"Farewell," he said solemnly to his new friend with the cracked left lense; his new friend who came from Japan and was no taller than the bustling river they had just crossed.

Only hours before they had met, and now they were to be parted, perhaps forever. Turning away from Tochiro and towards the banks of his homeland, the water of the Rhine felt like small needles pricking his legs. He caught a glimpse of his reflection rippling on the water: a tall, well built man, aged about 30, with auburn hair and one scar running from the bridge of his nose down to the left of his cheek. He turned away from the neutral safety of Switzerland where his new friend sat, tentatively, and took a few steps forward.

"Harlock! What are you going to do now?" his friend cried out desperately, not wanting to be parted so soon. Harlock stopped and turned around smoothly, grinning. "I'm not the type to run off like a coward. A pirate must always be ready to answer for what he has done. Tochiro, never give up your dream, and make the most of your life-" three quick shots were fired at Harlock from behind, two which grazed the water, one which struck his right shoulder like a lance. He winced momentarily, and quickly applied his gloved left hand to the now dripping wound.


Even with the pain, Harlock stood tall and strong. "I'm glad I could've met you at the end of this stupid war...I wish we could've met...in different times." Harlock's words drifted off as two more shots were fired, this time, missing him. He turned back to his plane which lay like a broken bird upon the bank, the swirled yellow and black nose like a beak dipping in the water.

"He's down in the river! We'll go around to the right!"

Harlock glanced up the river bank to see four French Resistance Soldiers approaching on the right. He walked towards the left, stumbling with the pain of his wound. As he walked on, Tochiro called out to him once more.

"Harlock, stay alive! Harlock, I'll never forget you: my whole family will never forget you! Our friendship will never, never die!"

Harlock kept on, grinning to himself. But he had no time to reminisce on the memories he had just made: his life was on the line!