Caught in the Flash

Kagome is a supermodel, gracing the covers of Vogue and Cosmopolitan alike. She is known for being a hard ass when it comes to her business but somehow is untouched by love. When she meets the toughest photographer she has ever had to work with, she is hit by something she never knew existed...

Chapter 1: The Bargain

"That's it honey! Just stick your chin out a little more. Fabulous! Okay now just turn round for me! Good! Excellent! Diamond!" The photorapher gushed excitedly as the disarmingly attractive young model before him struck seductive poses, turning this way and that.

The bright white lights bounced off reflective panels flooded the entire, busy studio with harsh halogen glare, shimmering off of the other models shiny, overblown makeup, and highlighting everyonw who busily strode around the studio, talking into small headpieces.

She wore a bright red halter neck dress, with four inch silver heels. The makeup on her face was incredibly melodramatic, with lots of kohl and eyeshadow, and next to no other makeup. She simply didn't need it. Her skin was already flawless. Due to her intensive cleansing routine of course, but who cared?

Suddenly, the girl sagged, slumping with weariness.

"Aw, Myouga, can I stop now? As great as this is, a girl's gotta eat!" Kagome pleaded with the flea photographer in front of her. Her brown eyes sparkled with ulterior motives as she clasped her hands to gether in front of her, as though praying, as she leaned down to face the little flea.

"Honey, you aren't a girl. You are a SUPERMODEL!" Myouga stated dramatically, straightening his beret.

"Come on... Sango'll be there" she replied cheerfully. "For supervision's sake of course" Kagome quickly added, having nearly unmasked her and Sango's real relationship (AN: don't worry, like I'd ever write KagSan!)

Yeah, well, Myouga, fabulous photographer as he is, still didn't know that Sango was not just Kagome's publicist and manager of her blooming modeling career, butwas her very best friend.

Myouga melted at his best protege's wheedling tone, and as always, he let her off to go and enjoy a carefeully calorie balanced meal with her publicist.

A tall, beautiful woman, with gorgeous angular features came around the corner. She was dressed in a black turtleneck, with expensive, tailored wide-leg pants. Finished with heeled black boots, she looked the epitome of cold sophistication. She held a clipboard to her chest, and with a quick breath, which looked like it hurt the tight bun held with glittery hair sticks, she asked, "Kagome, are you ready for lunch yet? You know this is the only time we get anywhere without you being caught out."

"Yeah sure Sango. Let me just go change and put normal clothes on and then we'll be set to fly!" Kagome spoke back, oblivious to the girl's clipped tones.


Kagome charged through the huge mass of chattery people around her, cheerily making her way to her dressing room. There was the guy with the pink mohawk who she had always thought was so totally weird, but she could let it pass for now. Right at this current moment in the cycle of time, Kagome Higurashi was deliriously happy.

As she opened her door and began to change into jeans, a t-shirt, heeled brown boots and a baby blue shrug, she thought about why in the seven hells she was so happy today.

Despite the fact that she could well do something else today other than modeling, she was happy. She was twenty-three years old, making plenty of money, she had a wonderful best friend, makeup artist, and photographer. All of whom she loved to shreds.

It was only a shame that the delirious happyful was about to be shattered into a million pieces. And all was down to one man...


"Okay. I think we can make it round the corner now. Shades?" Sango whispered to Kagome, who crouched behind the potted palm with her.

"Check" Kagome affirmed. She flexed a little, prepared to make a run for it.

The wide lens disappeared as the evil changed position. There was their window of opportunity.

"GO! NOW!" Sango stage-whispered urgently.

Kagome dashed across the marble tiled floor of the Restaurante D'Italianio, where she and Sango had come for lunch, only to be cornered by the Starz Bazaar, the trashiest of the trashy weeklies.

The only way to avoid being caught was to play spies.

Sango watched Kagome dash across to the maitre'd, then as she arrived, flustered and red in the face, she flicked her hair over her shoulder in a vain manner so unlike her, flashed the man with the fake accent a huge Hollywood smile, and claimed their table. Sango peered round the corner, silently cheering her best friend on. The photographer had disappeared, now that Kagome had gone through the heavy red velvet curtains to the dining area. That was the best thing about this place. NO PAPARAZZI.

Sango stood up, and brushed down herself. She had changed completely, from the hard nosed executive she had been at the studio. She wore the same outfit, but with a shocking pink cord coat on over the all black outfit and her hip length, ramrod straight hair hanging loose down her back, free from the sticks. This was the real Sango. Myouga had a strict policy about business relationships, so Sango and Kagome had to keep theirs secret, just as Miroku couldn't flirt with Sango around Myouga. Not that she minded that at all. Just thought about it. A lot. Felt something that seemed a whole lot like regret and wistfulness. But it totally wasn't. That was that. And that was how Sango continued on her trail of denial all the way to Kagome and their guests.


