AN: It took me awhile to come back, but I am now. I know it doesn't seem like a Seth/Summer fic right now, but I promise it is! Like I would write anything elseā€¦

Disclaimer: Yeah, this is pointless, because if I had anything to do with The O.C., I would not be writing a story about it.

In their second year of college, and with a two -almost three- year old son, they both decided to call it quits. Well, actually, they called it quits last Chrismukkah when Seth caught Summer kissing another guy.

But they both knew that their break up was coming. Their relationship had become strictly physical, and whenever they did talk, they were snappy and impatient with each other. So it wasn't a break up or a time out. It was over, finished, in the past. However you wanted to put it, it would work, because there was nothing there anymore.

Well, there would always be something there. They could never truly stop loving each other. But they would never admit that those feelings were still there. It didn't need to be said anyways, because they both knew. They just pretended that they didn't.

They still lived together, but in a different house. Kirsten bought them a house right on the beach. It was still in Newport, and they drove to UCLA everyday for class. But it's not far, so it works.

Life works right now. Caden sometimes ask why mommy and daddy don't sleep in the same room, but they just tell him it's because mommy knows that Caden will run in mommy's room in the middle of the night and sleep with her so they just leave room for him.

One day he'll know the real reason, and it will work then, because what they tell him now works.

Seth and Summer get along great now, too. They have a pact that they don't talk about their physical relations with other people (even though they don't have physical relations with other people), and that Caden can't spend a lot of time with either one of their significant others, because he has one mommy and one daddy and that's the way it works.

And they still flirt, and sometimes they share a kiss, and sometimes they do sleep in the same bed, but they know not to make anything of it because things work the way they are right now.

Well, they think it works. They actually just force themselves to believe its working, because being together means getting hurt, and their trying to spare each other and themselves that pain.

So even though things work now doesn't mean they'll always work and it doesn't mean they will always stay that way, because things can work in different ways.