Title: Gentle Lesson: The Restoration of the Hatake Clan

Warnings: WARNING! Angst, romantic adult stuff...

Pairing: Yukio/Kakashi, Sakura/Kakashi.

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Sorry for the shortness of the chapter – but if it is too heavy, it'd kill the ending. For those who hung in with me all these years with Gentle Lesson, thank you!

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Gifts of Life

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Falling snow
Of purple, blue and red
Petals wafted by the wind
I felt them softly soothe my face
And wondered
How I sometimes close my eyes
To the dark, blue sky
White clouds, sparkling starred heavens

Sakura turned slowly, moaning a little as she stretched lazily. Beside her, Kakashi was beginning to stir – his grey hair and light breath tickling the back of her as his pale arms tried to draw her back into his embrace. For a moment, she relaxed, enjoying the silent moment. It was early. The dim morning light was filtering through the light panelled sliding doors of their bedroom, but it was slowly brightening, promising a fine spring day. She could hear the usual early morning noises – the distant clatter of pans as the Hatake staff began their day with breakfast, the creaking trees and rustling branches, the slow pok-pok of bamboo hitting rock, the gurgle of the small stream which passed through the corner of the estate...

Shifting to her other side, the kunoichi took the opportunity to look at her husband. The tousled grey hair, the relaxed serene face underneath – the heart-stopping nose, mouth and chin – and then, the bi-coloured eyes watching her with an equally candid stare.

Tilting her head, Sakura wondered what he saw. A glowing happy wife? A cute, perky kunoichi? Or just Sakura of the pink hair and green eyes...

"You're beautiful," he said huskily, breaking the silence with a quick smile. "Have I ever told you that?"
"A few times," she replied, drawing close to give him a quick kiss. "But I can always hear it again."
"Beautiful, gorgeous... your hair reminds me of cherry blossoms and your eyes, the green leaves of Konoha..." Kakashi added quickly. "... and intelligent also... that's my kunoichi..."

She smiled in return.

"You're buttering me up for something. Admit it. You're not going on a weekend mission are you?"
"No!" Kakashi glared. "Can't a man compliment his wife?"
"Yes, he can," Sakura agreed. "If he's not a Hatake..."
"Well... that's just... unfair..."
"So what do you want?"
"Do I have to want anything?"
"Fine... I was just... thinking that..." Kakashi's light fingers traced Sakura's smooth skin, running down from her shoulders, lightly caressing her breast before coming to rest on her hip. "... since we woke up early... and have got an hour or so... We should... make the most of our... suddenly... free time."
"Sounds good to me," Sakura leaned forward into his kiss, enjoying the feel of his firm lips and the very light scruff that dusted his chin and cheeks. "You should have said so before..."

Kakashi wisely didn't argue. Instead, he closed his eyes and, running his tongue along her lips, enjoyed the rough feel of her tongue against his. After a few minutes of kissing, his fingers ghosted across her nipples, until they were hard with want. Travelling down, Kakashi slipped his hand between her thighs finding her wet. His thumb ran across her clit – and as she shivered, pushing against him, he found himself sighing into their kiss. For a moment, they drew apart, giving him a chance to turn her over – giving the ninja easier access to her neck. Down her pale skin, he kissed her, worshipping the beauty he found there – even among the small scars. The small ridge that ran along her collarbone (a run in with a Rain nin), a small pucker underneath her left breast (kunai stab wound thanks to a Sound nin)... and the two inch scar which ran along her ribs on the right...

His tongue and lips traced a path of passion across her breasts and down to her navel. The sound of her breathless gasps and small cries raised his cock – and when he entered her moments later, he felt like he was coming home.


When Kakashi and Sakura emerged from their bedroom an hour later, relaxed, serene and ready for a day with the family, they were greeted with cries of "Where've you been, Mom?" and "You said we'd have a picnic today! Is cousin Aki coming?"

"We're enjoying a rare day off," Kakashi said severely, eyeing his eight year old son who was trying to glaring up at his late father. "It's been a while since your mother and I have had a chance to sleep in –"
"Sleep in?" Saku sniffed. "That's likely."
"Sakumo," Sakura raised an eyebrow. "What did we talk about?"
"Private stuff is private stuff," Saku said sullenly. "What happens in the bedroom..."
"Stays in the bedroom," Kakashi said, ruffling his son's white-grey hair. "I remember when I was young – I always wanted to get Father and Mother out of bed early – but you know, it's important to respect people's space. You don't want to end up like Uncle Lee, now, do you?"

Sakumo twitched.

"Fuzzy eyebrows?"
"Fuzzy eyebrows! Fuzzy eyebrows!" chanted little Rika. "Papa's Fuzzy Eyebrows!"
"Do I look fuzzy to you?" Kakashi mock-glared at his young daughter who seemed to be taking after her mother more with each day. "Come here, you! Let's get you ready for the picnic!"
"I can do it by myself!" protested the young girl. "I'm five! And I can go to the Academy with Saku!"
"Next year," sighed Sakura, knowing that the pink-haired child could be as stubborn as she was back in the day. For some reason, Rika felt very close to Saku and wanted to go to school right away to be with her brother.
"Going to class with you would be super uncool," Saku snorted. "Seriously. You're a crybaby!"
"I'm not!" Rika said, pouting.
"Are too! Remember yesterday? You cried because your doll fell in the koi pond!"
"Am not!" Rika's bottom lip was quivering now. "Mommy is going to teach me how to swim soon!"
"Sakumo," Sakura raised an eyebrow at her son. "That's unkind. I think you know that. What do you say?"
"Sorry," mumbled the grey-haired boy.

