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Chapter 6
Who is MakubeX? Part I

While Kagome was with Akabane and Ginji, Shippó was trudging alongside Shido with Ban bringing up the rear. He had somehow separated from Shiori when they were trying to get out of the toxic smoke and somehow ended up with the two men he was with now.

Ever since they got separated from the others, Shido and Ban would be verbally fight about something with Ban calling Shido a "Saru Mashi" (I think this is the Japanese way of saying "Monkey Tamer") or bastard and Shido would be calling Ban a "Hebi Yaro" (And I know this is "Snake Bastard").

And Shippó had to admit that them always fighting reminded him of how Inuyasha and Kouga always fought, physically and verbally. He knew that his mother would've gotten a kick out of this. But right now, for him, it was getting a little old.

"Hey, you bastard…" Shippó could tell there be another bickering as Ban then started yell (that's what it sounded like to me), "Why did it end up like this?! Hey, Saru Mashi!"

Shido then turned to him, snapping back, "Shut up, Hebi Yaro! You should just shut up and follow me."

'It's only logic since Shido-san is the only one among us who's been in Mugen-jou.' Shippó thought as he stared at the two men with boredom.

Ban then turned around, saying in a fit, "Fine! I'm going back. I'll go back and catch up with Ginji and that girl."

"Even if you go back, that room is full of Alkaloid smoke." Shippó spoke before continuing, cutting off whatever Ban was going to say, "'Ká-chan and the others would've gone on their own routes too. You said that Ginji-san was with 'Ká-chan, right? Then he'll be just fine."

"Geeze! If that stupid Ginji didn't drag us down here, this wouldn't have happened!" Shippó just rolled his eyes when Ban said this.

"I know. Even if he was an old friend." Then turned his attention from Ban to ahead of him, before continuing, "To suffer sadness in the middle of battle. I don't understand it."

Shippó looked up to the Beast Master with a curious but unreadable expression as Ban became calm enough to hear what he had to say.

By looking at Shido now, Shippó could now understand why his mother tried so hard to become close to this guy he stood next to. Yes, his mother and uncle, Sesshoumaru told him and Shiori of the many human clans that achieved superhuman characteristics with their techniques, like Shido's control and understanding to animals. But he was also told of the tragedies of the Fuyuuki clan and some type of fight they had with another clan that had control over insects (I don't remember the name of these guys who control insects, but I know they exist).

He was brought out of his thoughts as he heard Shido speak again, "But it's because I didn't understand that I was under him. When he was called The Lightning Emperor, Ginji wasn't bright or clumsy like now… but how he showed his kindness hasn't changed."

Ban then took out a cigarette as he asked, "So what's this MakubeX guy like? He was one of the Volts' Top four, like you and Kazuki, right?"

"He was different from Kazuki and myself. He admired Ginji and Ginji's sister as rulers. That's why, after Ginji left seven years after his sister did, MakubeX changed the most."

After a while of silence, Shippó smelt a pair of people close by.

Ban thought that their timing couldn't get worse. He really wanted to ask Shido what he meant by Ginji having a sister but nope, there had to be someone who wanted to interrupt them.

Oh, well. He could always ask the Monkey Tamer when they were finished with these guys. "Oi, Saru Mashi. It looks like they're here." Remembering that they had a kid with them, Ban turned to Shippó saying, "Go and find some cover, kid. I'm thinking your mother would kill if anything bad happened to ya'."

Shippó just snorted and said, "No, she wouldn't. She'd murder you. But she's knows I can take care of myself."

"He's right, kid. It's best to be safe than sorry." Shido pitched in.

But no matter how much they thought it would be best, Shippó stood his ground saying that he was staying where he was.

Ban then smirked at the feel he got from their unknown foe, "I feel great thirst for blood. Perhaps MakubeX is making his appearance?"

"No, This feeling is…" Shido was then cut off when a male voice called out, "I'm surprised, Shido. I never guessed the cheap thug hired to get in the way of MakubeX was you."

Shido then smiled as he replied, keeping a lookout for the guy who was hiding from them, "So it was you after all?"

Footsteps could then be heard as the unknown male spoke again, "I could never accept this fact. Why was I under someone like you who was only an animal tamer?"

Having enough of the guys games, Shido called out, "Stop blabbering and come out, Magami Ryoma!"

The man named Magami Ryoma then stepped out to reveal himself. He was a huge muscular man who was bald and dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a black turtleneck with short sleeves, a strangely designed murk green vest, and a pair of brown boots. His right arm was also wrapped in faded black bandages while over his eyes there was a black blindfold that had an eye drawn on the center of it.

"I wonder if that means I should fight that spiky haired guy." Ban, Shido, and Shippó then turned to where the light male voice was and was met with a sight that, Shippó was sure that Kagome would raise a brow.

'But Shido-san and Midou-san both have spiky hair…' Shippó thought innocently but decided not to voice it.

This guy had teal pupil-less eyes and had a face that would be mistaken for a girl's if it weren't for the fact that it was obviously a guy with his flat male chest and his male scent that Shippó could smell with his demon sense of smell. The guy also had weirdest hair he had ever seen while it also looked like he had a metal horn coming out of his forehead, elbows, and shoulders.