Inuyasha Mireshi stood up lazily, following a prod from his father and publicist, Inutaisho Mireshi when he saw the model he "needed" for his career boost. Not that things were going badly or anything. Nothing ever went wrong for Inuyasha Mireshi.

That was what was so perfect about him. Well, that and his hair. Nothing beat THE hair.



Dear God, was it legal to be so hot?

Kagome thought this as she took tiny steps towards the imposing man standing up, staring at her darkly, his silver bangs falling over the most amazing amber eyes.

She took both hands and combed her hair quickly behind her ears as she put on her interview smile (bright, wide, and totally fake) and stuck out her hand to the hot guy, trying not to let her knees buckle as a strong hand gripped hers, before swiftly dropping it and sitting down.

She looked around, anxiously, fiddling with her shoulder bag straps as she peered around for Sango. She would save her. Kagome didn't trust herself to keep her head around this guy. The raw power had her heart spinning already.


Good, she was intimidated.

He did that to people a lot. But in this business, being ruthless is essential. In the years he had been a professional photographer to the stars of high fashion, Inuyasha hadn't learnt much, but that, he'd learnt. At twenty-six, he was flying high. And knew he should be less cranky all the time.

No one ever seemed to learn that Inuyasha just didn't do warm and happy. Sure, he was happy, but did he have to let people know that? Lust, he could definitely do. Grouchy, he could do. Overflowing with inspiration, sometimes. But happy, no. There was a reason he wasn't an actor.


Sango came up with her equally fake interview smile plastered onto her face, as she also shook hands with Inuyasha, and was in complete awe of Inutaisho Mireshi. He was a legend in publicity, and his most high profile product, was his hugely talented son, Inuyasha. Sango was small fry compared to him.

She rubbed her wrist lightly as she pulled out her chair, shooting a quick look at the fallen maitre'd, who had refused to believe she was actually here with Kagome Higurashi. Well, Sango didn't take crap kindly, so she had stashed his unconscious self behind some huge potted palm. Maybe no one would see him.

As she sat down, and shook at the beautifully folded napkin out and put it over her lap. She glanced over, and nudged Kagome, who had the blankest look on her face, and seemed to be looking at nothing in particular.

God, she couldn't really mess this up before it even started could she?


"...And that is how I hope this arrangement will work." Inutaisho finished, clasping his hands on the table in front of him, in great satistfaction that an old mind like his still had it.

By now, Sango and Kagome had both dropped their forks, and Sango's eyes were narrowed in fury, while Kagome's eyes simply gleamed with confusion and sheer disbelief.

The smile slowly fell from Inutaisho's strong face as he realized the girls weren't saying anything. Inuyasha simply sat there, eating Ramen. Actually, Inutaisho thought, that was a little irritating. They come to one of the fanciest restaurants in LA, just so Inuyasha could eat Ramen. Ramen!

Sango was the first to break the ominous silence (aside from Inuyasha's slurping).

"So, let me get this straight." Sango hissed in a sinister voice.

"You want me to let my client here, masquerade as your son's GIRLFRIEND? All for a few pictures. Come on. Kagome's a new model. She's new talent. She NEEDS this. And you want her to play the girlfriend for a whole month, go to most award shows with him, including the Emmys, wear an engagement ring for the last two weeks of that month, and then play the ditched bitch at the end. And in return she gets 30 free, high fashion photos for her portfolio. At the risk of damaging her reputation, integrity and heart purposely, and putting Inuyasha off as the hot heartbreaker, star of the tabloids. Heightening his own publicity. Could potentially ruin hers. Hmmmm... I like risk though. We'll do it!" Sango had on her gotcha grin now, whenever she sealed a deal. Like now. She stuck out her hand, and shook Inutaisho's firmly, and went back to eating and talking details.

Kagome still hadn't gotten over the shock. Now she glared with sheer venom at the cheerful Sango, who was completely oblivious to Kagome's death glares shooting her in the back.

Kagome had to take action. Now. So, she pulled a classic line.

"Come on Sango, let's go POWDER OUR NOSES!" Kagome said brightly, but meaningfully.

"Are you sure? I mean, Kagome, you known how much this means! We..."

"I MEAN NOW." Kagome growled, determination flashing in her chocolate eyes.

"Ummmm..okay." Sango whimpered. " Excuse me gentlemen." She quickly recovered in her business voice. With a smile she grabbed her purse and was yanked out by a small tornado known as Hurricane Kagome to the ladies' room.


"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Kagome whirled on Sango practically the second they were in the door of the pink, floofy bathroom.

