Chapter 3


"Why?" Eddie said. They were now, talking on the phone after school. Eddie needed to find answer from her about the video. It would be a good thing if she was in it being that she was very close to him.

After he had asked her be in his video the late bell rung. She quickly ran of to her class without a answer. Eddie called her after school being that she didn't come to lunch. Instead she stayed in the auditorium during lunch which was the only time they had time to talk during the school hours.

Raven couldn't think of a good reason at the moment. For all she know someone might have signed up after him and Tanisha decided that she wanted someone else. Even though everyone knew that Eddie was the best rapper at Bayside High School.

"Why would you ask me be in the video and Tanisha you might not even get it," She snapped. There was a pause on the other line. Eddie couldn't believe she said that. Being that everybody know he was the best rapper at the school. Raven notice that her voice was a little high strong being that Eddie didn't do anything to her. It was the vision that she thought would come true bothered her even though she thought it would go away.

"Raven what is up with you it seem like something is wrong," said Eddie. He really didn't care but it did bother him that she was being mean to him. Raven could feel the tingling of embrassment she gets when she feel embarass.

"I'm sorry Eddie its just The Chill Grill isn't do as good this days. You know and I just don't want to put you and Chelsea and Eddie and trying to rescue it again," Raven lied.

Eddie sat there on the other line knowing that was a complete lie beyond belief but if she really wanted to keep it away from him then so be it.

"Oh thats o.k Rae I mean alot of restaurant sometimes do bad at one time or another," Eddie said. Raven smile at that statement to herself. She felt kind of better that he one took the lie and two that things well get better.

"Thanks Eddie I don't know why you wouldn't understand," Raven said. There was a moment of slience.

"Well I asked you be in the video because she actually picked me Raven. Tanisha told me in 5th period that she would do the video with me!" Eddie said with excitement in his voice.

"Really," Raven said. She jump up from her bed and start to pace around her room.

"Yeah she said I would be perfect for the video and that we would start on Friday," Eddie said. He was happy that Raven would actually care.

"But I still don't understand why you want me in the video?'' Raven suddenly remember.

"Well, I really wanted you and Chelsea in it. See the song is about a couple who wants to stay together but their friends want them apart and how other people want them apart too," Eddie said.

"So you want me be the-," Raven said wanting him explain what he wanted her to be. She just wanted him say that she and Chelsea would be the friends and Shantel would be his girlfriend just like real life.

"Well duh Raven a course I want you be my girlfriend in the video," Eddie laughed. Raven put the phone down on her robe so she could take a deep breath. Her vision was going to come true after all.