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Mrs.Weasley rushed over to her sons. "Boys! Oh, boys, what happened?"

Fred didn't answer her. He just stood by his twin. Lupin cleared his throat. "Err…Molly. Maybe we'd better leave these guys alone."

But shouldn't we take George to St. Mongose?" Ginny asked.

"No!" Lupin replied forcefully. "Moving George would kill him. Come on Molly, you just had quite a shock. Come get some nice hot tea." And with that, Lupin led everyone downstairs. Mrs. Weasley took one last look at Fred and George before disappearing down the stairs.

All was quiet for a moment then Hermione piped up. "So, where have you guys been?" Harry and Ron filed her in on what they knew, and then looked up at Fred expectantly.

He sighed. "Well, I apperated as close as I could to the sight- a little old abandoned warehouse. I had to walk about five miles just to get inside because there was this spell that wouldn't let you apperate right inside the house. Then I started looking for George. It must have taken me two days just to find the right door. I was lucky-the guard was sleeping when I came in. Then I saw George. He was right inside the door, chained to the floor. You can still see where they had beaten him." Hermione groaned. "Those were easy enough to get off. Then I had to get George back up to the apperation point without being seen. That was hard." Fred stopped there, and looked at his twin.

Hermione gave out a little shriek. "Fred-oh, Fred! I do believe he's coming around!"

And he was. George began to open his eyes, but when he saw Fred, he flung his hand over his head. "Why doesn't he recognize me?" Fred asked Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They shrugged. Fred pulled George to him and held him as he shudder, warding off some unseen enemy. "It's okay George. You're with me now, and I won't ever leave you again. And I promise you, I'll find the bastards that did this. And I'll make them pay. I'll make them all pay."

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