"Think about it, Kags. Odds are, this can't go wrong. You'll get free pictures, which you know are damned hard to get now. You get to spend a whole month with the hottest guy I think you've seen for like six months. For all you know, you might get lucky!" Sango finished this super-fast tirade with the brightest, most pleading smile she'd ever worn.

Unfortunately, that was not going to tame the raging beast.

"You seriously think I'm so desperate that I need to spend a month in a complete STRANGER'S house?" Kagome shrieked, throwing her bag up in the air.

Sango winced. This wasn't going to be easy, and they didn't have time to mess around. She'd have to play her trump card.

"Well, if you don't go then I'll have no choice but to...get rid, shall we say...of BUYO!" Sango grinned triumphantly at Kagome.

The girl paled instantly.

"You wouldn't!" she whispered with her hand over her mouth.

"Yeah? You know I hate cats." Sango smirked evilly.

" Awwww. You wouldn't do that to your best buddy ever." Kagome pleaded, all anger gone.

"Did I care when I "accidentally shot" my brother's spider?" Sango asked, one eyebrow raised.

"Good point. If I have to then...Just DON'T touch Buyo!" Kagome ground out.

"YAAAAAAY! But I'm keeping that cat until this is over." Sango cheered.

"Dammit..." Kagome cursed lightly under her breath. She had been hoping she could kidnap the cat and back out of this twisted bargain.

"I heard that!" Sango yelled back as she slammed out the bathroom, leaving a deflated Kagome in her wake.

Kagome slumped against the pink porcelain sink, expelling a breath slowly. She put her head in her hands as she worked out the situation, eyes closed in defeat. She and Sango both knew what she'd meant. Sure, she wouldn't hurt Buyo, but in truth, Kagome's workload was lightening up, lightening fast. If she didn't get hold of some high quality, high brand name photos soon, Kagome would only become another wannabe model lost in the shuffle.

And that couldn't happen.


The maitre'd almost collapsed again when he saw the wave of destruction go through his beloved restaurant. Cutlery flying, tablecloths torn, tables completely overturned, one passed out waiter with a tray full of gorgeous desserts all over his face. Broken pot plants, terrified diners, and a weeping chef over by the fried dessert chiller. Chaos, and then sheer utter silence.

Inutaisho stood amidst the mess, his head in his hands. All he knew was that the receipt was going to be huge.


Sango felt now like all that hard work and threats had been for nothing. Now, Inuyasha had cursed his brains out, whizzed through the restaurant, into his Nissan Skyline and sped away.

Great. Now Kagome wouldn't even get to meet her future "boyfriend" before she moved in.

Her shoulders sagged as she towed Kagome out to the car and to her apartment so she could pack. Inutaisho had assured her that Inuyasha would be fine by the next morning. Sango was now actually worried, but her publicist's mind told her to ignore this, and take precautions. She could talk to Kaede about some kind of demon restraint. There had to be one...


That BASTARD! What kind of father is he? How can I keep hold of all my other models with THAT one under my goddamn roof? Doesn't he KNOW that? Fuck it, now I have to live with THAT for a month. Yes, she's hot but so are Bernadette, Jennifer, Lucille and Gloria. Only Lucille and Bernadette are willing to share me, but like, just in one area. This one even looks like a virgin.

Screw it. I have to find Jennifer. She did always give a good lapdance...


"So, all I have to do is put this around his neck, and then say the word?" Kagome clarified, rolling the kotodama rosary her old mentor had given her around in her hands.

Kaede sat across from Kagome in her living room. Ever since Kagome had moved in next door not too long ago, the woman had been like a grandmother to her, bringing her snacks and being around for general advice whenever Kagome had needed it. She'd even helped Kagome hone her miko powers a little bit. And it was the fact that she was a miko that was giving Kagome this chance.

"Yes, my child. You are free to use the miko ability within you to transport the rosary onto him, but the most important thing about this spell is the need to have a command word. A subjugating word, so to speak." Kaede explained, laying her hands over the rosary.

"The first command I speak once he has it on?" Kagome checked, nodding in agreement.

"That's it." Kaede said, smiling happily.

"Alright Kaede, I'd better be going now, I have to pack. Thank you so much for giving me this necklace. It's just I don't know him, and it makes me feel so much safer to have a way of subduing him if things go wrong." Kagome hugged the old woman warmly.

"Ye never know with youkai my child..." Kaede replied, waving as Kagome jogged up the stairs to her own penthouse.

"Ye never know how they'll change your life..." Kaede finished in a whisper, winking at Kagome's back as she shut the door.


Better get packing... Kagome thought as she flopped down on her bed. As Sango excitedly got out her suitcases of course. She was in for a rough ride, that much she knew.

But Kagome didn't know, that when the limo arrived at nine the next morning, a journey more epic and wondrous than she had ever dreamed of, would begin.

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