AN: sort of mini-mini-sequel. (winks at Deannamay)

AN2: not to be taken serious. It's something like a bonus scene. Totally ad odds with the first chapter.

Hiei sat on the couch in their shared room, munching chips and watching TV. (Three guesses as to how he came by it. The first two don't count). Or perhaps, one should say, he was zapping. As with most things Hiei did, he did that rather fast (note: most things, not all things! Though, Kurama had to break him from a couple of them. It had been worth it, however. Hiei had adjusted and their sex life had much improved). An ordinary being, i.e. a human, could not have followed the fast flickering of the images. Which was just as well, because there really was nothing good on. (Hiei idly wondered why he'd bothered ... acquiring it at all).

He had just decided to turn it off, when a shuffling sound from the direction of the door caught his attention. He smirked. If this was who he thought it was - and who else could it be? - there'd be quite a different form of entertainment commencing soon. Hiei turned around and ... stared.

There was a tree leaning against the door frame.

A. Tree.

The tree stared back. Then it raised one of its branches and ... waved? Looked like it. It waved, and a mental call was sent his way: "Honey, I'm home."

He stared a bit more. Leaning his head to the side and blinking. It looked almost like ... and the voice... it was Kurama. Hn. Well, the fox had always been slightly weird. Then he pursed his lips. This would mean another adjustment in bed, of course. However, he was pretty confident they'd work around it.

"Hn. I can see that. Idiot fox."