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Tezuka Kunimitsu's eyelids flew open, reviling his brilliant Hazel eyes hidden underneath.

He had had that dream again. He was drowning, drowning in those endless blue eyes.

Tezuka shook his head violently and turned to look at the fuzzy red numbers on his alarm clock.


Reaching for his glasses, Tezuka looked around his room.

He did not know why he dreamed of Syusuke Fuji, he just did. And it wasn't only dreams. He found himself staring at the blue-eyed boy during tennis practice. He was simply drawn to him. And sometimes…Fuji noticed. When he did, he would ask franticly whether he was doing anything wrong. And of course…he never was.

Tezuka sighed softly as he began to pull on his Seigaku tennis uniform. Walking into the kitchen, he took out a teakettle and placed it on the stove. School didn't start until 8:00, but Tezuka knew that once he was up he wasn't going back to sleep again.

Sitting patiently at his kitchen table, Tezuka waiting for the water to boil. He had always love sitting at the table and staring out the window. This particular window overlooked his entire neighborhood. Every morning, the sunlight was always streaming through it, bathing his whole kitchen in yellow and orange. But it was raining today, the sun hidden by gray clouds.

Tezuka thought for a moment until he realized that 'raining' a vast understatement. It was absolutely poring. The rain was coming down so fast he could only see strips of gray blurs falling from the sky. Tezuka turned to stare at his kitchen floor, listening to the sound of rain tapping against the window seal.

He hated the rain; all it brought was boredom and misery.

Out of the corner of his eye, Tezuka could see a dark figure walking down the road. The figure's hands were in its pockets, its face staring sadly at the ground.

It wasn't until Tezuka saw, through the sheets of rain, two identical blue orbs that he knew who it was.


Sensing someone watching him, Syusuke Fuji turned to see Tezuka, staring at him from his kitchen window. Fuji smiled, waving franticly.

Tezuka did not smile nor did he wave back. Before he knew what he was doing, Tezuka stood up and flung open the door, racing out to join his best friend.

"Hello Tezuka!" said Fuji, his cheerful voice contradicting his previous expression.

Tezuka did not respond. He grabbed the tensai's wrist and pulled him sharply toward his house.

"B-buchou!" stammered Fuji, as Tezuka pushed Fuji through his open door.

"What the hell were you doing!" asked Tezuka slamming the door shut behind him.

"Just taking a walk." Replied Fuji, his ever -present smile never wavering.

"In the rain?" asked Tezuka pointing an accusing finger outside, "At 6:00 in the morning?" Fuji only nodded happily as Tezuka sighed, resisting the temptation to bury his face in his hands.

"You need to get dried off." Said Tezuka, regaining his composure, "And…I-I'm sorry for yelling…"

Even Fuji looked surprised at Tezuka's apology. "Its…its okay, Tezuka, no need to apologize." assured Fuji, his eyes opening ever so slightly.

Tezuka nodded stiffly before continuing his statement. "Right, but still, you should get dry clothes on."

Fuji was drenched. He looked as though he had dove into a swimming pool. His light brown hair was plastered to his white cheeks, his tennis uniform dripping puddles onto Tezuka's kitchen floor.

Fuji shook his head. "I'll be fine, I was just about to go home anyway."

"Wait here." Ordered Tezuka as he ran out of the kitchen. Fuji turned around and looked out the window for a while, watching the clear droplets of water cascade down the glass.

He suddenly looked up in alarm as he felt something touch his head. Tezuka stood behind him, carefully towel drying Fuji's thin hair.

"T-Tezuka?" stammered Fuji, staring wide-eyed at the taller boy.

"Well, I'm not going to just sit here as you freeze to death," he stated simply. Fuji looked nervously at the ground until Tezuka was done.

"Here," he said, handing Fuji his extra tennis uniform. "There is a bathroom down the hall, you can change in there." Fuji nodded gratefully, taking the uniform from Tezuka's hands.

Tezuka watched anxiously as Fuji's shoes spread mud through his previously spot-less hallway. "I'll have to clean that up later," he muttered darkly.

Leaning his back against the counter, Tezuka looked blankly at the ceiling.

"Well?" came Fuji's voice from the hallway. Fuji was standing in the doorway, his arms spread out so that Tezuka could see how it fit.

"It looks c-" Tezuka coughed, stopping himself, "It fits." Tezuka was glad that he had stopped himself from saying what he wanted to.

'It looks cute.' A very un-Tezuka like phrase to say to the well-known Seigaku tensai. Glad that he stopped himself, Tezuka wondered vaguely where that comment had some from. He never had to stop himself from saying anything before.

