Raven makes Music with a Special Guy

By lannahWell

This story is about Raven having a vision that she iskissing Eddie. Knowing that Eddie and is girlfriend is still dating. She doesn't want to stand in their way or does she?

Raven and Chelsea stood there from a distance staring at Eddie and Shantel. Eddie and his long time relationship, Shantel were hovering each other in the corner of the hallway. They were whisperingsmiling and gigglingin each other ear.

"They are such a cute couple," Raven said to Chelsea. They walked over to her locker so she could get her things out for her next class.

"Yeah they are a cute couple. I don't think they will never break up," said Chelsea. She went to her locker and open it.

"I surprise that it lasted this long. Well, you know how Eddie has a wondering eye," said Raven.

"Well it seem like he has only one eye for Shantel. Actually its two. Raven why do people always say a eye for shouldn't they say two," Chelsea.

Raven then thurned her head showing that she was getting a vision. Raven see herself kissing Eddie on the stairs of the school. There are people staring at them. Shantel is standing in the background crying and walks away.

"Raven, Raven!" Chelsea said. She was waiting for a answer. "Wait did you get a vision? What did you see?''

"I show um," Raven starts to say it but stop herself. "Well I saw Eddie and Shantel kissing again,"

" Big surprise a course they were going to kiss again,"

Chelsea thenstared at Raven suspicious.

"What! Thats what I saw," Raven said tense.

"O.k Raven,'' said Chelsea." I didn't mean to get you tense. It just seem wierd that your face was happy. So I thought you just had a different vision,"

"No I was just really happy that there going to be-"

" I know what you mean," said Chelsea. She hugged her and walked away.

Raven stands there still look at them. Well really Eddie...