that was him.

I remember that final night at Angel's. Since we were going to stay in touch we didn't do much. We just talked about ancient stories. Funny anecdotes. I bet the vampire was comfortable with us. At least we lightened his mood.

At the end of the night I boarded my car with my girl and said our final good byes. I was glad the man was fine. It was good to see he was recuperating from losing his soul mate. It was a start. It was better that way. Those were his final words. Even though he twitched when he said them.

As we sped off, those were the only words I could remember. I had visited him to get a story and stay for a day. I ended up with a friend and a month and a half of anecdotes. That was good. At least us cursed vampires were not losing our humanity soon.