snort I had way too much fun with this.

"Well major, you've done it again. Not only are you the top officer of an elite crime stopping unit, but you can also shake-,"

A glare that would make Zeus think twice before saying anything. Without a hitch though, Batou continued.

"-down a gang meeting in a tiny-,"


"run down joint with nothing but -,"


"Your own two hands and some…back up." He glanced at her over his shoulder, grinning ear to ear.

In return, he glared. "I'm finding a female terrorist group that has its basis out of Chipn'dales," she muttered.

"Aw, don't be so sore major. After all, you did the world a … service." He barely kept down a snort.

"I'm not sore," she muttered, reminding herself to tell the Tachikomas to ask about the time a grocery AI unit had taken a liking to him, "but you will be if I shove that pole up your…"

"Ah ah ah major; you don't know where that thing's been." Another grin lit his face; "Oh wait, you do!"

Somehow, he wasn't surprised to find own fist in his face at the next stoplight.

If you don't get it… well… I'll tell you that the things he was going to say before being cut off were 'your ass', 'a scrap of cloth', and 'well placed accessories'.

giggle It's slightly OOC, but oh so fun to contemplate.