(I don't know how to describe this guy's hair but I'll tell you that he does use it as a weapon. For those of you who are curious about this, try watching episode 12 of GetBackers to see how this guy looks and how he fights)

Oh, and he also wore a baggy black muscle shirt with a pair of blue jean and had some sort of cloth wrapped around his waist like a skirt.

The freak chuckled before Shippó asked, "Who are these guys?"

His question was the same as Ban's.

"Magami Ryoma and Magami Ayame. Ex-leaders of the Volts." Shido answered, keeping an eye on Ryoma while Ban kept an eye on Ayame.

"By the looks of this, HEVN's story might've been true." Ban said almost absently. Shido voiced his curiosity before Ban continued, "Your old friend is behind the IL."

"You mean MakubeX?" Shido asked.

"Yeah… Although, we don't know what he's trying to start." Shippó answered as Ban lit his cigarette.

But just after he lit it, Ayame had used his hair like a tentacle and sliced Ban's cigarette in half before retracting his hair and asking, "What are you doing, having a casual conversation?"

While Ban was looking at what was left of cigarette in his mouth and Shippó looking at the clean cut of the other half that was on the floor, Shido turned his attention to Ayame saying, "Be careful… his hair is made of Zero Gravity Hybrid Metal."

"What's that?" Ban asked after spitting out his wasted stick of tobacco and nicotine.

Shippó then answered, sounding a bit impressed, "They say under no gravity, metals with different densities, like lead and aluminum can mix completely." He had to admit this was the first time he'd seen something like this and was surprised that a place like Mugen-jou was able to get the certain metal considering its rarity and value.

Ayame then spoke with a smile on his face, "It's not only my hair, but also implants in my nails, forehead, and elbows too." He then showed the said nails revealing freaky-like claws and his elbows before continuing, "My entire body is a weapon."

"So you're delighted by modifying your body?" Ban asked before the guy Ryoma seemed to have "powered up," punched the wall and started to charge at them while also tearing the wall apart in the process. At this and so not to get in the way, Shippó, Shido and Ban jumped out of the way.

Ryoma then laughed before turning to them saying, "What's wrong? Why are you surprised? Did you think I'd stay at the same level as before?"

"This guy modified his body using some weird training." Shido provided to Ban and Shippó so they could understand what the guy's specialty was.

"Heh? I guess he does have some guts. But he can't beat me." Ban spoke before continuing as he boasted while pointing at Shido, making Shippó stare at the older man strangely, "Because I completely beat this guy, who was higher than you!"

At this, Shido grabbed Ban's cheeks in anger and started to pull on them. "You Bastard! You wanna fight me again?"

Ban then had a hold on Shido's wrists, answering, "Shut up! Let's go at it again!" After that, they just started to fight like a couple of kids.

'And I thought Inuyasha and Kouga were bad. These guys are just ridiculous.' Shippó thought as he witnessed them.

At seeing Ayame attack again with his hair, Shippó jumped between them before pushing Ban back and pulling Shido to the side before the Zero Gravity Hybrid Metal haired man could damage them. Ayame then laughed before speaking, "Mind what I'm doing a little."

After thanking Shippó for helping them, Shido just smirk as Ban was wiping the side of his mouth, "Heh, it's no good getting defeated when you're holding back."

It was then Ban's turn to grin, "Alright, I'll play with you for a while." As he stared at Ayame, ready to fight.

"He wasn't as big as his mouth-" Ayame spoke before he somehow got hit in the face out of nowhere. Proof the he got hit showed on his left cheek much like a huge red hand that appears on Miroku's face whenever Kagome or Sango slapped him. Ayame didn't know what hit him and soon got hit again before he could think.

Ban though, while he was the one who was beating the crap out of Ayame on each cheek, it didn't seem like he had moved at all. But Shippó knew better. And Shido had just caught on. They knew that Ban was just moving really fast and…

'Hit and away… at tremendous speeds, he hits Ayame's face and returns to his original position.' Shido thought with a sort of slight awe.

With one more punch to his left cheek, Ban had Ayame fall from his perch. As the feminine looking mad picked himself up while wiping the corner of his mouth with the back of his hand, Ayame asked in a confused but angered voice, "What did you do?"

His expression turned into on one of horror when he noticed Ban standing over him with a crazed look in his eyes and empty grin as he asked, "What's wrong? Aren't you going to come at me?"

Ayame, in his fright, soon got up to run but ended up bracing himself against a nearby wall.

"If y won't come to me, I'll come to you!" With this, Ban began to charge at Ayame. But when he was close enough to crush him with his snakebite, both Ban and Ayame were vertically flipped over by the secret doorway that led to who knows where.

When the dust from the door settled, Shido looked behind him with a sort of confused expression while calling out to him as Shippó quickly made his way to where Ban and his opponent were just a few moments ago.

While Shippó tried to find a way to get to the other side of the secret door, Shido had continued his fight with Ryoma, dodging every punch the elder Megami brother threw at him, but not before receiving a blow to the gut just after Ban had disappeared.

"It's no use. Your buddy has been pulled into Ayame's territory. There's no chance of him getting out alive. Now it's your turn." Ryoma had spoken before he had started his onslaught of attacks toward Shido.

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