Violet moved closer to her brother. Klaus was snoring. She saw that Sunny was in Mrs. Baudalaire's arms, and Mr. Baudalaire had slept.

Violet thought that maybe, just maybe everything might turn well again. Kit had to get Skylar and than they'd just have to reach home, or contact someone.

Violet sighed as she smiled. She dreamed that they were all in their enormous home, sleeping soundly in their warm beds…


"Here it is." said Fiona, as she tapped a wooden door. She unlatched it with the golden key she was holding.

When the door opened, their were 5 or 6 babies, and in the middle of the room was a woman.

"Hello." said Fiona. "We need this baby here."

She picked Skylar gently and handed it to Kit.

"Who are you?" asked Kit to the woman.

"Kit!" she said.

"W-Who are you?"

"Tiffany." she said as she smiled. Immediately, Kit and Tiffany hugged.


There was a loud knock on the wooden door. Mrs. Baudalaire woke Mr. Baudalaire up. He woke up an opened the door to see Kit, Lemony, Fiona, Fernald, and a weird woman.

"Fernald!" said Mr. Baudalaire. "It's been a long time, dear friend!"

Violet, Klaus and Sunny looked at each other. Fernald…that was the hook handed man, wasn't it? So that meant that their father was Fernald's dear friend.

Also, Fiona…she was there…how did she get here.

The door opened to reveal Fiona, Kit, Lemony and a weird woman, a woman.

"Look." said Violet. She woke up Quigley and than Duncan and than Isadora. "Look" she said again.

And indeed there was something for the Quagmires to look at. As soon as they woke up, and looked into the woman's eyes, they gasped at the memory of her.

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