Chapter 1

The word "enemy" is usually a name that one names someone they hate terribly. But of course the person that they name "my worst enemy" is just a little kid game when children don't like each other they say "my enemy." But 2 days later there best friends. People also say "my worst enemy" because they might have a big fight, but usually "enemies" aren't people who are your true enemies. True enemies actually means "someone who would kill you or hurt you." Of course big fights and children's games aren't "enemy games", but just "people one dislikes". But when you are true enemies, you both hate each other and the other enemy usually would do anything to do something to you to get something.

In the children's case, which is an unusual one, their enemy was their true true true enemy. This wasn't the type of enemy that was 2 day enemies or big fight enemies but the true true kind of enemies. Now this wasn't suprising for the children themselves were talented with many things, but unforunatley luck wasn't amongst them.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire sat on the boat with their worst enemy, Count Olaf, who was rowing the boat away from the Hotel they had been standing on just a couple of minutes ago. The hotel was burning, and it was them who started the fire. The Baudalaires were not sure if they were noble or not. Misfortune followed them wherever they went; their parents died, their sworn enemy always followed them, they had been unable to save their friends, they had so many questions, but almost none were answered instead, more were filled their clever minds, and they knew that none would probably ever be answered.

Violet Baudalarie tied the ribbon that was clutched in her hand to her long silky hair. Any one, who knew Violet, would have known that she was thinking very hard, most of the time for an invention, but this time, about what they should do. They were in the boat with Count Olaf, a villain who had ruined their lives from the day their loving parents had died. She was thinking wheather to take her siblings back on land with Justice Staruss, or stay with Olaf.

Klaus Baudelarie, was thinking of all the books he had read, to try to help him think about what might happen to their enourmous fortune that Olaf was off to get. But amongst all the books he had read, none applied to the situation they were in.

Sunny Bauldalaire wiped the tear that strolled down her chubby cheek. She quietly, and gentley bit Violets hand, not of a sign of hatred but a sign of love. She tried not to think what Olaf would do to her siblings once he got the fortune that their parents had left.

Violet sighed as she yanked the ribbon out of her hair. She couldn't think of what to do. Her parents had told her that she was responsible to take care of her siblings. As Violet sobbed in the dim moonlight, she tried not to remember all the misfortunes that had happened to her.

" Ok." Said the youngest Bauldalaire. She took Violet's hand and smiled. Violet smiled back and picked up her sister. Than she sat next to Klaus who put a hand on her shoulder. " Its okay." He said and smiled a small smile. " We survived a lot, this will be no different."

Violet smiled back and wiped the tear that was traveling down her cheek. She of course knew that they were not okay. They never were okay but with the help of her inventions, Klaus's knowledge, and Sunny's teeth there was a slight hope of them being okay. From the day they saw Olaf and the eye on his ankle, they knew that they would never be okay even if an army surrounded them, because Count Olaf would eventually find a way to cut through the army. They would never forgive him for all the things he had done to them. He was an evil man. But they probably shouldn't even think about if they should forgive him or not because Olaf wasn't the type of man to ask for forgivness.

" You're not Okay Bauldalaires." Said Olaf, as he chuckled. " How on earth do you think you are okay when there's no way out for you, your in the boat with the most handsome man on earth. Me Count Olaf! Violet your stupid bratty mind won't help you, neither will the bookworm's loaded brain, or the baby's dorky teeth. So your not OKAY!" he said as he stopped rowing the boat. In front of them was land and they were to get out of the boat and follow Olaf.

"Out!" he said.

The children got out of the small boat. Violet gave Sunny to Klaus and tied her ribbon in her hair. She knew she would have to think hard about some things on the way. Than she took Sunny and mouthed to Klaus "Think hard." Klaus nodded.

" Follow!" said Olaf.

They entered a building. There was old walls and it was a tall ugly gray building. Outside there was a sign "Evil shall rule"

Sunny whispered, "Rula? Go cunfuze!" Which meant something like "Evil shall rule is confusing!"

Just than Klaus had a great idea. " Baboolaguagia"

Violet looked at him as if he were crazy. " What did you say?"