"Thanks!" he said smiling. Apart from the fact that Fuji had to roll the waist a couple times to get it to his height, it looked…perfect.

Tezuka continued to stare at Fuji until the whistling of the teapot brought him back to his senses. Jumping slightly, Tezuka got up, and poured Fuji and himself two glasses of green tea.

"Fuji," began Tezuka nervously, "Would you like to stay until we need to go to school? It will save you a trip home in the rain." Fuji nodded, his sad smile still plastered to his face. He sat down across from Tezuka and smiled gratefully as he handed him a glass of tea.

"Would your parents mind? I mean if I stayed here?" asked Fuji doubtfully.

Tezuka shook his head, "My parents are gone on a business trip, and they will not be back for a while. But what about you, does your family know you're here?"

"My parents are on vacation, I didn't go because I would miss too many practices. And my sister is on a job interview in America."

Tezuka nodded, picking up his warm glass. Finally, he sighed, his worried thoughts getting the better of him. "Fuji, what's wrong?"

Fuji continued to drink his tea, his eyes closed lightly, seemingly unaffected by this question. "Nothings wrong." He said finally, placing his empty glass on the table.


"Why do you care so much?" snapped Fuji suddenly, in a clearly harsher tone than he had intended.

"B-because…" Tezuka struggled to find a reason. 'Why was he so worried?' "If there is something wrong, then it could prevent you from playing at your full potential at practices and games."

Fuji just smiled sadly, his blue eyes reflecting the small boys delicate emotions. "You told me once…that you only play tennis to win. That having a strong team was all you ever wanted. I clearly have no desire to win anything, so if you believe there is something keeping me from playing my strongest, why don't you remove me from my regular position? Momoshiro would be happy ne?"

There was still a smile on Fuji's face, although Tezuka could see through that.

"F-Fuji!" began Tezuka, "You know I would never-"

"I should be going." Fuji said abruptly, pushing his chair away from the table.

"Fuji wait." Tezuka placed a strong hand on the other boy's shoulder keeping him standing where he was, "Please…tell me what's bothering you."

Fuji looked at Tezuka sadly, for the first time showing all of his emotions. His smile was gone, and his usually bright eyes faded slightly. He collapsed back into the chair next to Tezuka and buried his head in his hands, and the only thought in Tezuka's mind was, 'his mask has finally broken'

"I don't know what's wrong." Fuji said his voice muffled slightly. "I got in another fight with Yuuta, about god knows what."

Fuji looked up at him with an expression sad enough to rip Tezuka's heart to shreds. "Everything is wrong with me, everything. My brother hates me, Eiji is mad that I haven't been calling him. I don't sleep at night. I can't stand it anymore."

Tezuka put a comforting arm around his friend. "Is that why you were out in the rain? Because you couldn't sleep?"

Fuji shrugged. "I had called Yuuta, because I wanted someone to talk to. And he yelled at me, told me never to call him again. So I left."

Tezuka sighed. Sometimes he could just strangle Fuji's scrawny little brother. Couldn't he see that Fuji loved him? Some how, seeing what that little boy is capable of doing to Fuji's emotions made Tezuka's blood boil, 'envy is a sin.'

"I couldn't stand being in that house alone, so I went on a walk." Continued Fuji. "It didn't bother me that it was raining, I had always liked the rain. So for me it was more of a plus. But after a while I didn't know where I was going, I couldn't see, so I just kept walking. I just let my feet lead me no were in particular. It wasn't until I saw you in your window, that I knew where I was going. My feet had lead me on the path I loved the most. The path that brought me to your house." Fuji took a deep breath and was silent for a moment, before turning to look up at Tezuka.

His smile had returned slightly, but is was not the usual smile that Tezuka was used to. It showed actual emotion, relief perhaps?

"It looks like all you need to feel better, is to let all your emotions out, and a good friend to listen. Thank you Kunimitsu."

Tezuka was not angry, (as he would have been if any other regular used his real name) no, some how, he felt glad that Fuji called him Kunimitsu.

"Your welcome." Tezuka held him tightly for a moment, before letting him go. "Would you like to get some sleep? You can sleep in my bed, and I will wake you up when it's time to leave for school."

Fuji nodded, and allowed Tezuka to lead him up to his bedroom.

Soon returning to his usual spot at his kitchen table, Tezuka sat down and looked out the window. Finally, he did something he hadn't done in a very long time…he smiled.

'Rainy days can bring good things after all.'


I know that was random, but I got the idea and figured I'd write it down. I'm pleased with it, so lets see if anyone else is…