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Part Seven:

The figure moved into the room, forcing the door closed against the wind. "Damn. Sorry to interrupt," he said, seeing them entwined on the couch.

"Bling? What the hell are you doing here?" Asked Logan. "I thought…"

"I know; and I wouldn't be here if it wasn't an emergency," the man said.

"This had better be global," said Max, sounding very pissed off.

"Someone kidnapped Matt's kid," said Bling.

Logan's eyes widened. "What? When?"

"Between two and four hours ago; grabbed him right out of his bed. Matt and Laura were in the next room and they never heard a thing."

Logan was reaching for his chair even as he asked; "Any clues? Ransom note?"

"Nothing. The cops already went over the scene." Logan lifted himself deftly into his chair and turned towards Max.

"I'm sorry, Max, I have to go."

"I know, Logan. It's ok." She rose from the sofa, saying, "Come on, we need to pack up our stuff."

"You don't have to. You can stay without me and I'll come back and join you as soon as I can."

"Logan, this trip is your birthday present, remember? What's the point if you're not here? Anyway, you might need my help."

"You don't mind?"

"Matt's your friend, Logan, and he's helped us both out more times than even I can remember. This is his son we're talking about. Of course I don't mind."

Logan's worried features softened into a smile. "You take the bedrooms and we'll take the kitchen?"

"Works for me," she told him. "The domestic thing was kind of wearing off."


Logan wheeled into the living room of the Sung's apartment, followed by Max; Matt's six year old riding on his lap.

"Stevie!" Shrieked his frantic mother, snatching the child as he clambered down off Logan.

"Mommy!" The little boy replied as he was almost crushed in her hug. Matt wrapped his arms around them both, just relieved to see his little boy again.

Logan smiled at the Kodak moment; it had been a long time since he'd seen a reunion like that. Max's smile wasn't just for Matt's family, but for the expression on Logan's face. She dropped a hand onto his shoulder, in a gesture of companionship.

Matt finally prised himself from his wife and son to grasp Logan's hand firmly. "Logan…Max… I don't know how to thank you…" Tears of gratitude glimmered in the Asian detective's eyes.

"Then don't," said Logan simply. "You've helped me out enough times over the years; consider this a favour repaid."

"A favour? After this I'll eat bullets for you." Uncharacteristically, Matt's features darkened. "When I think what those scum could have done to Stevie…"

"Hey, it's ok. We got them, and they're sitting in a holding cell in the precinct. These guys aren't going to be chloroforming any more kids for money ever again; I'll make sure of it."

"Thank you so much for your help," said Laura Sung, tearfully, still not letting her son go. "Stevie, say thank you to your Aunt Max and Uncle Logan for bringing you home."

"Thank you, Aunt Max," the little boy said, suddenly shy. "Thank you, Uncle Logan."

"You're welcome, Stevie," said Max, with a pleased grin. "But you gotta do something for us."


"Be good for your mom and dad, ok?"

"If I'm very very good, can I come see you sometimes, Auntie Max?"

"Sure you can," said Logan. "If that's ok with you guys?" He turned enquiringly towards Matt.

"After tonight? Anything." The adorable little boy yawned, snuggling up to his mother.

"Looks like someone's tired after his adventure," said Logan.

"I'm not tired, Uncle Logan," the child said indignantly, trying to keep his eyes open.

"Well, I am," said Max. "How about we leave you to it?"

"Yeah, uh, whatever you want," said Matt. "You two've done enough for us tonight."

"What d'you mean tonight? It's nine am," said Logan.

"I'm so sorry… we must have kept you up all night… and Bling said you were on vacation…"

"Matt, don't worry about it, said Logan firmly. "Put your son to bed and then get some rest; I'll be in touch later."

"Oh no you won't," said Max. "You're not touching the phone or the computer 'till Monday morning, mister. Unless you want your ass kicked."

"Yes, dear," said Logan, rolling his eyes towards Matt.

"Call me Monday, Logan," said Matt with a grin. "I don't want you to get you in trouble."


They said their goodbyes to the Sungs and then headed back out to the Aztec. Logan unlocked the car and opened the driver's door.

"You know, Logan," said Max, "there's still two whole days of our vacation left…"

"No, there isn't," said Logan, preparing to transfer. "After last night I'm going to sleep for the next week."

"Really?" Asked Max. "Then you probably shouldn't be driving." She snatched the keys from his hand.


"You can get more comfortable in the back," she suggested.

"What's the point?" He asked. "It's a thirty minute drive back to my apartment, even at this time of day."

"Yeah, but it'll be another thirty picking our bags up again and then an hour to the cabin…"

"You really want to go back there?" Logan asked, and Max knew he wasn't talking about the place.

"Yes, Logan, I do. It may not be your birthday any more; but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy your present."

A smile graced his features as he opened the rear door. "Sounds… good. Better than good, in fact." Max grinned, and waited for him to transfer before folding his chair while he got comfortable. Within minutes, he was fast asleep.


Blearily, Logan came round for a minute just as Max was getting back into the car.

"Max? Where are we?"

"Outside my building. I hope you don't mind; I just wanted to pick up a late birthday present for you."

"What, did you forget it the first time?" He mumbled.

"No, I just wasn't sure you'd like it," she said. "I'll give it to you tonight."

"Ok," said Logan, allowing his eyes to drift shut again.

Max smiled as she drove away; after all, Logan would need the rest by that night. The blood red silk ribbon and matching lingerie Cindy had found for her would wrap his delayed present very fetchingly…



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