" Baboolaguagia!"

" Huh?" said Violet. She looked at him and tried to see if Klaus was joking around or if he were serious. He was serious.

" Baboolaguagia!"

" SHUT UP BABY!" shouted Count Olaf. He opened the door.

" Baboolaguia!"

" Klaus talk like a human! Your 13 now!" exclaimed Violet

" Hyptoneeze moobii?" asked Sunny.

" No…I don't think so…I don't think he's hypnotized." said Violet.

" Klaus! Explain to me RIGHT NOW!"

" Okay…Sunnio speakia Baboolagugia!" he whispered.

" Huh?" said Violet.

" Baboolagia!" exclaimed Sunny.

" Baby language?" whispered Violet.

" Baboolagia!" said Klaus.

" Oh! Okay!" she whispered.

" Baboolagia to speak and say things we can't say in front of Olaf. So he'll think we're sick or something or joking around, but we can really talk about things! Get it? Only in Baby language, the way Sunny speaks! Get it? Sunny speak in your old baby style! Like Googaa or something! Only V.F.D. is like…" Klaus whispered.

" Hmm.."

" VooFee" said Sunny.

" Voofee!"

" Gowee!" said Violet which meant "I agree!"

"pewefito!" said Klaus which meant "Perfect."

"Goshad Klaus Hootu Readooz?" asked Sunny, which meant " What would we do without you Klaus? Did you read this somewhere?"

" Napee!" he said which meant no.

" BABYS BABYS BABYS! Shut up!" said Olaf. "You are very very stupid indeed! Joking around at a time like this!"

" We know we're doomed." whispered Violet.

" Indeed you are!" He led them to a room with a man in it. " The children I've told you about. Stupid bratty ones!" said Olaf.

" Hmm." Said the man. He stroked his beard.

" Room 123897." He nodded and looked up. "That room."

" Erm…but won't they like …" said Olaf and than he turned around to him and whispered. " Find out? I mean there only on the other side!"

" Nah. Strong wall."

" Okay come on!" yelled Olaf.

They followed Olaf and Klaus whispered to Violet and Sunny, " Wispedowa Watoola heviastroon. Lihewedia?" Which meant " I heard what they said; did you?"

Violet nodded and so did Sunny.

" Talkloo kienplo" Which meant " We'll talk in our room."

" Okay." Said Sunny.

Just than they entered a room. It was small. The children went inside and sat down. "Stay Here." Said Olaf. "These are strong walls!" Than he locked the door and closed it.

" Baboolagia stillto." Said Sunny which meant "Still talk in Baby language!"

" Yestop." Said Violet which meant "Absolutely."

"Trinkell." Sighed Klaus which meant "Think! This is our worst situation yet."

"Waltoa spetell." Said Violet as she tighten her ribbion and stood up. "Inventionastationature!" Which meant "okay Lets think. They said that there was something on the othere side of the wall. Lets see…I'll need something to invent…Oh look!" she pointed at some things in a box. She walked over there and took out some things. Than she saw a piece of paper out of it.

"Dear our dear children Violet Klaus and Sunny.." she began and than said "Loo-Listaook!" which "meant look!"

Klaus came with Sunny. They read to themselves except Sunny, who waited until someone read the letter to explain it to her.

" This is your parents dear ones. We know for a fact that you will be put here. We know that no matter what happens Olaf will get you. We are proud of you. Kit told us all about you, last year. Now we are stuck here. Just to let you know dear ones, we wrote this on December 23, 2000.

"Yesterday." Whispered Klaus.

"We don't know when you will find this, but you may want to get out. This box has a lot of inventions so we put it so Violet would see it. Happy birthday Violet. This letter is for you my honest dear ones. Klaus I love you. Same with Sunny. We want you to know we're looking for you, and we even saw you children, Kit took a picture. We love you always. Now we are in the next cell, or room. Children we love you dearly and always.


Your Parents.

Mrs. Baudalarie and Mr. Bauldalarire

"Next room." Whispered Violet. They all turned to the wall on their right hand side and looked at each other. There parents were in there and now they had to get them out.