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Also, in Inuyasha, this story takes place from when Mt. Hakurei is about to collapse and all of the Shichínin-tai (or in Viz, known as The Seven Men Group) is dead, except Bankoutsu. And in Get Backers, it starts at the beginning when they retrieve The I.L.

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The Victory

After the final battle with Naraku, with everything being rectified, everyone was happy. Kagome and the others, including Sesshoumaru, Kouga, Kikyo, and even Bankoutsu (don't ask. I just thought it would be interesting) defeated the byproduct hanyou while setting Kagura and Kanna free at Mt. Hakurei.

After it was over, Bankoutsu gave all his shards to Kagome after she had gathered Naraku's. Before giving the young priestess the last shard in his possession that was in his neck, the young leader of the Shichínin-tai gave her a light peck on the cheek, soon dissolving at the contact of her skin leaving a pile of dried bones (He kissed Kagome on the cheek as his a way to show his respect toward her… and to get under Inuyasha and Kouga's skin and so on and so forth).

Kikyo, feeling that she was no linger needed, gave the small portion of Kagome's soul back to her after bidding Inuyasha a last farewell and receiving Kagome's forgiveness.

Sesshoumaru… Let's just say that before he left, he asked to speak with Kagome privately. Once they were alone, Sesshoumaru had asked Kagome about how she would feel if he adopted her, as his younger sister. Kagome was a bit shocked by the question. I mean, the emotionless Taiyoukai of the West… the one who despised the human race asking her to be his younger sister? But, sometime before and during the battle with Naraku, the Inu lord did drop some subtle hints of caring about her the way an older sibling would. Coming to a conclusion, she gave the stoic youkai a smile and agreed to be his younger sibling saying that she would be honored.

Kouga then asked Kagome to be his mate but after hearing about her story of where and when she came from as well as how she came to the Sengoku Jidai, the wolf prince declared that he would willingly wait the five centuries for Kagome to become his mate; not even listening to Kagome's gentle declines or Inuyasha's threats and left with Ginta and Hakaku behind him back to the northern mountains.

When they had made it back to Kaede's village (in Edo, I think), Sesshoumaru was there with the old priestess, drinking tea and having a light chat with each other. After much arguing and accusations between the Inu brothers (on Inuyasha's part) and a few "sit" commands here and there (on Kagome's part) to end it, Sesshoumaru spoke that he had someone with him whom Kagome knew. Asking whom it was, Kagome's answer from the Taiyoukai was that it was a hanyou child by the name of Shiori. The said child soon came running in with Rin straight toward the young miko to envelop her in big hug from around the waist.

As Sesshoumaru informed Kagome that Shiori's mother was killed by a mantis youkai, he added that before she passed away that she wanted Kagome to take care of the little bat-hanyou if anything had happened to her. Also asking Sesshoumaru to search for the young miko.

(Sesshoumaru found Shiori when he was on his way to his castle)

Then Kagome soon decided to adopt Shiori and Shippo, both under Youkai law, before being adopted by Sesshoumaru as his younger sister.

The next day after a night of celebrating their victory, Kagome had to say goodbye to her friends and received promises from her demon friends that she would meet them in five hundred years. Then gathering Shiori and Shippo, Kagome and her newly adopted children jumped through the well to there home era (new home era, in Shiori and Shippo's view point). Little did the miko know that in her near future that her life was going to have a twist to it...

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