A Romance Reader's Guide to Relationships

Brother, enemy, cousin, grandmother, son, best friend. The relationships between people are complex, ridiculously simple, and intricate.

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Chapter One

The Meeting

A secretary was in a bad mood, because her boyfriend hadn't returned her messages for a week. She felt like she hadn't showered and her hair was a mess, sticking out everywhere. She tried to keep up with her Palm Pilot and her cell phone, as well as looking for her boss.

Her boss' hair was in a-as always-stylish bun piled on top of her head. The clicking of her heels showed her annoyance with the elevator which was moving far too slowly for her liking.

"Miss Camden! Miss Camden!" The secretary banged on the now closed elevator door, sighing. Unhappily she scrambled into the next elevator, no idea which floor her boss was going to.

"Stella?" The boss frowned, looking for her secretary, "That's odd," She dialed the number on her phone,

"Stella, where are you? I'm on the fourth floor,"

Stella lunged for the DOOR OPEN button as it was just leaving fourth at that second and only went one way: up. She staggered out, her hair already more of a mess and breathing hard,

"Miss Camden, here's your mail," She handed her boss the envelopes, "Bills are being processed as we speak, junk was removed, and that's the rest,"

Her boss glanced at the return addresses, "Thanks, Stella, and I won't need you for the rest of the morning, so you can lie down," She smiled and chuckled, watching her employee balance herself. It was amazing how fast she got done with a nice fresh cup of coffee and a cute boyfriend that lived with her.

"Eric and Annie Camden"

One of the envelopes said in a neat script not unlike her mother's handwriting. Sighing, she opened the letter, and read:

My Daughter,

This year, we have the entire family coming for Christmas. I know you might be busy, but we haven't seen you in three years. Sam and David are now in middle school. Charlie has only a vague memory of you, Savannah and Katie, none at all. Please, my baby, come home, everyone misses you. Do you even know about Steven, Michael, and Jacob?

Please, just for Christmas and for the sake of family, come back.


Mom and Dad

She just put that in a drawer, mentally planning to write a quick note saying she couldn't make it. After all, Paolo was taking her to Jamaica.

"Excuse me," A woman timidly said, snapping the boss out of her daydream.

"Oh, Gloria!" She smiled, "Sit down, how's your week?"

"Well," Gloria chewed her lower lip unconsciously, "I think my husband's cheating on me,"

The woman took a long, deep suffering sigh. Gloria thought everyone was cheating on her, including herself. The listener was thankful that Gloria's husband paid her plenty of money to reassure his wife that the truth was indeed the truth.


"Bebe," Paolo smiled his perfect smile at his live-in girlfriend, "I sorry, I really am, but," He sighed, "I don't mean to do it, I really don't,"

His girl was in shock, staring at the spot where he and the naked women he had been with were hours ago when she ran into them, wanting reassurance from her boyfriend after her long day.

"Who waits?" He asked, speaking rapidly in Spanish before switching back to English, "I start doing it at eighteen after all!"

"So did he," She said, glaring at him, "And now he's dead!" She practically yelled at him. Paolo looked down.

"I'm sorry, Paolo,"

She was almost choking, not wanting to do this, but knew it had to be done, "Can you please leave? I'll pack up your stuff and send it to wherever, but I can't be with you anymore," She started to cry a little, not letting him see her tears. Her frustration at how he always seemed to be in the same topic as breaking up. In all her relationships, he was the reason her relationships never worked out.

A flash of a blond haired man choking up blood on the bed passed through her brain causing her to cry harder. She dialed a number, wiping away some tears.

"Hello, this is the Camdens, Sam speaking," The voice on the other line said and his sister almost cried out with joy,

"Hi Sam, can I speak to David?" She just wanted to hear his voice. She had adored and loathed her baby brothers so much.

Sam asked, "Who is this? Dave doesn't like talking to strangers,"

A lot had changed in the Camden household, she could tell. They didn't even know her voice. Now she was afraid to come back,

"Never mind," She muttered, "Tell your mother that her daughter's coming home," She hung up before Sam could reply.

"Mom! Lucy's coming home!" He yelled, grabbing an apple. Annie was with Lucy and hadn't heard him, explaining to Lucy how to deal with an eight year old daughter that had just painted her bedroom floor blue.


"Susie Rooster!" The black haired man picked her up, grinning, showing off his white teeth, and spun her around laughing, "Where have you been?"

"Here and there," She said, smiling, "Daddy, are we gonna see the Camdens for Christmas?" She wanted to see them.

"Yeah, Anna's looking forward to spending time with you for one whole week," Martin said, smiling. He adored his little seven year old daughter, who had his black hair, eyes and olive skin.

"Will we go in a big plane?" She asked, holding her dad's hand

"A giant one, and you get a cushy seat in first class, Susie-Rooster," He grinned, "Now, what do you say?"

"Go Reds! Take them to bed!" She yelled, showing off her two missing teeth.

Martin laughed, "No, Suze, what do you say?" He teased

"I love you, Daddy," She hugged him, smiling.


Suze wanted the seat next to the window, putting him in the middle, next to some woman.

His daughter had fallen asleep halfway through the flight. Martin was bored, having read all the magazines and already seen the reruns they were offering. The woman next to him was typing, more like stabbing into her palm pilot furiously. She had a familiar look to her face, her bone structure, the way she moved, but Martin didn't know what it was.

"Do you mind?" She asked crossly at him, "I can't concentrate with you staring at me. Probably imaging me naked and how sick is that with a kid in the seat next to you!" She said the latter in a low hush, annoyed.

"Sorry," Martin looked down, "You just looked familiar, that's all,"

"You probably saw me on TV or in the papers or something," She shrugged, "I have a talk show in the afternoon and private counseling in the mornings." He could tell that she could care less about him.

He said, "Sorry, I think we've met, actually," He frowned, trying to figure out who she was

She looked at him, "Doesn't ring a bell, but you do look like a friend of mine," A silly smile crossed her face, "He was a sweetie, but I haven't seen him in years. Martin had dreams to be some big shot baseball player," She chuckled, "I don't even know where he is now,"

"Martin Brewer?" He said, grinning

"Yeah, you know him?" She smiled

"Martin's the star player on the Boston Red Sox! There's not a soul that doesn't know him, lady!" A man in the next aisle said to her, "Haven't you ever watched ESPN?" He looked flabbergasted at her.

Martin laughed silently. So she knew him, but who was she?

"Martin's a star?" She had a unfocused look on her eyes, "I always knew he would be, even if he had a daughter at a young age," She sighed, "I think she would be seven now, actually. Her name's Susannah, but he liked to call her Susie-Rooster," She laughed, "I never found out why,"

"It's probably just a term of endearment." Martin said casually, even though that wasn't quite the entire story.

"So," She grinned, "Your name is?"

He hesitated, "Marty," It wasn't a lie, but he wasn't going to tell her that the only person that called him Marty was his teammates, and that was when they were mad at him. Besides he wanted to figure out if she was an old girlfriend, a friend, or a relative. All too soon the plane landed and they all had to leave.

The women went toward the Rent-a-car section while Martin and Suze found Kevin, Savannah, and Jacob waiting for them.