Kakashi jerked down his son's favourite mask and folded his arms, looking firm and unyielding. He knew that Sakumo was actually more nervous about attending in the Fall than he let on. Last year had been a little difficult for the young boy. Unlike his father, Sakumo seemed to favour Sakura's chakra precision skills. One day, Kakashi thought, he'll be a greater medic than his mother... but until then, he's going to feel self-conscious with everyone expecting him to follow in his father's footsteps.

"I didn't hear that," Kakashi said.
"Sorry," Sakumo repeated a little louder, head hanging, giving his little sister a swift glance. "I'm just... mad, I guess... 'cause cousin Aki and Minato seem cool already and I suck..."
"Saku doesn't suck!" Rika's eyebrows furrowed.
"Your little sister is right," Sakura squeezed her son's shoulder. "Just give it time. I was eighteen before I reached my full abilities – and some ninjas don't really achieve greatness until their mid-twenties! So there's no rush. Besides, learning to control your chakra is more important to learn properly than how to make a mass of clones."
"That's what Iruka-sensei said..."
"Well, Iruka-sensei is right, most of the time," Kakashi smiled. "You should listen to him, seriously, and not worry about the other students yet."
"Maybe when we go on the picnic," Kakashi continued on. "We could do some practice with tree climbing."
"No hands tree climbing!" Rika squealed happily.
"OK!" Saku cheered up. "Is Aki and Minato going to come too?"

The Copy Nin glanced at Sakura questioningly.

"I think Naruto and Sasuke and Hinata said they'd come – but I think Lyra is going to stay at home on account of the baby. You know how tired Lyra can get... I think she'll welcome getting Sasuke and Aki out of the house."
"YAY!" Saku jumped up.
"Aki and Mina! Aki and Mina!" chanted Rika.
"Let's get things ready, first," Kakashi grabbed his son by the back of the shirt before the energetic boy disappeared over the horizon. "We'll need to get out the blankets. I'll double-check to see if the swing is working..."
"I'll talk to the housekeeper and see what they planned to pack in the baskets," Sakura nodded. "Rika, want to join me?"
"Yeah! I can help Baba pack!"

Watching his wife and daughter walk off, Kakashi scratched his head. Behind his mask, he smiled. It was going to be a great day.


It's spring. The sun filters warmly down through the budding and blossoming branches of the Hatake estate's trees. Light pink and white dot the dark bark bringing promises of a new year of growth. Before the blankets stretches the now tended wilderness of the Hatake – the imported roses, the local flowers and a few rows of vegetables for the staff's use. And the koi pond – and the quietly trickling river – and the trees which shelter the women as the kids and the men played "Ninja Attack".

Later, when the baskets are packed away, the blankets stored and everyone returned home, Kakashi finds himself pushing his wife back and forth on the new swing they had hung up for the children. Behind him, he can hear Saku trying to teach Rika how to skip stones across the pond. It's a joyous sound – the sound of high young voices filling the air.

The sky is a tantalizing colour of red and purple and deep blues – a good sign for tomorrow. Shadows slowly begin to fall, drifting down over the faces of the Hokage, through the trees, to the porch – and across the refurbished shrine of his family. Tonight, he decides to light an incense stick, in thanks and in memory. I wonder if my children will carry it on, he wonders, perhaps Rika... already she is showing great potential... perhaps she will be the one to hold the Hatake heritage. Lightning's Howl's progeny walking side by side with our children...

And there's Aki... and Minato... and Genma's twins... and Iruka's baby girl... and Asuma and Kurenai's children... and so many others. I nearly gave it up... but I was saved from myself... thanks to Sakura, I have something to look forward to...

Kakashi realizes he needs to kiss his wife again.

"What was that for?"
"Just thinking about what would have been... versus what is."
"Feeling thankful?" she asked.
"Yeah... I thought so too," he smiled.
"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" Sakura asked, enjoying the feel of the light wind which lifted her hair as she swung back and forth.
"Dunno. We got a weekend off. Let's really enjoy it."
"Why do your plans always sound so good?"
"They don't always – remember last month?" Kakashi had to point out. "You were so mad..."
"Good point."
"But this is a good idea," he said. "I'm not sure what we'll do... we can do anything."
"It doesn't have to be big."
"No, it doesn't."
"Even the small things count."

Kakashi knows that tomorrow will be filled with the small things – waking up to Sakura's pink hair in his face, Saku and Rika arguing, the housekeeper making sly remarks about a new baby being on the way, the swing, the cherry blossoms...

Something to look forward to. The future is bright.

Falling snow
Of purple, blue and red
Petals wafted by the wind
I felt them softly soothe my face


How the weak and gentle
In life give more
Comfort than all material things

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